Science Teacher Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Science teachers form a pivotal part of middle and high schools’ teaching staff, where they educate students on scientific principles and phenomena. High school science teachers have the liberty to specialize in science disciplines such as Physics, Biology and Chemistry. All in all, all science teachers are expected to create engaging classroom lessons, help students understand complex concepts, and use experiments to enrich classroom experiences.

In today’s article, we intend to help you succeed in your next job application. We will look at the job description of a science teacher and the basic educational, experience, and skill requirements to help you understand what schools and employers need. We have also included two resumes to act as examples as you draft yours. Remember, a job application is not complete without the right resume, which in this case, has to be detailed and well-written. Let’s find out more about this role.

Science Teacher Job Description

Science teachers take middle and high school students through important scientific concepts. They generally teach science-related subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science. They are expected to plan and create engaging lessons, break down complex scientific concepts and perform experiments to enhance understanding.

Owing to these responsibilities, a science teacher must be ready to work with diverse students and ignite their passion and interest in learning new things. They should also be able to collaborate with other members of the teaching staff and address performance issues within the student body.

Science Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

  • Developing engaging and interesting lesson plans and curricula
  • Working closely with other members of the teaching staff in educating students
  • Adhering to state and school guidelines in designing, developing, and delivering lesson plans and curricula
  • Handling different administrative tasks as stipulated by the management, e.g., record keeping
  • Assessing students to determine their progress and weak areas
  • Offering regular feedback to parents, students, and other staff members
  • Setting up experiments and demonstrations to enhance learning
  • Assisting and supervising students as they conduct experiments
  • Setting classroom, laboratory, and field guidelines to establish order among students and enhance their learning experiences
  • Identifying struggling students and offering them extra support, resources, and interventions
  • Creating a positive learning environment and answering student questions
  • Offering support to other staff members
  • Participating in the recruitment and training of junior science teachers
  • Regularly communicating with parents to report on their children’s progress
  • Participating in different school activities
  • Regularly taking classes, attending workshops, and finding new teaching methods to improve teaching skills and knowledge
  • Promoting positive teacher-student interactions for better content delivery and understanding
  • Addressing questionable student behaviors
  • Using observation, standard test practices, and performance-based tasks to assess students
  • Regularly attending science meetings, workshops, and conferences
  • Organizing field trips and other engaging activities to foster student education
  • Working closely with students on their science projects
  • Ensuring that students comprehend different science concepts and principles
  • Supervising and overseeing the school’s laboratory activities
  • Giving students the right projects and assignments

Science Teacher Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Advanced knowledge in science and its subfields
  • Deep understanding of different scientific principles
  • Working knowledge of teaching techniques and methodologies
  • Ability to create and maintain order among students
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment to continuing education
  • Deep passion and respect for science
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Thorough assessment skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Stress management ability
  • High levels of patience and dedication
  • Ability to create a positive learning environment for students
  • Ability to handle sensitive questions
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Ability to work well in team settings
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Enthusiasm for Science subjects
  • Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision
  • Excellent time management skills

Science Teacher Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree in science or a related field
  • Proven teaching experience or completion of an apprenticeship program
  • A relevant teaching license or certificate
  • Experience with different teaching software such as MS Office and Google Classroom
  • Experience using different teaching aids
  • Experience managing conflicts

Science Teacher Salary

Science teachers are paid relatively well, with Glassdoor estimating their total pay to be roughly $92,000, consisting of the base pay of roughly $49,000 and additional payments amounting to $43,000. An in-depth look at these reports shows that most schools pay $50,000-$70,000 as base pay.

Science Teacher CV Example 1

Joseph Lawrence

Physical address: 1521 Valley View CT Roseville, California (CA) 98765

Email address:

Phone number: (890) 787-654

Personal Profile

A professional science teacher with 8+ years of experience teaching Chemistry in middle and senior schools. Avid team worker ready to partner with other educators to impart knowledge to students. Motivated and highly-skilled teacher with working knowledge of teaching techniques and methodologies

Work Experience

06/2019- 08/2022, Head of Science Department, Avenue Groups of Schools, San Diego, CA

  • Managed and supervised activities in the Science department consisting of 15+ science teachers
  • Led the strategic direction and development of science-related subjects within the school in collaboration with 15+ departmental members
  • Extended the science department’s outreach activities by liaising with ten local primary schools
  • Effectively used data such as ALIS to monitor learning and teaching standards within the institution
  • Spent 10 hours a week monitoring lesson delivery to evaluate the quality of education and teaching given to the students and made necessary adjustments
  • Helped students develop their ICT skills and gain increased levels of independence by identifying and promoting the right opportunities
  • Ensured the smooth running of the science department by working closely with science subject leaders
  • Fully participated in the performance development of 20+ teaching and non-teaching staff within the department, helping them realize their full potential
  • Promoted a purposeful culture and thriving environment within the science department

02/2016- 05/2019, Science Teacher, Avenue Group of Schools, San Diego, CA

  • Redesigned and implemented a more engaging Chemistry curriculum, increasing overall chemistry test score performance for the entire school by 30%
  • Regularly communicated with students to identify their weak areas and helped them work on them, achieving a student success rate of 85% per semester
  • Collaborated with 15+ members of the science department to ensure consistency in practices and identify students’ weak areas
  • Supervised the science teams representing the schools in national and county fairs, bringing back at least five medals for the school in every competition
  • Participated in the training and mentoring of 6 junior science teachers

07/2012- 05/2015, Teaching Assistant, Wave Schools, East Lansing

  • Collaborated with 20+ teachers in the planning, evaluation and adjustment of work programs and intervention strategies
  • Kept 100% accurate records and updated systems as required by the head of science department
  • Attended and participated in 20+ seminars, sharpening my knowledge of teaching methodologies and best practices for the benefit of the student population
  • Undertook planned supervision of students outside school hours, amounting to 3+ hours a week
  • Accompanied and supervised students on 50+ trips, ensuring that they were comfortable and safe
  • Attended and participated in daily departmental meetings and weekly staff meetings


  • 06/2015- 07/2017, Masters of Science in Education (Chemistry), Chapman University, CA
  • 03/2008- 05/2012, Bachelor of Science in Education (Chemistry), Michigan State University, East Lansing
  • 05/2005- 12/2007, High School Diploma, Achievers Senior High School, San Diego, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Technical Skills

  • Research
  • Class management
  • Curriculum development
  • Class assessment
  • Experimentation
  • Grading
  • Staff development

Soft Skills

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Adaptability
  • Decision thinking
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Persuasion
  • Time management
  • Active listening

Volunteer Programs

  • 05/15, Young Teachers Empowerment, Global Partnership for Education
  • 10/13, Teachers Without Borders, Educational International

Science Teacher CV Example 2

Olivia Bailey

Physical address: 6545 Country Way Grv, Hemet, CA 98657

Email address:

Phone number: (980) 879-6879

Position Description

An experienced science teacher with an in-depth understanding of teaching methodologies and techniques. Professional educator with excellent interpersonal skills and deep passion and respect for science. Motivated team worker ready to contribute towards an educated and successful student body.

Work Experience

06/2019- 08/2022, Science Teacher, Venus Senior School, Oakland, CA

  • Carefully designed, developed and delivered detailed lesson plans and curricula, ensuring that they adhered to both national and school guidelines
  • Attended both mandatory and optional seminars to expand knowledge of best practices and technology to be used in the school
  • Conducted after-school tutoring for students with learning difficulties amounting to 4+ additional hours weekly
  • Supervised the school’s science projects team, guiding them to participate and win in 80% of national science fairs
  • Kept parents updated on their children’s progress and results, obtaining 98% positive feedback from them
  • Collaborated with 20+ educational staff members to implement school curriculum and better the learning process for students
  • Used effective problem-solving techniques, goal setting, and performance evaluation to manage classrooms of 35+ students
  • Appointed as an official judge for the county science fair in 2021
  • Started a science club that achieved a 70+ students’ membership in 3 months
  • Adhered to 100% of district policies when maintaining attendance and grade records
  • Votes for teacher of the year in 2021 by the students
  • Participated in 20+ curriculum-based training and workshops organized both locally and regionally
  • Regularly helped groups of 25 students conduct experiments
  • Regularly graded papers and updated records on top of handling different administrative tasks
  • Built a rapport with 100+ students, creating a positive environment for learning
  • Participated in recruiting and training five new teachers, bringing them up to speed with the school’s standards and policies.

03/2016- 05/2019, Junior Science Teacher, Hillcrest Schools, Austin, TX

  • Increased student engagement by 20% by incorporating visual and technologically advanced aids while teaching
  • Coached students in the 2018 Science Olympiad, where they won in 3 categories and emerged runners-up in 2.
  • Regularly supervised groups of 30-35 students while conducting experiments in the laboratory
  • Participated in the design and implementation of a detailed curriculum consisting of assessments, prep work and lesson plans
  • Took an active role in a school laboratory construction fundraising program that managed to raise $25,000
  • Created a positive environment through regular interaction with students, leading to a further 10% increase in student participation and general engagement
  • Helped senior science teachers to accurately grade test papers for 100+ students
  • Acted as a chaperone for 30+ field trips organized by the science department
  • Organized remedial lessons for 25 students struggling to grasp concepts
  • Interacted with 100+ students and delivered helpful feedback to parents and teachers
  • Established lab, class and field rules and monitored the students to ensure 100% adherence

03/2013- 09/2015, Assistant Science Teacher, Andrew’s Educational Centre, Oakland, CA

  • Worked under the guidance of senior science teachers for the implementation of agreed work programs
  • Provided support to enhance the learning and social well-being of 50+ students
  • Supervised students on 30+ science-related visits and trips, ensuring they maintained high discipline standards
  • Undertook grades of students’ work and maintained 100% accuracy in progress reporting
  • Printed provision maps and term data for 25+ teachers and the Head of Science
  • Promoted positive values and attitudes towards learning through regular uplifting interactions with students


  • 05/2014- 07/2016, Masters of Science in Education (Biology), Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
  • 03/2008- 05/2012, Bachelor of Science in Education (Biology), Stanford University, CA
  • 02/2005- 06/2007, High School Diploma, Hillview Senior High School, Los Angeles, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Technical Skills

  • Teaching
  • Experimentation
  • Research
  • Class management
  • Curriculum development
  • Proper assessment
  • Grading
  • Staff development

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Ability to thrive under pressure
  • Adaptability
  • Decision thinking
  • Leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Persuasion
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Emotional intelligence


02/2014, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft IT Academics, and Microsoft Learning Partners

Science Teacher Resume  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Technical Skills Should I Have in My Science Teacher Resume?

Unlike other disciplines and subjects, Science relies on experimentation and observation, meaning that science teachers must have lots of technical skills to succeed in their jobs. Make sure that you include the following in your resume: excellent teaching skills, outstanding classroom management skills, staff development skills, ability to give clear instructions, excellent research skills, excellent curriculum development skills, impressive assessment skills, outstanding experimentation skills, advanced knowledge in science and its subfields, in-depth understanding of different scientific principles and grading skills.

Note that these are role-specific skills that cannot be substituted or ignored. You should also know how to apply different scientific principles to real life, which will come in handy when explaining scientific phenomena to your students.

2. How Should I Edit My Science Teacher Resume

Everything in your resume matters, including the spacing and indentation. Take time to ensure everything is in order after writing your resume. Some things to consider include: using the right font and font size, e.g., Times New Roman, Font 12, checking your resume for grammatical or numerical errors and observing the right spacing between lines.

The resume format should also match your background and history, as ours has done. Ensure that you have consistent spacing, margins and indents. Additionally, a good resume should have the perfect alignment and well-placed page breaks. The right keywords must also be used within the resume’s body to make it ATS-friendly.

Lastly, ensure your resume is readable, which can be achieved by breaking it down into clear and well-outlined sections. An important section to consider is the work experience, which should be written in reverse chronological order. You can include additional sections such as volunteer experience and certifications.

3. Which Keywords Should I Include in My Science Teacher Resume?

Using the right keywords in your science teacher resume will make it ATS-friendly and more captivating to the school administration. These are normally specific skills, traits, action verbs, and education-related experiences related to your role. Some common science teacher resume keywords include classroom management, parent involvement, Interactive learning, K-12, special education, student-centered instruction, curriculum development, cooperative learning, classroom instruction, experiments, laboratory, developmental levels, and teaching methodologies.

Other keywords worth mentioning include interdisciplinary, discipline management, teaching strategies, teaching plan, lesson planning, hands-on planning, distance learning, behavior analysis, and strategic planning. These can be written in your skill and work experience sections. However, do not use too many keywords. A handful of skill-related keywords and proper action verbs are enough for an excellent resume.

4. Which Soft Skills Should I List in My Resume?

You must have noticed that we divided the skill sections into sub-sections. Such subdivisions make the resume more readable since words are not cramped together. Soft skills are required in everyday workplace interaction. They dictate whether an employee will fit in the organization and should therefore be given the same seriousness that technical skills attract.

Ensure that you include the following for an impressive resume: excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong presentation skills, ability to work in team settings, excellent organizational skills, outstanding collaboration skills, ability to work well under pressure, excellent interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence, cultural competence, empathy, adaptability, ability to take criticisms, active listening skills and ability to multi-task.

5. How Can I Become a Science Teacher?

There are five basic steps to becoming a science teacher. Like in any other profession, you should first pursue the right academic qualification, a Bachelor’s degree in the subject you wish to specialize in, e.g., physics, earth science, biology, or chemistry for high school science teachers. Towards the completion of your degree, you should attend a teaching internship where you will interact with students and bring whatever you learned in school to life.

The third step is to take your state’s required tests for teachers, after which you should apply for a teaching license. You are then allowed to apply for open science teacher positions and start making career moves.

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