Top 25 Sharepoint Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Sharepoint is a platform for collaboration that not only gives you the ability to raise the worth of your company but also assists you in doing so. This article about Sharepoint Interview Questions will help you prepare for the in-depth and technical job interviews typically performed in businesses. Check out the top 25 Sharepoint interview questions that you might be asked during your job interviews and some sample answers to help you prepare:

1. What Skills Do You Possess That Make You Qualified For This Position?

In addition to my expertise in SharePoint, I also have a lot of experience working in teams and communicating effectively. I have worked successfully on multiple projects in collaboration with other highly experienced experts. In addition, I have honed my analytical abilities to a well-rounded degree, which enables me to comprehend the requirements of my employers, coworkers, and customers.

2. Are You Able To Perform Well While Working In A Group Setting?

Working together with my coworkers has always been one of my favorite activities. I feel that bouncing ideas off of other people and learning from the criticism they provide is quite beneficial. While working on my most recent project, I attended daily meetings with my team that lasted for one hour and focused on discussing our progression. Together, we could think of many different solutions, and we even discovered numerous bugs in the system before they developed into big problems.

3. Do You Have Previous Experience Using SharePoint To Work With Enormous Data Sets?

As a developer, I utilize Sharepoint’s extensive security features frequently. I know SSL encryption is used for all data transmission between clients and servers. It helps prevent third parties from intercepting important information. Another security feature that I find helpful is the Secure Store Service. It enables me to securely store user credentials within Sharepoint so that I do not have to enter them each time I need to access an application.

4. In Your Opinion, What Is The Most Challenging Aspect Of Developing Sharepoint?

There are many distinct versions of Sharepoint, which is the most challenging aspect of working for the platform. Each version has distinctive features, making creating apps compatible with all platforms challenging. In my previous position, I was entrusted with developing an application compatible with multiple Sharepoint versions. To accomplish this, I created application components that could be utilized independently or in tandem, depending on the user’s requirements.

5. How Long Have You Been Actively Working With SharePoint?

Even though I have only worked in one prior capacity as a developer for SharePoint, I have eight years of expertise with the application. After receiving my degree, I started putting it to use in the very first job I had. The lessons learned from that event served as the impetus for pursuing a certificate in software development. I could further expand my skills with the software by drawing on the knowledge I had learned from past jobs and my studies.

6. How Frequently Do You Update Your Expertise In This Field To Remain Relevant?

Several developer newsletters keep me abreast of emerging programming languages and methodologies. I frequently attend seminars and webinars to gain knowledge of the most recent advancements in my field. I recently participated in a conference at which Microsoft announced plans to integrate Python into SharePoint Online. This information assisted me in determining which version of SharePoint to utilize for my most recent project development.

7. What Actions Would You Take To Ensure A Successful Sharepoint Development Project Launch If You Were Initiating A New Development Project?

I would begin by developing a comprehensive plan for the project, including deadlines, milestones, and deliverables. I would then collaborate with my management to establish the best available resources for achieving these objectives. For instance, I would utilize our company’s internal database if we needed more developers or IT specialists. To discover eligible applicants who could assist us in achieving our goals. After assembling the team, I would schedule regular meetings to review progress and ensure everyone was on track.

8. What Exactly Is Sharepoint, And What Are Some Of Its Primary Applications?

Microsoft’s SharePoint is a web-based platform for constructing websites. It is mainly utilized for online application development and content management by giving potent tools for organizing content, sharing knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and managing data. It is available via an internet connection from anywhere in the world. SharePoint is utilized by a wide variety of enterprises and organizations of all kinds since it provides a variety of functionalities.

9. Why Do Organizations Utilize SharePoint?

Most businesses utilize SharePoint for:

  • Business Intelligence: Business intelligence is the process of organizing data and using that organization to inform better business decisions based on various inquiries and insights from the data.
  • Sharing Documents: This BI feature allows us to simultaneously save and share documents with a team and non-team members.
  • Collaboration: SharePoint enables users to acquire data from diverse sources.
  • Document Management: Using this incredible technology, you may manage your documents with greater security and integrity. You control, for example, who can access (read, write, change, delete, etc.) a particular document.

10. Assume you You’Re Creating A Workflow. What Is The Distinction Between Method Activity And Event Activity?

Method and event activity relate to distinct aspects of the process while constructing a workflow. A method activity pertains to specific developer tasks, such as updating a task. However, an event activity acts differently. These actions are responses to a particular action. Once I have updated the operation, which is a method operation, the subsequent event activity may include notifying the team of the change. Daily, I conduct method tasks and monitor the responding event actions to ensure the team’s productivity.

11. What Sharepoint Features Do You Use To Manage Projects?

To handle projects, I would implement a variety of features. I would utilize dashboards and other scheduling tools to distribute duties and generate easily accessible updates. I would customize the project so that only the current project is shown to the team. Then, I would include resources that track project-related data, which can contribute to post-project feedback. Each feature contributes a distinct element that can facilitate the workflow.

12. Can You Describe The Page Layout’s Components?

A page layout in SharePoint consists of several elements, including the header and footer, navigation, and search box. Which of these elements I utilize depends on the particular objective I’m trying to accomplish with the page I’m designing. On the other hand, there are templates accessible, which might make the process more straightforward. The layout of a page includes deciding how the page should look and what information should be shown on the page.

13. What Are Some Of The Most Important Aspects Of SharePoint?

SharePoint improves with each upgrade compared to its preceding version. The fundamental SharePoint features include:

  • Sites: It enables the creation, storage, and retrieval of data, as well as the search for content, documents, and information.
  • Social: Provides social networking features, profile searching and tagging, news feeds, and the ability to search for, locate, and engage with individuals.
  • Content: Enables the exploration, search, and management of content via Web sites, applications, workflow, or content kinds.
  • It lets you dynamically search content inside and outside SharePoint with real-time document views via Office Web Apps.
  • Insights: Aids in integrating Microsoft Access with SharePoint; enables access to dashboards and key performance indicators to convert raw data into useful information; drags Excel and SQL Server to retrieve and display data on a Web page.

14. When Is A Sandboxed Solution Preferable To A Farm Solution?

In my previous position, we were expected to design new websites for our clients. We were required to employ sandboxed solutions because we were working with various data kinds. For instance, one client was an e-commerce company, while another was a non-profit. Using sandboxed solutions enabled me to manipulate both data sets without affecting the rest of the system. It made it easier for me to accomplish the project efficiently.

15. How Well Do You Comprehend The SharePoint Security Features?

As a developer, I utilize Sharepoint’s extensive security features frequently. I know SSL encryption is used for all data transmission between clients and servers. It helps prevent third parties from intercepting important information. Another security feature that I find helpful is the Secure Store Service. It enables me to securely store user credentials within Sharepoint so that I do not have to enter them each time I need to access an application.

16. Which Programming Languages Are Most Compatible With SharePoint, In Your Opinion?

Because it is an object-oriented language used to construct online applications, I believe that C# is one of the most compatible programming languages with Sharepoint. In my last role, I worked with C#, and I’ve found that it works well with Sharepoint since it allows me to use Visual Studio to build.NET framework-based websites. It facilitates the incorporation of SharePoint into my projects.

17. What Distinguishes SharePoint From Other Document Management Systems?

Due to its advanced security features, Sharepoint stands out above other document management systems. For instance, I can establish a site collection that restricts the ability to read or update the information to a predetermined group of users. It is vital for organizations that want to maintain the confidentiality of their knowledge. Another distinction is that Sharepoint comes equipped with its app store, from which users can download programs to assist them in doing particular jobs.

18. What Exactly Is The Role Of SharePoint’s Central Administration?

When I need to adjust how my website is organized, I head to the Central Administration. I could, for instance, alter the default language of all pages on my website from this page. It is also where I may establish new sites, modify security settings, and carry out other activities affecting the system.

19. Why Is A Sandbox Solution Required In SharePoint?

The sandbox solution enables the use of simple, deployable, and re-usable packages containing features, site definitions, and a variety of other functionalities. The sandbox solution can be manually enabled or disabled by navigating to the options and modifying them. It is possible to deploy the key on the server. The sandbox allows restriction where the execution of the environment permits specific resources to be enabled and retained in the sandbox without affecting the rest of the server. As sandbox solutions are not deployed at the administrative level, they cannot affect the entire system. It may be deployed using the site collection on a site with administrator permissions. Only the administrator may configure the settings for sandboxed solutions, such as load balancing, tiers, quotas, and resource points.

20. What Exactly Is PowerShell, And What Exactly Is Its Related To SharePoint?

Microsoft developed PowerShell as an automation platform and scripting language to simplify and automate the management of Windows and Windows Server systems.PowerShell is a text-based shell but uses the.NET Framework’s built-in features and objects to manage Windows environments. Microsoft built the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (PowerShell ISE) to assist both novices and specialists work more efficiently with PowerShell. However, SharePoint Online PowerShell and Office 365 PowerShell commands are not exact. Most of SharePoint Online’s administrative functions are performed through the user interface. However, there are instances where you execute repetitive actions that can be automated using PowerShell.

21. What Are Your Thoughts On The Relationship Between SharePoint And ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a web application framework that enables developers to create apps using.NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic. In addition, it serves as a runtime environment for these programs. Sharepoint is a server-based application that provides users with collaboration and document management facilities. I use ASP.NET as a development language for projects requiring the creation of web apps.

22. What Are The Different Types Of Crawls Available In SharePoint?

Crawling is the process of accumulating searchable content. The crawl component connects to the content sources and provides crawled items to the content processing component to retrieve the information. There are three primary SharePoint Crawl types: Full Crawl, Continuous Crawl, and Incremental Crawl.

During the complete crawl, the search engine indexes each page regardless of its previous status. The incremental crawler will permit only freshly produced or updated items to be indexed. Continuous crawl routinely checks the items every fifteen minutes, takes immediate action, and transmits the information to the content processor.

23. What Is The SharePoint 2019 License Scheme?

Microsoft has provided User License Enforcement capabilities in SharePoint 2019 so that various licenses are granted to users depending on Active Directory security groups. A group of administrators, for instance, would require the enterprise license’s features. In contrast, a group of end users could work with regular support and would not need to pay more. User License Enforcement is deactivated by default and must be enabled before user licensing capabilities can be assigned, used, or implemented.

24. Is It Possible To Customize SharePoint?

SharePoint is highly adaptable and may be modified in several ways to meet the needs of the user organization.SharePoint enables users to customize the user interface to reflect corporate branding. It includes modifying background images, colors, fonts, logos, and headings. We can change these cosmetics quickly and without the assistance of a developer. When hosting an on-premises version of SharePoint, the platform can be further customized by adding new components and developing integrations.

Thanks to new tools like Microsoft Flow, SharePoint workflows and connectors may be developed extensively without requiring considerable custom code.SharePoint developers can construct and include application-to-application connections, extensions to SharePoint functionality, and Web Parts, allowing SharePoint to be further modified as desired.

25. What Are SharePoint 2021’s Hardware And Software Requirements?

Hardware requirements: 64-bit, a four-core processor with a minimum clock speed of 2.5 GHz per core. RAM requirements are as follows: 4 GB for development or evaluation use, 8 GB for a single server, and multiple server farm installations for production: 4 GB for development or evaluation use, 8 GB for a single server, and an installation hard disk of 80 GB.

Users need more free disk space for day-to-day operations in production environments. For production systems, allocate twice as much free space as RAM per user. Requirements for software: A SharePoint Server farm that is fully running. We should host the services on the local farm; federated service farms are not supported. And a Microsoft 365 organization that is correctly configured and is furnished with SharePoint in Microsoft 365 via one of the following subscription plans: Display hybrid federated search results in SharePoint Server alone, E3, or E4 are supported by E1.


In the interview, you will be asked the above questions. Preparing and comprehending every notion of Sharepoint technology will assist you in enhancing the rest of the topic’s information. After reviewing these interview questions, we advise you to participate in a simulated interview before the real thing. You might enlist the assistance of a friend or a Sharepoint specialist to identify your knowledge gaps. In addition, this will help you practice and improve your communication skills, which are crucial in finding employment and earning high pay. Now that you are well-versed with the commonly asked SharePoint interview questions and answers, you will be better positioned to answer the interviews.

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