Top 25 Snap Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Snap Inc. is a leading technology and social media company with a broad category of businesses. It runs around multimedia, social networking, and image messaging services through popular apps such as Snapchat, Bitmoji, and Spectacles.

The company has a mission to provide lucrative career opportunities to software engineers, and architects thus making the entire hiring process competitive.

The interview is designed in such a way that focuses more on the individual technical capabilities and ability to think creatively. The interview test is indeed a bit rigorous. But with the right strategy, skills, and active mindset, you can tackle tricky Snap interview questions and land an offer. In this guide, we’ll give you an insight into some of the most common Snap interview questions and answers, so you can go into your interview prepared and confident.

1. How Do You Describe Yourself?

I am David, and I have been serving my role as a software architect for more than 5 years. I want to represent myself as part of Snap because I am passionate about my field and can easily adjust to the organizational working environment.

I am hardworking, technically proficient, and innovative, and I can work closely with people in your company to achieve your financial and commercial objectives.

2. In Your View, What Kind Of Company Is Snap?

Snap Inc. is an American social media and camera company that plays around with reinventing camera functionalities so that people can improve the way they live and virtually communicate. The company focuses on empowering humans to enjoy each moment of their life and express them in a unique and fun way.

The company is currently running 3 brands- Snapchat, Bitmoji, and Spectacles, and has successfully captured a huge market share.

3. Why Do You Think You Would Be A Good Fit For Snap?

I want to be a part of Snap because of my inclination toward social media technology. I love to experiment with pictures while pouring out my creativity and innovation.

I want to be a software developer because designing mobile applications lets me use my creativity and problem-solving skills. Software development wasn’t my initial career path, but I’m glad I discovered it as I step into the field.

But giving my 5 years to this career, I have gathered enough extensive experience developing new technologies that will help me bring my creativity and innovation to Snap.

4. What Makes You Stand Out From Other App Developers?

I have been developing mobile apps for about five years, and in this period I have learned many new social media techniques and technologies. I recently took an online course in Swift development, which has helped me create even better apps. Another thing that makes me stand out is my attention to detail. I take pride in creating quality work, and I often fix small errors before submitting my app.

5. What Would You Like To Change About Snapchat?

Snapchat is a very intimate image messaging application; the purpose of it is to send image messages to your friends and family that you would not otherwise send to someone in another application.

What I believe Snapchat should implement is an introduction of a new feature, “Snap Reactions”. It allows the user to send a video of him doing something; your friend will receive this video/photo of you. But before you let your friend open it, an alert will show up saying that the file you want to open is a “Snap Reaction”, which means that your face will be recorded while watching/staring at the video/photo. This can be very fun if Snapchat can work on it.

6. Talk About A Time When You Implemented An Innovative Idea That Had A Positive Impact.

I think it’s important to be open to new ideas, even if they initially seem unconventional. I’ve had clients ask for app features that seemed strange initially but ended up being really useful. For example, one of my clients demanded an app where users could take selfies with their favorite products. At first, I thought this was a strange request, but after some brainstorming, we developed a selfie feature that allowed users to upload photos of themselves using the product.

7. Where Do You Want To See Yourself In Five Years?

I am a senior, managing more challenging and dynamic tasks in the next five years. I have enrolled in three advanced certification courses to help me take on more specialized and technical responsibilities. Also, I possess good management and organizational skills and software expertise that will help me take on more management responsibilities and increase my contribution to the company’s success.

8. Tell Me An Example Of A Software Project You Worked On In Your Last Job.

In my last job, I served as an engineer for IBM Company. I was mandated to design a new software program allowing users to edit their photos in real-time.

For this, I worked collaboratively with other engineers and drove many ideas. After so much hard work, we developed a program that helped users navigate picture editing using facial recognition technology.

9. What Would You Think Is The Top Non-Technical Skill That Will Help You Succeed In This Role At Snap?

As a software architect, I am a person with both the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in my role at Snap. I can think creatively to find alternate solutions to solve a problem. With my leadership skills, I can take my teams forward to accomplish a task regardless of the obstacles. I can manage and coordinate all the elements required for a successful application project. I possess problem-handling skills, both technical and human.

10. What Do You Think About The Word Success? How Do You Define It?

I will call myself successful when I can achieve my goals while being helpful to others.

I believe we should be hardworking and try to put our best into everything. When you do this, success is guaranteed.

At my last job, we struggled to complete a project. My team and I spent day and night trying to figure out the solution, and fortunately, we accomplished it within the deadline.

11. Which Is Your Favorite Social Media App, And Why Do You Like It?

I love to spend my time on Instagram because I am fond of taking photos of my family and friends. I find it funny to use filters on pictures to make them appear different and unique.

Also, this has contributed to my business. I have started selling some of my photography skills online and received much appreciation.

12. How Do You Differentiate Between Facebook, Instagram, And Snapchat Marketing?

Instagram is best suited for direct marketing: engaging with customers, spreading awareness, showcasing new products/services, comparison shopping, and influencer marketing. Facebook remains the best for visibility with older age groups. In contrast, Snapchat is all about visual representation. It’s also very popular with younger demographics, which is important for many brands.

13. Tell Us About A Time When You Went Above And Beyond For A Client.

There were numerous times when I provided exceptional customer service.

I once had a client who had issues setting up their Instagram account. They could not access their online data because they had forgotten their password. Throughout the problem, I stayed with them and assisted them at every step in resetting the new password.

14. Do You Have Any Prior Experience With User Interface Design?

Honestly, I had no experience designing a user interface before, but I have done a good part of the work as a graphic designer. In my last job, I was mandated with the task of creating social media graphics for our company. I used Canva and Adobe Illustrator to create these designs, which gave me enough ideas about user interfaces and what makes them effective.

15. What Are Some Good Things That Attract You To The Snapchat App?

I’ve always found an inclination toward Snapchat because it has several creative filters and editing features. I love using these tools to make my photos more fun and appealing. I used to be active on Instagram but spent more time on Snapchat because of its unique features. Now, I use both apps regularly.

16. What You Consider Your Ideal Work Environment If We Hired You As A Mobile App Developer?

I would thrive in a fast-paced environment with lots of collaboration. I love being able to drive ideas from my coworkers and learn from them. I also think it’s important to have some autonomy at work, so I’d want to work somewhere where there is room for advancement.

17. Do You Have Prior Experience Working In App Promotion?

I worked for a small tech startup where I was responsible for attracting potential clients. Initially, it took me some time to figure out effective approaches and strategies, but with time I learned how to pitch our product effectively through App Store Optimization (ASO) and web appearance. This experience taught me ways of app marketing and optimizing organizational growth.

18. If You Land This Job As A Software Engineer, Can You Give An Example Of A Project You’ve Worked On?

In my last position as an engineer for Oracle Company, I was tasked with creating a new software program that would allow users to edit their photos in real-time. This project asked me to work closely with other engineers to create a program that could do this effectively. After several months of hard work, we created a program that allowed users to edit their photos in real-time using facial recognition technology.

19. Have You Ever Used Our Products Before?

Yes, I have used Snap products and I find them amazing. It has well catered to the youth demographics with its unique features and competitive market offering and has successfully made a valuable image in the industry.

Also, I am familiar with some of the company’s competitors. I currently own an iPhone XS Max and a Samsung Galaxy S9+. I also use Instagram daily for my account. So I have a better know-how of what other competitors are up to.

20. How Often Do You Use Snapchat?

I use Snapchat almost daily because I find it appealing and innovative. With Snapchat, I can effectively communicate with my friends and family. I also use Snapchat filters and lenses to create fun images and videos. Also, it has helped me to promote my business to a great extent by creating innovative styled content that attracts viewers.

21. What Do You Think We Could Add To Improve Our Service?

Snap has been considered an innovative company for years with various products and unique services. Still, I do have one suggestion that I think would help with customer satisfaction. I believe Snap should add more filters to its app so users can customize their photos even more. For example, I’ve noticed that there are only two filters that allow you to change the color of your eyes. Adding more options like this would make Snap more appealing to customers.

22. How Much Comfortable Are You Designing Social Media Graphics?

I am very comfortable designing social media graphics. I was an art director leading a group of teams at Art $ Tec Company. There I was responsible for creating the company’s all social media content, which included designing graphics for our Snapchat stories and Instagram posts. I am also well aware of designing symbols using Adobe Illustrator. I enjoy working with computers and technology, so these tasks were fun and easy.

23.  What Makes You Passionate About Technology?

I’m passionate about technology because I believe it is something that has impacted our lives positively. Technology is constantly revolutionizing, so there are new and better ways to do things daily. I love learning about each new tech product and its ability to change and improve our lives and society.

24. Can You Handle The Task Alone? Or Do You Prefer Working In A Team?

I have a habit of working alone because I’ve done most of my career tasks independently. I find it a more appealing option because there is no third-party involvement and the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

But that doesn’t mean I cannot work in a team. I love collaborating with others, and I can learn much more about ideas and innovations. I think I would be an asset to Snap because I know working independently while still being part of a team.

25. Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Make Decisions About A Process Independently Without Consulting Your Direct Manager.

When I was an IT specialist at my former workplace, I set up a new server for our company’s website. My manager was out of town, so I had to rely on my problem-solving skills. I apply all my server knowledge to set it up correctly. After I was done with the installation, I ran some tests to ensure everything was working, and yes, it worked.


Every job-seeker knows it takes a good amount of time to prepare for an interview, and still, you get anxious while stepping towards the recruitment room. It’s natural to feel this way while giving an interview test at Snap.

When you have already done the hard work of collecting your documentation, why do you feel a dry run while you wait for your interview? This guide contains all the useful information that will boost your confidence and erase any doubt you may feel about the hiring process.

By knowing the expected questions and preparing for them beforehand will increase the chances of job-win.

Always remember, industry knowledge is not the only thing, you need to dress up nicely, wear a good smell, and have a positive attitude all play their parts too.

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