Teacher Assistant Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you eyeing a teacher’s aide job opening but do not know how to draft your resume? Well, worry no more. We will help you create the best teacher assistant resume that will help you succeed in your next job application. Remember, a number of things must be present to be shortlisted for an interview, which we will look at in this article.

A good resume should clearly capture an applicant’s education, skills, and work experience. It should also have your updated contact information and certifications. However, before we look at a few resume examples, let’s explore what this job is all about.

Position Description

As the name implies, a teacher assistant offers support to a lead teacher in an institution. They mostly step in when the main teacher is absent or work with them to take care of a group of learners. These professionals are generally referred to as teacher’s aides and are expected to tutor individuals or a small group of students to reinforce lessons. They also create lesson plans, oversee lesson preparations, and document progress. Let’s now take an in-depth look at their roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitoring the class schedule in liaison with the lead teacher
  • Attending all the training classes, faculty meetings, and parent conferences
  • Working closely with lead teachers to draft and revise lesson plans
  • Communicating with parents to keep them informed of their children’s progress
  • Identifying and documenting the different issues students are facing and collaborating with the lead teacher to solve them
  • Ensuring that the classroom environment is clean and safe at all times
  • Supervise students during their free times, such as in-between classes, lunchtime, or field expeditions.
  • Going through the lesson materials with individual students or in small groups
  • Participating in lesson preparation by setting up all the equipment and getting needed materials ready
  • Documenting student progress
  • Complying with all the domestic, school, and ministry rules and regulations
  • Enhancing the overall learning process by working with a small group of patients
  • Working closely with the lead teacher to help students learn, socialize and adjust
  • Identifying possible behavioral issues in learners and reporting to teachers
  • Helping the lead teacher handle various tasks such as assignment grading and progress reporting to different stakeholders, mainly parents
  • Escorting learners to different school trips and field events
  • Offering remedial teaching to a small group of students for learning process reinforcement
  • Working closely with students with learning challenges to ensure that they understand the materials taught in class

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Familiarity with and knowledge of different learning methods and administrative tasks
  • Passion for teaching
  • Ability to build trusting relationships with learners, parents, and teachers
  • A kind personality
  • Ability to maintain order in the classroom
  • A positive attitude
  • Multitasking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work in team settings
  • Excellent supervision skills
  • Outstanding observational skills

Experience and Education

  • Proven experience as an assistant teacher
  • Experience managing small and big teams
  • A Bachelor’s degree in education or an associate’s degree
  • Experience working with other teachers
  • Experience handling different class materials such as projectors and chemistry sets


Recent submissions on reputable websites show that teacher assistants earn an average base salary of $15 an hour and a yearly salary of roughly $24,000 yearly. More experienced teacher assistants earn up to $40,000 a year.

Teacher Assistant CV Example 1

James Avery

Address: 8E Lancaster Avenue, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, 170008

Email address: averyjames6@gmail.com

Phone number: (789) 567- 1275

Personal Profile

Passionate elementary teacher assistant with nine years of experience handling both large and small groups of learners. Hardworking and diligent educator capable of positively impacting the lives of young learners. Understanding and charismatic teacher assistant with a positive attitude and an unbreakable spirit. A go-getter with excellent communication and organizational skills.

Work Experience

01/2019- 04/2022, Elementary Classroom Teacher Assistant, Brighton Elementary School, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

  • Educated and supervised 43 children with the help of the lead teacher
  • Provided regular feedback to parents, increasing their involvement in their children’s education by 70%
  • Helped the lead teacher in processing reports, generating 40+ reports after exams time
  • Mentored 10+ new kindergarten teacher assistants, helping them get used to the school’s procedures and systems
  • Supervised children during their play and meal times, ensuring that they were 100% safe
  • Kept the classroom environment tidy and organized by instructing learners to pick litter at least thrice a day
  • Tracked the progress of 40+ learners and informed their parents of potential learning issues
  • Attended 100+ staff meetings and management briefings
  • Came up with engaging games for playtime sessions, earning 100% positive learner feedback
  • Replied to parents’ queries and issues within 24 hours and ensured timely processing of progress reports, achieving 98% positive parent feedback

11/2015- 11/2018, Elementary Classroom Teacher Assistant, Vineyard Elementary School, Pittsburg

  • Increased student engagement by 35% through implementation of sensory learning materials
  • Taught and supervised 40+ young learners
  • Collaborated with the school management to distribute different learning resources to students performing poorly in English, bringing the mean grade to an A- from B
  • Attended 20+ training programs organized by the school and the district education board
  • Increased the school’s revenue by 10% through book fairs and parades, inviting all parents as guests
  • Instilled a sense of responsibility in learners by supervising litter collection and disposal at least three times a day
  • Identified students with learning disabilities and organized special classes
  • Worked closely with the special needs educators to cater to 3 children with hearing impairment
  • Awarded the best elementary classroom teacher assistant award of the year for my passion in and outside the classroom

07/2013- 10/2015, Elementary School Assistant, Bellamy International School, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Assisted the lead teacher in teaching six subjects to four classes of 25+ students
  • Developed and implemented new course tracking and administrative processes for students with the help of the lead teacher, increasing administrative efficiency by 30%
  • Created three different lesson plans for all the subjects to capture the learner’s different learning styles, boosting overall performance by 30%
  • Offered extra classes for groups of 6 for a better understanding of numbers and phonics
  • Religiously attended and participated in 100+ staff meeting


  • 02/2009- 06/2013, Bachelor of Education (ECDE), Albright College, Pennsylvania
  • 04/2004- 08/2008, High School Diploma, Brown James Senior High School


  • Languages
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Italian

Technical Skills

  • Computer Skills
  • CPR
  • Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency
  • First aid
  • Translation

Soft Skills

  • Communication, Supervision
  • Observation, Time Management
  • Organizational, Interpersonal
  • Patience, Understanding


06/2014, a Mentorship program for aspiring Teachers, State Mentorship Committee


08/2014, Certified Educator, The Pennsylvania Education Department, Certification Division

Teacher Assistant CV Example 2

Amber Johnson

Address: 35 West Avenue, Wayne, Pennsylvania, 17054

Email address: Johnsoncarlamber@gmail.com

Phone number: (789) 345 9876

Personal Profile

A professional teacher assistant with nine years of experience. A certified teacher’s aide is able to easily build and maintain lasting relationships with learners, teachers, and parents. A self-motivated and hardworking team member with in-depth knowledge and understanding of teaching techniques and methodologies. A go-getter and passionate staff member committed to helping students excel.

Work Experience

05/2019- 06/2022, Assistant Teacher, Wayne

  • Performed daily and weekly assessments, check-ins, and observations to ensure that students understood the learning materials used
  • Collaborated with five teachers and the school management to ensure that 70 students received developmentally suitable lessons
  • Created an open environment through timely and regular feedback, receiving 100% positive feedback from students
  • Helped the lead teacher in the grading of assignments, occasionally handling 60+ assignments
  • Coordinated and participated in 70+ staff meetings
  • Actively participated in student activities and assemblies, earning student votes for the best teacher of the year (2021)
  • Reduced cases of indiscipline by 40% through positive reinforcement and interactions with the students
  • Mentored ten new teachers’ assistants, introducing them to the school’s policies and procedures
  • Came up with a free program to help students pick the best courses in college, which attracted 30+ participants
  • Maintained regular communication with parents, at least four times a month, updating them on their children’s performance and finding the best way forward
  • Increased teacher-parent collaboration earning 99% positive feedback from parents
  • Inculcated a sense of responsibility in students by asking them to prepare a duty roster for keeping the class clean and tidy, a maximum of 5 people a day
  • Assisted the lead teacher in creating 52 weekly lesson plans for the whole year and ensuring that students completed the syllabus within the right time
  • Tracked the progress of 70+ students and gave customized homework consisting of questions targeting their weak areas.
  • Made myself available to the students 70% of the time to tackle any questions they had regarding the concepts taught in class 

01/2016- 04/2019, Teacher Assistant, Crown High School, Pittsburg

  • Developed and, with the permission of the administration, implemented a new SAT preparation program which had 40 participants
  • Offered grading assistance during exam periods, handling as many as 120 scripts
  • Partnered with teachers to teach a class of 70+ students
  • Supervised students during their free time, ensuring that there were zero fights or accidents
  • Arranged extra classes for five children with learning disabilities, ensuring that they were at par with others during the exams period
  •  Tutored five student groups made up of four members, ensuring that they understood everything taught in the classroom
  • Recognized 10+ issues affecting students and recommended solutions which were implemented, boosting performance by 20%
  • Attended 100+ parent conferences and faculty meetings
  • Monitored the class schedule with the lead teacher to ensure  zero inconsistencies or mistakes
  • Instilled a sense of responsibility by grouping the students into groups of five and asking the class monitor to allocate special cleaning days to the groups to keep the class environment clean and tidy
  • Accompanied students in 30+ trips and contests
  • Occasionally interacted with the students and discovered 10+ issues affecting their performance, which we sorted with the lead teacher
  • Earned the most supportive teacher assistant award
  • Occasionally stepped in for the lead teacher and delivered well-planned lessons, ensuring that the 70+ students understood the key concepts by the end of the day
  • Supervised students during exam time, ensuring 100% accurate assessment and zero exam irregularities
  • Tracked student’s progress in specific areas of the curriculum and gave out individual home assignments,  increasing overall class performance by 30% in test scores
  • Helped the lead teacher generate 70+ report cards swiftly for regular progress reporting

07/2013- 12/2015, Teacher Assistant, Broadway’s High School, Lancaster

  • Boosted students’ engagement levels by 17% by incorporating field trips in liaison with the teacher
  • Collaborated with three teachers to develop instructional materials and lesson plans for 100+ students
  • Tracked student reports and regularly discussed them with parents, leading to a 20% increase in parent satisfaction
  • Supervised three classes during exam periods, ensuring zero cheating for accurate assessment
  • Attended 100+ staff and parent meetings to discuss students’ progress
  • Increased teacher-student interaction by 90% through creating and maintaining a free positive environment
  • Awarded teaching assistant of the year for my enthusiasm and passion when dealing with students


  • 02/2009- 05/2013, Bachelor of Arts (Education), University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Second Class Upper Honors
  • 04/2004- 11/2008, High School Diploma, General Kraft Senior High School


  • Languages
  • English
  • Croatian
  • Bengali

Technical Skills

  • Computer, First Aid
  • CPR, Microsoft Office Suite
  • Counseling

Soft Skills

  • Communication, Organization
  • Interpersonal, Multitasking
  • Supervision, Observation
  • Teaching, Teamwork


09/15, Guiding Students on the Right Career Choices, Chicago Voice


08/2014, ETS ParaProcertification, Education Board of Illinois

Teacher Assistant Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who Should I Expect to Work with As a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher assistants work with several stakeholders in the learning field. As teachers’ aides, they are directly associated with lead teachers with whom they collaborate to ensure that students succeed and enjoy an engaging learning environment. They also work directly with students, making it necessary for them to have excellent communication skills and a passion for teaching. These professionals also report to the school’s principal in regard to classroom duties. Teacher assistants may also participate in progress reporting, making them work closely with parents.

2. What Do I Need to Become a Good Assistant Teacher?

Several skills and experiences are needed to thrive as an assistant teacher. First, you need both excellent communication and verbal skills to interact with different parties such as the lead teacher, principal, parents, and students. It is also important to have excellent organizational skills, which come in handy in completing all the lesson planning tasks at the right time. A good assistant teacher must be passionate about teaching and positively impacting students through actions and words. Other qualities required include excellent observation skills, outstanding supervision skills, ability to work in team settings, ability to work under pressure, ability to multitask, and excellent leadership skills. Lastly, it would be best if you were kind but firm to be an excellent assistant teacher.

3. Do I Need a Teaching Certificate to be an Assistant Teacher?

Even though most institutions require certain certifications if you intend to become an assistant teacher, this requirement varies from state to state. However, what stands out is that you need a high school diploma regardless of state and level of education. You will also have to prove that you have completed some college coursework and spent several hours working with children. Depending on where you choose to work, you may also be needed to have passed a state examination.

4. How Can I Make My Resume ATS Friendly?

Note that organizations have systems to eliminate 2/3 of applications before they reach the hiring manager’s desk. One of the most used systems is the applicant tracking system which you can only bypass through a well-written resume. To make your CV ATS-friendly, ensure that you first use an ATS-optimized resume format, which in most cases is chronological and easy to read and organize. You should also label different sections correctly, use job-related keywords, use a common font such as Times New Roman or Calibri and save your resume as PDF or .docx. Getting a free ATS resume scan will also help.

5. How Can I Quantify My Teaching Assistance Experience?

You should always use hard numbers when listing your accomplishments in the work experience section of your resume. You can do this by listing the awards you received, the number of assignments prepared, the number of colleagues you trained or mentored, the number of assignments prepared, the number of students you handled, or even the number of meetings you attended. Quantification makes your experience more convincing.

6. What Should I Include in My Teacher Assistant Resume’s Objective?

The objective resume section lists the skills, qualities, and accomplishments making you an excellent teaching assistant. It should be well-written because it introduces who you are before the hiring manager focuses on other things such as your education. Make sure you convince the interviewer how different you are from other applicants.

7. How Do I Become a Teacher Assistant?

Luckily for you, there are not many qualifications needed for one to become a teaching assistant. However, given the number of qualified professionals who have been entering the market, you need to have a few qualifications to stand a chance. Therefore, we advise you to undertake an online teaching assistant course (which you should include in your resume) to obtain knowledge, insights, and skills that will make employees interested in your application. Any teaching assistant qualification you obtain also reveals your competence and passion for teaching assistance, which hiring managers need. A good example is a Higher-Level Training Assistant certificate, shortened as HLTA.

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