Top 25 Thermo Fisher Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American company. It was founded by merging Thermo electron and Fisher scientific in 2006. The company provides products and services related to pharmaceuticals, scientific instrumentation, consumables, reagents, and other software services. Thermo Fisher Scientific received emergency use authorization from the FDA for a test for SARS-CoV-2 to offer relief during the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has a lengthy hiring process. If you are ambitious to be part of a great company, you will have enough time to prepare for an interview. We are giving you the answers to the top expected questions for a Thermo Fisher interview.

1. Do You Have Experience Working On The Manufacturing Floor?

Indeed, I have experience working in a lab. I have worked as an assistant scientist at my previous company. But I am willing to learn and adapt to new environments at your company. 

I was responsible for testing samples and keeping a record of lab data on the manufacturing floor. I learned how accuracy plays a vital role while performing a test and preparing its result. This experience enables me to perform more complex experiments and record data with accuracy and precision.

2. What Is Your Biggest Strength?

I can proudly say that my greatest strength is my organizational skill. I can organize the most hectic environments and find effective ways to bring ease to people’s life.

In my last role as an executive assistant, I was responsible for scheduling meetings, event planning, and making monthly agendas for the company. I crafted new ways to make everything pretty much more manageable.  

I managed the workplace tension and made a structure that helped the employees to remove work stress from their life and perform smoothly.

3. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

I love the company I have worked for. I always look for new challenges and means of advancement in my work. Everything was going well, but I felt that I was getting very comfortable at my job. Nothing was challenging for me. So, I decided to pursue a new position where I could find better learning or career opportunities and chances for advancement. Then I came across Thermo Fisher Scientific job posts. I find this job aligns more closely with my long-term career goals.

4. Can You Tell Us About One Of Your Most Significant Scientific Achievements?

At my previous job, I worked with the best scientific team. We were responsible for creating new testing methods for specific bacteria. We took the challenge on and worked hard on developing a test that could detect the bacteria within two hours. We worked hard and created a test that could save our company money and time.

5. What Are Your Career Goals?

My career goals are simple. I want to work on personal development and helping others. I believe I should be prepared and successful enough to bring a positive change in the life of my people. I read in the job description that Thermo Fisher offers training to enthusiastic employees. 

I feel I am an energetic candidate who wants to learn and grow with this exciting career opportunity at your company. This customer service position can give me a chance to enhance my communication, teamwork, and leadership skills which will help me achieve my career goals and bring comfort to the daily life of people. 

6. What Motivates You?

I find immense motivation in taking on new challenges and responsibilities. I want to be successful by overcoming obstacles and learning about the latest industry trends and operations. I do not think about the hectic work situation. I keep my eyes on the results.

I feel that this kind of experience could help me to be a great worker and skilled leader. I am excited about the opportunity to work at the best company in the world.

7. Why Do You Want To Work At Thermo Fisher Scientific?

I want to work for your company because your team works to make a significant impact on the world. Moreover, I find my professional development interests in this job. I also like that the company culture welcomes the ideas of its employees and provides growth opportunities. I am also impressed by the mission of Thermo Fisher Scientific. I am passionate about working with your great team that helps to enable their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.

8. How Do You Think Thermo Fisher Scientific Can Improve Its Product Quality?

I am well familiar with Thermo Fisher products and services. I have been working in the same field for two years. Thermo Fisher Scientific has a lot of great products, but we can bring more innovation to the product line. 

I have worked with a test automation company. They had a testing machine similar to the Thermo Fisher Scientifics machines. The company created a new software program that allowed this machine to get the test results faster than yours. It inspired me that we should work on innovative ideas to make the latest and faster software that could save time and the outcomes of the company.

9. What Do Co-Workers Say About You?

My co-workers have always admired me for my leadership qualities and work ethic. In my last job, my boss appreciated my skills in organizing my project preferences and creating timely solutions for my team. 

I have always been friendly, cooperative, and respectful with my co-workers. They say that we have shared the best workplace culture ever.

10. What Is Your Ideal Work Environment?

My ideal work environment is supportive and POSITIVE. I want to be part of a workplace culture that gives equal opportunities for professional and personal advancement to its employees. 

I have been passionate about science education since my childhood. I have always wished to work in an organization where I could have the opportunities to learn and practice life science products and inventions. I appreciate the way Thermo Fisher strives for a healthier environment. 

I know that your company provides initial lab training to their workers. I am excited to learn new things in your company culture that will give me chances for professional and individual growth. 

11. What Do You Know About Our Organization? 

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc is the world leader company that supplies scientific products and services to their customers. The company has approximately $40 billion in annual revenue. If we talk about the company mission, Thermo Fisher supports its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. It is on the top of the Fortune 500 list for 2021. 

The global team of Thermo Fisher claims to deliver an unrivaled combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience, and pharmaceutical services through our industry-leading brands. The company supplies scientific products and services to Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, Unity Lab Services, Patheon, and PPD.

12. How Would You Resolve Customer Complaints?

Customer service is the front face of a company. It plays a crucial role in selling products and services to the nation. I deal with my customers with empathy. I believe that a positive attitude could help deal with upset clients.

I have experience in resolving customer complaints. I have interacted with many clients that showed concerns about their orders and satisfied them with my good customer-dealing skills. Whenever a client complains, I always listen to him carefully. If I realize it is our mistake, I apologize and explain how we could resolve the issue. I offer a refund or other compensation according to the refund policy of my company.

13. Tell Me About A Time When You Had To Work In A Team Setting, And There Was Conflict. How Did You Handle It?

In my last position, I worked as a team member of a lab technician team. My manager assigned me to test the different aspects of the samples. 

I was completing my weekly tasks, but one of my team members was not doing his work efficiently, so I had to do more work than my task. I spoke with my team manager about it and resolved that issue. My co-worker apologized and promised to complete his job next time. I think we should speak up if someone is not playing a part than being suffered or stressed.

14. How Long Would You Expect To Work For Us If Hired?

I am excited to work for a long time in a company that has delivered research and innovations through its product and services. I find this position the best match for my skills and experience. I am looking for long-term professional growth and a positive contribution to your company.

15. Give Me Five Words That Best Describe Your Performance At Your Last Company.

In my last company, I got an award for my performance in project management. My colleagues and boss used to admire me for my professional and interpersonal skills, work ethic, and team spirit. 

It is hard to describe myself in five words. I would say, I am highly analytical, creative, multi-tasked, self-motivated, and enthusiastic. I would make a difference in my work with my intrinsic skill set at Thermo Fisher Scientific when hired.

16. Why Should We Hire You?

I read in the job description that you are looking for someone hard-working and proactive. I am a hard worker and adapt the changes quickly. I have the good leadership skills that you are looking for in this role. 

I do not waste time getting stuck in situations. I am a solution-oriented person who is passionate to provide the best scientific solutions to boost the level of your product and services. I also have good communication skills. So I’m confident that I can step into this role and make my contribution to your company.

17. We Often Deal With Sensitive Data. Are You Comfortable Handling Confidential Information?

I am reliable and honest in saving confidential information. In my previous role, I was responsible for entering the credit card information of our customers into the company system. To handle this sensitive data, I used firewalls and double-verification safety methods. I ensured that the data I secured the data from any other access. This task motivated me to become more trustworthy and honest in the eyes of my employer, and I find myself eligible of protecting confidential information.

18. What Is Your Experience With Developing Software?

I have less experience in developing software but I helped my friend in developing software. I am familiar with programming and coding languages such as Python and Java. I know that Thermo Fisher Scientific is a technology company that develops different software for its variety of products. I have a degree in computer science so I can use my knowledge to develop software with a little guidance.

19. What Means By 4i Value At Thermo Fisher?

I visited the company page and read about the company’s mission and values. Thermo Fisher has 4i values that start with the letter I. It is Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, and Involvement. These values reflect their company culture and guide the employees on how to interact with each other, customers, suppliers, and company partners.

These four values are the foundation of the Thermo Fisher workplace culture and the fundamentals of their CSR approach.

20. How Would You Describe Your Work Ethic?

Thermo Fisher Scientific strives hard for an inclusive, global environment that values the power of diverse talent. I believe that good work ethics allow us to foster a homelike atmosphere for everyone. I saw on the company website that you are looking for honest, reliable, and transparent workers who go the extra mile for the company.

I treat my co-workers with respect and support them where needed beyond their background and experience. I would love to work at Thermo Fisher, respecting their 4i Values of integrity, involvement, innovation, and intensity. 

21. Are You Familiar With Any Programming Languages? Which Ones?

I am familiar with the company’s specific programming language. I can use Java, C++, and Python. I used these languages in my previous position when I developed security software with my colleague. I am also taking additional training to learn basic programming. However, I am willing to learn new languages if required for this role.

22. Are You A Team Player? 

Yes. I am a team player. I feel pleasure in communicating with people who have different backgrounds and personalities. I get along easily with my co-workers. I can manage a team or work with a team effectively. I can motivate my team to mediate conflicts that contribute to team success.

23. Tell Me About Your Ability To Work Under Pressure.

I can work well under pressure because I get motivated in this way to work more efficiently. In my previous job, I often worked well under tight deadlines. It made me stronger and more proactive. 

I always take tough challenges to work harder and win my goal. I often reward myself for overcoming obstacles and learning something new every time. 

24. What Enables You To Do Your Best On The Job?

I have maintained an ideal work-life balance that keeps me energetic and focused on my work. I am a success lover, and successful results can boost my performance on the job. 

Moreover, my instinct to meet challenges and the pleasure of accomplishment boost my performance at work. My management skills enable me to produce amazing results for projects that seem impossible to others. I am an intrinsic motivator. So l find satisfaction in doing the tasks that seems harder to achieve.  

25. What Do You Find Most Interesting About The Job Description?

I find that Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the best workplace culture. They do not on micro-manage their workers. I believe that respect is the factor that encourages an employee to the worker even harder for the success of a company. Moreover, I am excited that I will have the opportunity to work with the leader of innovative technology suppliers. I am also impressed that the company provides many benefits to its employees and their families.


Every company has its unique process when it comes to interviews. Some companies may ask common questions, while others may have their specific list of questions to assess the candidates. 

If you are expecting an interview at Thermo fisher, the interviewer may ask a few common questions to assess your skills, expertise, and qualifications. The interviewer can also ask about the Industry or company culture, such as what you know about the company, why you want to work there, how you would handle the specific situation at the company, etc.

We have answered all the possible questions about Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. that would be very helpful for you.