Top 25 Tillys Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

In addition to serving customers worldwide, Tillys has locations in both traditional outdoor shopping centers and malls. In malls, Tillys typically occupies two or three store spaces. Tillys operates 240 stores across 33 states. You will need to be very sharp when applying for their job because their selection process is extremely competitive. We are presenting 25 top interview questions and answers for Tillys, which might help you. Let us review all of them individually.

1. What Do You Know About Tillys?

Tillys (formerly World of Jeans and Tops and Tilly’s) is an American retail clothing company from Irvine, California. The company sells branded apparel, accessories, and shoes.

Founded in 1982 in Los Alamitos, California, “World of Jeans and Tops” is owned and operated by Hezy Shaked and his wife, Tilly Levine. Shaked renamed the store “Tilly’s” after his wife. They divorced in 1989, but Levine continued working as a vendor relations manager for the company. The company went public, raising $124 million in May 2012. Tillys specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories for active lifestyles such as lounging, surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. 

The store sells Adidas, Billabong, DC Shoes, Element, Fox, Famous Stars and Straps, Elwood, Hurley, Nike SB, O’Neill, Quiksilver, RVCA, Vans, and Volcom, among other brands. In addition to Blue Crown, RSQ, Micros, and West of Melrose, they also sell store brands.  

2. Why Do You Prefer Working At Tillys?

I aim to help people, so I think I would be a great addition to the team. Moreover, I also have relevant experience, so I feel confident enough to join this company. I will consider myself lucky if hired as it’s my dream company.

3. What Makes You A Suitable Candidate For This Role?

My previous job as a customer service agent gave me the ideal experience for this position. As I answered phones and emailed for five years, processed payments, and entered data into multiple computer programs, I developed many skills for this position.

My sales skills and managerial experience make me a perfect candidate. In my last position, I was in charge of a large sales team, and we achieved the highest sales record for the branch of our company. My success and experience can help me in this role.

4. What Major Challenges/Issues Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

In my previous job, a disgruntled customer was unhappy with her purchase. I listened to her properly and offered her options to help resolve the issue. This made her satisfied and calm. Upon choosing the best solution, she thanked me for my time and made another purchase with us later in life. While I helped rectify the situation, I also ensured we kept her as a customer.

5. Please Describe Your Primary Duties And Job Title In Your Previous Role.

While working as a sales associate, I assisted customers with making purchases and at the cash register. If they had any problems, I would do my best to help them. Furthermore, I would assist my supervisor in placing shipments on the sales floor and helping with other things.

6. If Hired, Which Type Of Working Environment Would Suit You?

The work environment should seem pretty relaxed. It shouldn’t be difficult at all. Even for someone like me, seeing how I might be paid for my skills would be an eye-opener to the real world. I will walk around. I might fold anything that is unfolded. I am willing to do anything my Visual or Assistant Managers ask me: nothing, usually too big. The tasks assigned to me should be easy for me to do. I should be able to manage them all.

7. On Average, How Many Hours Do You Prefer To Work A Day At Tillys?

During the off-season, there are barely any hours to give. Sales associates like me should give the company 6-8 hours weekly. This can sometimes be 4-6 hours, depending on the situation. The only people who get a lot of hours are managers and sales leads, so I probably work 15-25 hours a week during the holiday and back to school.

8. Are You Available To Join Immediately?

My current boss wants me to give him one month’s advance notice. I have to give him notice or one month’s salary. If hired, I won’t miss the chance of immediately joining Tillys. So, I prefer giving them my one-month salary and joining Tillys.

9. Do You Think Theft (Shoplifting) Is A Problem In Retail? Why?

Stealing items damage the company’s profits in both direct and indirect ways. Immediately losing items for sale hurts the company’s ability to sell them to consumers, while replacing stolen goods increases production costs. In addition to cutting company revenues, preventing future theft can also lower profits. National Association for Shoplifting Prevention committee reports that product theft causes annual $13 billion in losses.

10. What Is The Difference Between Service And Sales?

  • Sales

Selling goods and services is usually aimed at gaining profit; sales agents are usually involved in sales.

You can also check out online sales, but there are no representatives because they are direct sales going to the organization.

An example of this would be a sales representative explaining the benefits of the house to the customer.

This is not necessary that a sales representative is always involved, i.e., you can have online product sales, or you might act as a third party to sell. But in-store sales mostly involve salespeople.

  • Service

Service or customer service is support provided to a customer after buying goods or services. However, it can also increase customer satisfaction before or during a sale. The goal is to prevent customer challenges with a product, guide implementation, assist in upsells, create a bond with the product and answer specific questions.

Whenever someone buys a mobile phone, customer service representatives guarantee that it will not have any defects for a certain time once it has been used. The phone would be replaced with a non-defective one if any defects were noted.

11. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement.

I have attributed the success of my last employer’s Marketing department to my greatest professional accomplishment. When I joined them, the team struggled, and we were not hitting our quarterly targets. I was appointed to create a new marketing plan, which I designed and implemented without guidance. In the previous year’s second half, my marketing plan generated an additional $3 million in revenue for the company, and we achieved 20-25% above our goals within six months. The company could profit every quarter by increasing revenue instead of losing money.

12. What Is Your Style?

When working alone, I like to work fast to complete tasks on time, but I also enjoy working as part of a team. In my last position, one of our clients placed a large impromptu order. I could handle it independently, but it would have taken longer. The company could deliver before the deadline because of teamwork between different people.

As a solo worker, I prefer to receive feedback from my supervisor. It’s often difficult to assess one’s work objectively, so I look forward to receiving feedback from my manager and colleagues.

13. How Will You Sell A Pen To a Customer?

I would talk to the customer like below.

  • In addition to its structure and appearance, this pen is unique for many reasons.
  • A rose gold tint adds panache to the pen, which is made of high-quality fiber.
  • The best part is yet to come.
  • As a one-time investment, the XYZ pen is efficient and easy to maintain with refillable cartridges.

I am sure you will be tempted to buy more of these once you’ve used them unless you don’t want to buy more.

14. What Are Your Main Weaknesses?

Nobody is perfect, and so am I. I also have some weaknesses, and I am going to mention a few of them below.

Mostly, I get too caught up in the details of a project and spend too much time analyzing the finer details. To improve in this area, I have checked in with myself regularly and allowed myself to refocus on the bigger picture at regular intervals. In this way, I will be able to ensure quality without compromising my productivity or the team’s ability to meet deadlines.

15. How Would You Interact With A Rude Customer?

I will first ask the customer to explain their problem to determine if I am the right person to assist. Occasionally, you don’t have the expertise or knowledge to solve a problem. It is best to get that early on than waste both the customer’s and your valuable time trying to solve it. I would repeat the information they’ve shared to ensure that they know I understand their concern and am eager to help resolve it.

Let me add an incident from my real-life experience.

In my previous role, when a customer complained about not receiving their order in time for Christmas, I listened to what they said; apologized for the inconvenience, and assured them we would make it right. Upon checking their order history, I discovered they placed two orders simultaneously. As they hadn’t received one of the orders, I immediately refunded their money and sent them the missing one. Upon receiving my response, the customer gave me five stars on our website.

16. Why Should We Hire You?

As far as my relevant experience and skills are concerned, I believe my resume speaks for itself. Therefore, I would like to elaborate on the traits and characteristics that make me a good fit for this position. I have always been a dedicated and hard-working professional with a strong work ethic, and I have carried that with me from my time growing up on a farm to my graduation from university with honors until this point when I applied for the best in the game. I am a team player and have worked my way into a supervisory role during my previous internship. Is there anything else I can discuss that will interest you or help you see that I am the right candidate for this position?

17. Are You Comfortable Using A Computer To Operate The Cash Register And Complete Other Tasks?

As someone who has used computers since middle school, I am familiar with using different programs and websites. In my college days, I worked at an ice cream shop where we used cash registers and computers, so I felt confident using a cash register.

18. Where Do You Find Yourself In Five Years?

In five years, I hope to work as a manager at Tillys. In addition to my passion for customer service and desire to help people find what they need, I believe my skills and experience make me a good match for this position. Additionally, I wish to continue learning and growing within the company.

19. Do You Have Any Relevant Work Experience?

In college and high school, I worked as a sales associate in a clothing store, where I enjoyed helping customers find outfits that fit their style and budget. My excellent customer service skills earned me a promotion to lead cashier.

20. How Would You Handle An Upset Customer Who Wanted To Return An Item Without A Receipt?

Initially, I will try to locate the original sales receipt in our system if a customer wants to return the items having no receipts. If I couldn’t locate it, I would ask them if they remembered which department the item was purchased from or any other details that might help me locate it. I will offer the customer store credit for the full amount if the receipt cannot be found.

21. Describe A Situation Where You Helped Someone Achieve A Personal Goal.

As a coworker in my previous job one of my coworkers wanted to get a Microsoft Excel certification. After studying independently for several weeks, she wasn’t making much progress. I offered to meet with her one day a week after work to review some of the basics of Excel. She passed her certification exam after two months of feeling comfortable with Excel.

22. How Do You Define Customer Service?

As part of customer service, we ensure every customer has a positive experience. We should make sure they feel that we have done everything possible to help them, regardless of what happens during their visit. I define great customer service as being friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about what I sell. I also ensure that my colleagues do the same.

23. Would You Consider Yourself Knowledgeable About Fashion Trends And Styles?

Following several Instagram bloggers who post about the latest trends and styles on Instagram has taught me so much about finding new brands and shopping for unique pieces. I’ve learned much and now know where to buy some of my favorite items. Keeping yourself updated with the latest fashions is important because it helps you to connect with your customers more effectively.

24. Do You Feel Comfortable Upselling Items?

I feel confident when I upsell items at work. It is important to upsell with respect and care whenever possible. If a customer seems ready to check out, I will ask them if they have found everything they were looking for. Upon receiving their answer, I will thank them and proceed to charge them. If they do not respond, I will inquire about what they are still looking for. From there, I will give them some suggestions according to their needs.

25. Can You Tell Us About A Time That You Struggled With A Manager Or Supervisor? Mention Your Strengths.

The manager I worked for once strictly followed procedures and rules. My manager observed my behavior and called me into their office to discuss it. I was someone who liked to think outside the box sometimes, so I would often try new things that were not always within company guidelines. The reasons they preferred to follow the rules and procedures were explained to me, and I understood why they did so. I began implementing some of those ideas into our work from then on.

Multitasking and solving problems are two of my strengths. Nevertheless, I always strive to improve, so I would like to be less forgetful. I have been working on remembering to write important information down, but sometimes I still forget to do so.


Tillys is a great choice; once you are hired, you might need to put extra effort into proving yourself. In this context, we have mentioned the top 25 interview questions and answers for Tillys. Interviews at Tillys can be nail-biting as it’s very much competitive. You can quickly check them as they surely help you achieve great success. It depends on the nature of the job and the interviewer, the work environment, and many other factors. They surely won’t remain exact for all positions, but most of them will be helpful.

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