Top 25 Twitter Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Twitter is a great social networking platform located in San Fransico, California. Their primary focus is on microblogging. They used to operate Vine video apps and live-streaming services. If you want to pursue your career with them, you can have a look at the top 10 interview questions and answers presented in this content.

1. What Do You Know About Twitter

Twitter serves users worldwide, where they can communicate and stay connected. Their logo is “it’s happening,” which signifies that Twitter is a running platform that serves everyone 24/7with the latest trends, text messages, links, photos, videos, and news. You need to create an account with them, and after successful verification, you can start using their platform.

2. Why Do You Want To Work At Twitter?

Twitter is a multinational organization everyone would dream of. It’s very diverse, and its management is super awesome. There are ample chances to learn new trends and skills. Most importantly, they innovate and grow daily, launching new products and services regularly. Moreover, their employees are passionate and dedicated, and the company respects and rewards them at its highest.

3. Why Do You Think Are You The Best Candidate For This Role?

My skills set me apart from the competition, including excellent communication skills that will allow me to deal with all of your customers and communicate important information to the team. Consequently, I would not have trouble communicating with my colleagues since I can reach them and ensure they understand what is at stake. Wegmans is a busy establishment, and I will use my ability to work under pressure without compromising quality. When given this job, I am confident I can deliver.

4. Mention About Your Experience

I have wanted to work in the IT industry since I was a student. However, this is my fourth job application since graduating, which was only a short while ago. During my university years, I gave my all, worked extra hard to excel in my studies, and understood everything I could about the IT industry.

Whenever I have the chance to work in this setting, I look forward to proving myself and challenging myself. I firmly believe that it surely is the most suitable occupation for me.

5. Tell Us About Your Biggest Weakness

My fear of hurting someone’s feelings makes me sometimes reluctant to provide constructive feedback to coworkers or managers. The last time I worked with my coworker, he asked me to edit a few of his pieces and provide feedback. My experience with him proved that feedback could both be helpful and kind.  I only realized recently that I could use empathy to provide thoughtful, productive feedback.

6. What Do You Understand By Cookies And How Are Cookies Used On Twitter?

During a web browsing session or when you use a web-enabled app, cookies are placed on your computer. Twitter uses these cookies to operate its services, understand how people use them, and improve them. 

To provide Twitter users with a better experience, cookies, pixels, and local storage are used.

  • Authentication And Security
  • Functionality
  • User Preferences
  • Analytics
  • Research And Development
  • Personalized Content
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Personalization Across Devices

 7. Briefly Explain Twitter’s Terminologies

Tweeting is all about mastering the lingo. The Twitterverse has its vocabulary you’ll see floating around.

  • Tweet

It’s a standard messaging mode on Twitter, allowing 140 characters or less.

  • Retweet

It’s about resending/resharing a tweet to all of a user’s followers.

  •  Hashtag

Use of the # symbol is made here to tag topics, posts, or keywords within a tweet, making it easily identifiable and readable, especially for searching.

  • Mentions

Tweets/posts can include mentions and replies from various users having their usernames with the @ sign.

  • Feed

It includes a stream of tweets on the main Twitter profile’s homepage and comprises all the accounts you are following.

  • Lists

Twitter provides a great mechanism to list all the users you follow, dividing them into groups or curated lists showing tweets of all the users in the list.

  • Direct Messages

Also called DMs, which represent Twitter’s direct messaging mechanism for private communication amongst users.

8. Which Account Do You Think Is Better: Private Or Public?

The default setting of your Twitter account is public. Suppose you are using Twitter to build your brand, reach new customers, or increase your online visibility. In that case, it is not recommended to keep your account public if you are using Twitter to manage your brand, reach new customers, or increase your online visibility.

Consider sticking with email if you’re worried about privacy, your tweets going ‘viral,’ or new people finding and reading your stuff.

9. What Is A Prime Difference Between A Direct Message And A Reply?

A direct message is private, whereas a reply is public. Replies allow you to have a public back-and-forth conversation to which others can view and contribute. It is best to keep private conversations in direct messages; however, if you want to keep them private.

10. Which Tool Should You Use To Graph Hashtag Usage And How Do You Find The Best Hashtag? Would It Be A Better Idea To Use Hashtag Within The Tweet’s Core Sentence Or Attached At The End Of The Tweet?

  • Topsy will generate a free graph on your hashtag usage (or any search term).
  • There are also other options available to search for other hashtags’ popularity on
  • Place the hashtag at the end of your tweet if it fits naturally into your copy. Otherwise, include it within your copy.

11. How Do You Handle Office Politics?

I avoid office politics as much as possible because it interferes with my performance. Additionally, I try to follow directions and meet the expectations at work. Keeping out of these internal battles is my best action – I like people and can work with most people.

It’s rare, but I find it irritating when one person takes credit for something that is a team effort. Credit should be given as it’s due; it’s how teams work. It’s not just unfair to people, but it also impacts the effort of the team.

By assigning clear roles to each member, with guidelines to ensure they do not step outside their remit, I ensure that the issue of someone taking undue credit never arises.

12. What Are Some Of The Projects That You Handled In The Previous Job?

Over the past decade, I have completed and managed various projects. Every project had the same few procedures that a manager must follow.

During one project, I had to learn to prioritize like never before because there was so much paperwork and narrow deadlines. Instead of having one large project pool, we assigned account managers to each project and began creating visual progress reports. On the servers online, a percentage completion goal was set up, so everyone could visualize how much of the project had been completed and stay focused. Since we implemented it, we haven’t experienced any delays.

The paperwork was almost negligent on another project I worked on in the same year, where customers and their requests were more of the focus. Due to this, I learned a great deal about dealing with difficult customers patiently and what their expectations were; that knowledge helped me immensely with future projects.  

13. How Are You When You’re Working Under Pressure?

Even though I think workplace pressure is inevitable, I’ve learned how to deal with it better over the years. It is easier to work under pressure, such as when I have many assignments to complete, and a deadline is approaching. I stay motivated and productive when the end goal is in sight.

No doubt, we all crumble under stressful situations, but I usually manage to salvage things thanks to my ability to multitask and manage my time. When I had four big projects due in the same week, I created a schedule, allocated time for each task, and stuck to it.

14. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

A few years ago, I worked as a manager for a multinational company for four months. Of those four months, 3 of them were nightmares. We barely had any time to breathe 90% of the time.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, we had to be very efficient at work.

Being proactive was key to making this work. If we had just rolled with the punches and put out fires, the whole thing would have turned into a mess. 

My summer schedule was very strict, which we adhered to 100%. I also started a reward system – if someone called in sick, you’d get rewarded for filling in for them.

We had a pretty good summer with very few incidents. 99%+ of our customers were happy, and we didn’t receive a single negative review.

15. What Keeps You Coming To Work Everyday?

Since I wanted to impact users directly, I chose to join the IT industry despite qualifying for several other options. My passion keeps me awake every morning, allowing me to perform at my best. Moreover, I must show up for my teammates as I know our roles in team settings. Therefore, I must arrive at work early enough to give my all to the various projects/tasks we are assigned and achieve excellent results.

16. How Would You Prefer To Be Motivated In The Workplace?

Due to my belief that I do not need gifts or incentives to give my all, I prefer intrinsic motivation in my work. I prefer to acknowledge my colleagues’ efforts in my work, as we should recognize everyone’s efforts. While working with other employees, I would also do the same. Despite my preference for intrinsic motivation, I still enjoy occasional gifts and incentives. As a whole, an establishment must work around both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

17. Explain The Button Group And The Class For A Basic Button Group.

In Bootstrap, button groups are created using the btn-group class, where each button has its class of “btn,” which is used to group buttons vertically or horizontally. The first and last buttons in a group have a default border-radius.

18. Explain YAML Briefly.

YAML stands for Yet Another Markup Language, which stores configuration file data in a serialized manner. It has become famous and has been mostly used in the last few years as a human-readable data format.

Associative arrays, scalars, and lists are all supported by YAML.

The YAML files have an extension of .yaml or .yml. We can use the # symbol to indicate a comment. A hyphen precedes each subitem inside.

19. What If You Were Asked To Do A Task But Are Not Sure How To Complete It?

In general, if you don’t understand what someone is asking you to do, you should talk to them and discuss it properly.

In light of this, I’d like to discuss everything with my reporting manager in detail and let him know that I don’t understand the task.

In addition, I will let him know if I lack any skills. I might be able to learn the necessary skill before the task has to be completed. Or I might be able to work with someone else who can help enough to compensate for your lack of knowledge. If he agrees, okay ele, he can assign the same task to anyone else.

20. How Early Can You Join

I am working somewhere now, but they don’t need any cancellation or advance notice. Therefore, I can join Twitter immediately if hired. I won’t let this opportunity go and would love to join Twitter at my earliest.

21. Define SAN and Its Benefits.

A dedicated, independent high-speed network is known as a storage area network (SAN) that connects and delivers shared storage pools to multiple servers over a high-speed network. Each server can access shared storage just as a drive would. In a SAN, cabling, host bus adapters, and switches are typically attached to storage arrays and servers. Switches and storage systems on the SAN must be interconnected.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces LAN bandwidth problems 
  • Improved data security 
  • Responsive backup 
  • Increased scalability
  • Reliable disaster recovery 

22. Do You Like to Work Alone Or As A Team?

In a group, I feel more motivated to work. Having other people in a circle to throw some valuable ideas off keeps me motivated. One person can say something that jolts your mind and makes you think of a completely new creative idea or thought. Since everyone comes from such diverse backgrounds, I find that everyone has something different to contribute to an effort.

23. What Hours Do You Prefer Working?

As to my IT experience, passion, and interest, I am always available around the clock. The fact that I am at my best during the night makes me believe I will perform well at this establishment. As someone who has held such jobs in the past, I am confident I will do well here. Ultimately, I am open to whatever you have in store for me.

24. When Do You Think Can Be The Right Time To Denormalize A Database Design? What Are The Drawbacks?

Almost all modern applications need to retrieve data quickly. It is then that you can consider denormalizing a relational database. As the name implies, denormalization is the opposite of normalization. Normalizing a database ensures that the data is accurate and eliminates redundant information. By denormalizing a database, you intentionally place the same information across multiple locations, increasing redundancy.

There are several benefits to denormalizing a database, including speeding up data retrieval. However, denormalization isn’t a magic bullet.

· Drawbacks

You should only use denormalization when other methods prove ineffective to increase the database performance and, consequently, an application. The problem of insufficient database performance can, for example, be caused by incorrect queries, faulty application code, inconsistent index designs, or even incorrect hardware configuration.

In theory, denormalization sounds great, but there are several drawbacks to keep in mind before implementing this strategy:

  • Extra storage space
  • Additional documentation
  • Potential data anomalies
  • More code
  • Slower operations

25. Discuss The Key Components Of Bootstrap.

The Bootstrap 5 framework is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for creating mobile-first, responsive websites. It has many components. Let’s discuss a few of them.

  • Jumbotron: A jumbotron makes a particular piece of content or information more visible and attention-grabbing by making it larger and more visible.
  • Alerts: These are popups with predefined messages that appear after certain actions.
  • Buttons: They are customized buttons. These buttons are used to do some action in the form, dialogue box, etc. They are available in several states and sizes and have predefined styles.
  • Button group: A group of buttons arranged in a single line, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Badge: A badge adds additional information.
  • Progress Bar:  A custom progress bar is used to show the progress of a particular operation. It has text labels, stacked bars, and animated backgrounds.
  • Spinner: Spinners are built using HTML and CSS and do not require JavaScript.


Here, we have mentioned the 10 top interview questions and their answers in this content. These are the most commonly asked ones but might change depending on your job position. You can have a look and prepare from them if required.