What Companies Are In The Finance Field? Top 20 Companies

Numerous businesses that only deal with finances can have openings for positions that match your qualifications. You can advance in your job by learning more about various financial companies. It can be confusing because there are so many businesses in the finance industry, but we’re here to help. The companies in the finance sector, their activities, and the biggest ones in the world are all covered in this article. Additionally, you’ll discover advice on how to pick the best finance provider for you.

Types Of Finance Companies

Before learning more about the companies that are involved in the finance industry, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the most common types of financial corporations.

Central Banks

A central bank is a privately held financial organization that controls a nation’s interest rates and money supply. In addition to using monetary policy to affect the economy, central banks can serve as a lender of last resort during economic downturns.

Commercial Banks

Commercial banks are organizations of finance that offer banking services to businesses and private customers. Commercial banks provide a wide range of services, such as credit cards, loans, and checking and savings accounts.

Investment Banks

A financial organization known as an investment bank underwrites and issues securities to assist businesses in raising financing. Additionally, investment banks counsel clients on mergers and acquisitions and frequently trade stocks on their behalf.

Investment Companies

An investment firm is a particular class of specialized financial institution that manages capital on behalf of customers. Investment businesses typically invest in bonds, stocks, and other assets. These can be public or private companies.

Insurance Companies

Financial organizations that sell insurance products include insurance companies. Some of the services these financial sector organizations provide to shield policyholders if financial losses occur due to accidents, deaths, or other occurrences include whole life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance.

Mortgage Companies

An organization that lends money to people buying homes is a mortgage company. Mortgage lenders provide a range of lending packages, including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, and government-backed loans, to meet the demands of various home buyers.

Internet Banks

Online banks provide banking services. Savings accounts usually have lower costs and more competitive interest rates than traditional banks. Most ATMs allow deposits and withdrawals, and clients frequently have access to online banking or mobile banking apps to handle their bank accounts.

Credit Unions

It is a type of mutual bank that is run by its members. Companies in the financial industry, such as credit unions, provide several services, such as loans, credit cards, and checking and savings accounts. Members of credit unions frequently have something in common, such as employment with the same company or residence in the same community.

Savings And Loan Associations

These are financial service providers that offer loans for a range of goals, including starting a business or buying a property. Additionally, they provide other financial services including savings accounts.

Merchant Banks

A financial organization known as a merchant bank only offers financing and banking services to companies. Lending, M&A, and capital markets are among the services provided by merchant banks. Merchant banks frequently have ties to a specific industry or sector.

Top 20 Companies In The Finance Field

Here is a quick review of some of the world’s biggest financial services firms.

1. Berkshire Hathaway

The holding firm Berkshire Hathaway, an American multinational corporation led by Warren Buffet, is ranked first on the list of the top 20 companies in the finance field. Omaha, Nebraska serves as the base of operations for Berkshire Hathaway. With a revenue of USD 247.5 billion in the most recent fiscal year, Berkshire Hathaway is the largest financial services firm in the world by revenue. The majority of Berkshire Hathaway’s revenues come from its ownership of multiple top-tier businesses, which it either fully owns or in which it holds a minority stake. It is a multinational corporation that works in various sectors. It offers a variety of products. In 1856, the company was founded in the textile industry and gradually expanded into other industries. Berkshire Hathaway of its products and services include diversified investments, utilities, restaurants, property insurance, automotive, real estate, and media.

2. Ping An Insurance Group

Chinese holding company Ping An Insurance Group, offers banking, insurance, and financial services. With annual revenues above USD 163.6 billion and an asset value exceeding USD 7 trillion, it is regarded as the largest insurer in China and among the major financial services organizations. One of the top 50 firms on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the business was established in Shenzhen, China, 32 years ago. It offers banking, asset management, insurance, property, and Fintech and Healthtech services. Although it began as a financial services company, the corporation is now thought of as a conglomerate. Its headquarters are in China. The business serves 210 million retail customers in addition to its 560 million internet consumers, making it the largest Fintech company in the world.

3. Fannie Mae

It is a financial investment company that helps private clients with homes, mortgages, and financial products. It was founded in 1938. At every Fannie Mae site, financial personnel can anticipate working in a competitive, diversified environment with close teams. At Fannie Mae, there are available positions for technical analysts, financial experts, and recruiters in many cities across the country.

4. Allianz

With USD 143.9 billion in revenue annually and a total asset value of USD 973 billion, Allianz is the first German firm on the list of the largest financial services corporations by revenue. A worldwide financial services firm with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, is called Allianz. According to Forbes, the firm is the biggest insurance provider in the world. In addition to the United States, Australia, Germany, Belgium, and Canada, Allianz operates in numerous other nations. Insurance and asset management are Allianz’s areas of expertise. Some of its subsidies include Allianz France, Allianz Global Investors, Allianz Life, Euler Hermes, Allianz Global Assistance, PIMCO, Allianz Worldwide Care, etc.

5. Credit Acceptance

Credit Acceptance is a financial company that was established in 1972 and offers credit services to auto dealers to assist in financing consumer sales. It works nationally to provide businesses with the credit loans they need to sell vehicles while also providing financial analysts with the opportunity to improve their careers in a flexible environment. When working at Credit Acceptance, insurance specialists, marketing personnel, and financial specialists will enjoy top-notch advantages and a challenging job market.

6. AXA

AXA is a Paris-based, multinational insurance company with a strong presence in the insurance, investing, and other financial-related services industries. With USD 113.1 billion in revenue last year, AXA is among the biggest financial services providers globally. AXA also has assets worth more than USD 1 trillion. The products and services of AXA include health insurance, casualty insurance, property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and investment management.

7. JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase, a multinational investment banking firm based in the United States, is one of the top finance companies in the world. The corporation has its main offices in New York City and was originally established in 1799 as the Bank of the Manhattan Company. It currently operates the third-largest hedge fund in the world. With 2.68 trillion dollars’ worth of assets, JPMorgan Chase generated 105.4 billion dollars worth of revenue in recent years. The bank offers services to small businesses as well as direct customers. Its entire portfolio is worth USD 2.6 trillion. JP Morgan Chase functions as both a commercial and an investment bank. Along with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase is among the biggest banks in the United States.

8. Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China (ICBC)

The largest bank in the world, the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (also known as ICBC), is a global Chinese financial organization. On January 1st, 1984, an international financial organization was founded. In essence, it is a commercial bank that the Chinese government owns and controls. The Banks offer their customers a wide variety of financial services. The business was established as a state-owned enterprise in Beijing 36 years ago. ICBC focuses on three key service categories: banking, finance, and investment services. It has USD 4.03 trillion in total assets, making it the largest bank in the world. According to total revenue of USD 105.4 billion, ICBC is the fourth-largest bank in the world. ICBC offers finance and insurance, corporate banking, investment management, private equity, credit cards, investment banking, consumer banking, mortgage loans, and global wealth management services.

9. China Construction Bank

It is the second-largest bank in the world by total assets, with $3.37 trillion, and the seventh-largest financial company globally by revenue, with $95 billion in the most recent fiscal year. CCB, a company with its headquarters in Beijing and a wholly-owned subsidiary in London, was founded 66 years ago. Consumer banking, investment banking, Private equity, corporate banking, investment management, mortgages, global wealth management, and credit cards; are the top services provided by China construction bank.

10. Edward Jones

Edward Jones, a 1922-founded provider of financial services with more than 18,000 financial advisors, specializes in assisting startup entrepreneurs and private investors. Financial advisors employed by Edward Jones provide financial products with a commission or fee structure. They assign one financial adviser and a branch office administrator to each office. As an Edward Jones employee, you can choose from a variety of locations across the nation and work as a financial adviser or branch administrator, fulfilling secretarial, advisory, and management responsibilities.

11. Bank Of America

Bank of America is one of the biggest banks by assets and revenue in the world, with its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States. Bank of America, which was created in San Francisco in 1998, has major operations centers in London, New York City, Minneapolis, Hong Kong, and Toronto. With 2.32 trillion in total assets and 91.24 billion in total revenues, Bank of America has a wide range of service specialties. On a global level, the bank is one of the top financial institutions. It is equally applicable to individuals, teams, and political bodies. They provide wealth management, corporate banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private equity, credit cards, and private banking services.

12. Veterans United Home Loans

It is a financial organization that offers VA loans. It was established in 2002 and focuses on customers in informally run offices as well as those who utilize the internet. Veterans United House Loans employees may anticipate working with a devoted, motivated staff that is dedicated to making home ownership for veterans easier. At any of Veterans United Home Loans’ sites across the country, job seekers wishing to work as data flow engineers, financial management officers, loan financial specialists, or support technicians can look for employment.

13. Agricultural Bank Of China

With USD 3.287 trillion in total assets, ABC ranks third among all banks in the world. The Ministry of Finance and Central Huijin are the shareholders in the Agricultural Bank of China, which was established 69 years ago in 1951. ABC maintained its stellar annual revenues in 2020 with $87.6 billion revenue. Its IPO in 2010 was the biggest ever recorded; Alibaba has subsequently exceeded it. Its services include consumer banking, investment banking, private equity, global wealth management, corporate banking, and mortgages. All of its clients, who are mostly direct consumers, businesses, and others, are given access to financial services.

14. Capital One

It is a bank holding company founded in 1994 and focuses on credit cards, savings accounts, banking, and auto loans. Capital One operates businesses in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom from more than 700 locations. The corporation is divided into three business units: consumer banking, commercial banking, and credit cards. Helping both individuals and organizations make sound financial decisions, Capital One offers opportunities for customer service, support, and financial specialists. Capital One also takes great pride in its commitment to philanthropy, customer service excellence, and financial inclusion. You can choose from careers in software engineering and customer service if you’re interested in working with Capital One. Over 50,000 individuals are currently employed by the company.

15. Allstate

One of the top insurance providers in the country, Allstate takes pleasure in its catchphrase, “You’re in good hands.” Allstate offers a variety of adaptable insurance options, including policies for identity theft protection, phone protection, business, life, and property. Additionally, it provides online and mobile application policy management services. Allstate has many chances, whether you’re looking for remote employment, a paralegal position, or an actuarial career. The company currently employs more than 50,000 people in a variety of roles.

16. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a banking services organization with a focus on offering investment services, mortgage services, as well as financing for private and public clients. It was founded in 1852. Working with specialists is possible at Wells Fargo because it is a significant banking organization. Under the umbrella of Wells Fargo, business support consultants, bankers, and tellers can obtain expertise in one of the various locations that meet their needs. They currently have more than 10,000 employees.

17. Metlife

MetLife is one of the top insurance and financial firms in America for more than a century. It offers savings products, retirement investment programs, health insurance, and auto insurance among other services. The business now provides its services in more than 40 international areas. There are several opportunities at MetLife, ranging from entry-level to senior jobs. The company employs over 40,000 people, and the most sought-after positions there are in actuarial services, customer service, adjuster work, and legal services.

18. Citigroup

Citigroup is a global financial services provider that was first founded in 1812 and offers financial aid. Citigroup emphasizes preserving assets, ensuring that transfers are accurate, and defending savings in a variety of situations, including withdrawal. Specialists in risk assessment, finance staff, and customer service staff can look forward to a rewarding and demanding career when working at Citigroup. In actuality, Citi employs about 200,000 employees at the moment.

19. Charles Schwab

A leading national financial institution, Charles Schwab Corporation offers its clients investing, banking, and retirement planning services. Charles Schwab, who is currently the chairman and CEO, created the company in 1971. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The corporation generates revenue of $11.4 billion and has assets worth $3.3 trillion.

20. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the best insurance firms in the world and focuses on innovation and sustainable growth. The business provides a wide range of insurance services, such as property insurance, workers’ compensation, group disability, and auto insurance. It’s one of the greatest places to work whether you’re searching for a position as a financial analyst, software engineer, or claims adjuster in the insurance industry.


There are different kinds of financial firms; some would focus on investment banking while others might concentrate on accountancy or insurance. However, all of these companies have the same objective in mind: to assist clients in making profitable and effective financial decisions. You can find a financial firm to suit your demands no matter what kind you’re looking for, so don’t be shy about asking about or doing some online research. With so many choices available, you’re sure to locate the ideal financial organization for you.

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