Top 25 Workday Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Working at Workday means optimizing your way of processing business, but wait, can you get into work for such a competitive firm?

What if your application goes well, and you get the interview call? Are you excited to give an interview at Workday? You then probably be looking for material to build confidence in yourself. If this is true, you can take the guide from this article.

Workday Inc. is an American software vendor that integrates various services, including human capital management, Purchasing, Payroll, financial management, and student information systems.

The company was incorporated in 2005 to provide a systematic solution to everyday business challenges. The purpose of Workday is to provide the latest cloud technology to support global organizations’ evolving needs. With its cloud based-model, people can work collaboratively in a real-time environment.

We have compiled the top 25 questions and answers you may encounter during the Workday interview process. Let’s get started

1. Tell Me About Yourself 

My name is Sam, and I did my software engineering at the University of Technology. I was always enthusiastic about software developments and experiencing innovative technology to bring change in business processes.

I have worked in software firms for my entire 15-year career, and my commitment to critical thinking, problem-solving strategy, and attention to detail has gotten me to where I am today.

Prior to my senior role, I worked as a software engineer for Esoft Company. Then I worked as a consultant in Meta firm. I had almost all the senior-level positions; therefore, I have keen insight into what it takes to run a successful project.

2. How Do You Define The Workday Application?

Workday is an enterprise Resource Planning system that manages human finances, procurement, resources, student learning management, and talent management services. It works to provide greater information accessibility with its analytical capabilities with big data.

3. Why Do You Think You Are The Right Candidate For This Job?

My 5 years of HR management experience and great analytical skills prove me the right candidate to work for Workday.

I am passionate about helping businesses to achieve success. I have worked with many companies and gained much corporate experience, so I know what it takes to implement new systems and processes. 

My experience, expertise, and technical knowledge make me an outstanding candidate for this position. I know the system well and can help your team use it effectively.

4. In Your Opinion, What Are The Required Traits And Qualities One Should Have At Workday?

Per my belief, one should be adaptable and ready to embrace change. He should put customer and client first and see how well he can create value for them. Also, I believe communication is vital. A person must have clarity in what he says. He must be prepared for all his responsibilities and be accountable for every aspect of his work.

Lastly, He must possess positivity toward solving a problem. Have a genuine passion for the company and a mindset to improve. This will bring great results.

5. Do You Think Workday As A Good Career Choice?

Workday surges across enterprises, which I believe, makes it a good career choice for many talented individuals. Workday meets the functionality needs of the modern enterprise. With its multiple services, it provides great managerial solutions.

I have found out that anyone specializing in finance or human resource can find a promising career at Workday.

6. What Is Your Weakness? 

One of my biggest weaknesses is I try to get too hard with my projects. I get too involved in my tasks, almost to perfection. I know that it’s good to have an excelling mindset, but when you get into perfecting the minor of details, you sometimes lose on many major results.

7. What Are Your Strengths?

Taking my perfectionist approach as my weakness, I believe my main strength is my ability to take onboard feedback from others. I take this feedback for better work performance in the future.

8. Are You Familiar With Workday Features That It Offers?

Yes, I am well familiar with Workday’s diverse modules, which include Budgeting, Forecasting, HRIS system, and financial modules. I used these features for a few of my finance-related projects at my former workplace, and I found them extremely useful. With Workday, it made my entire working process efficient and effective.

9. What Are The Expected Benefits You See At Workday?

Being a part of this software vendor company, I look up to getting several benefits.

Workday offers easy accessibility at all times, anywhere. The plus point is that no prior knowledge is required to start the workday application. The system is easy to navigate and has an engaging user experience.

Workday helps in generating reports that aid managers in making data-based managerial decisions. It provides instant access to real data and Improves enterprise working efficiency and working mechanism.

10. Why Do You Want To Work For Workday?

My interest, career aspirations, and motivation to work with such technological giants are why I am here. I am pursuing my degree in Information Technology and want to evolve as a software expert.

Also, I have the competencies that best fit this job. Adaptability, creative problem-solving, and a drive to achieve success define me as a person.

11. What Skills And Competencies Do You Own Will Contribute To Company’s Well-Being?

I want to contribute my part to Workday because you have a strong set of values. Your commitments toward employees and customers are exceptional. The workday-inspiring culture that implies customer satisfaction, integrity, innovation, fun, and profitability drives my passion for working for this company.

Also, I believe my technical and analytical skills and management expertise push me to work for Workday. Also, I am well-versed in ERP systems. Workday is a leader in cloud-based applications that provide innovative ways for global business. Keeping in mind its various services to enterprises, I find a great opportunity to foster the company’s well-being.

12. How Can You Explain Workday Human Capital Management?

Workday facilitates enforcing visibility to your workforce through planning, recruiting, and conducting several management functions. It provides analytics about your workforce data, such as cost, talent, and labor.

Workday Human Capital Management is an effective application that unifies talent management and HR in a single record. Workday redefines what it means to manage a diverse workforce.

13. What Makes You Motivated At Work?

Being in a technical field, you get around complex tasks and designing almost daily. However, getting done with all your assigned tasks gives you an instant boost of motivation.

This happened in my previous job when I was given a very difficult task to complete within 2 days. At first, I got so nervous and started to panic, but when I collaborated with my team and scheduled everything, I sighed in relief.

With hard work and dedication, we achieved our results. Not only did we do the job within the provided deadline, but the task came out so well that we got so much appreciation from managers and clients. Such accomplishments drive great motivation to work for the future with the same pace and energy.

14. How Would You Make Sure Everyone Within Your Team Has Completed The Task With Dedicated Standard And On Time?

Being the head of the project, there are a few things that I will ensure about everyone working within the team.

I ensure everyone within the team has the right training and experience to carry out the task with the required standard. I also ensure all team members understand the project brief. Throughout the project, I will remain connected if anyone needs any support and continue to communicate every detail. I remind them of the deadlines and encourage them to better practices to accomplish the task.

15. What Do You Know About The Types Of Reports Generated On Workday?

As per my knowledge, Workday generates three types of report

  • Basic report- create a simple everyday report which includes workforce Pay, time tracking, etc.
  • Advanced- Reports including Data tracking and creating a database.
  • Composite- generate a report which involves complex calculations.

16. How Would You Help A Client Struggling To Implement A New HR System?

I came across many small businesses that are struggling with their system inefficiencies. I recently worked with a business looking for an affordable HR solution. They were using excel or spreadsheets to track their employees’ work schedules.

They were finding quite a difficulty in managing payroll and other HR functions.

 I recommend Workday as a more efficient option because it helps to automate many of the company’s HR processes. The company implemented Workday successfully, saving them a lot of money on payroll expenses.

17. What Action Will You Take If You Noticed A Discrepancy In Payroll Data While Performing An Audit?

During an audit, I will understand where the flaw is in each data set if I ever find any discrepancy in payroll data. If it is because of a human error, I will work with my team members to solve the issue. However, if it’s due to a system error or technical glitch, I would report the issue to my manager so they could inform their superiors. We will then decide how to proceed.

18. Describe Your Experience Working With Other Team Members And Consultant To Complete Projects.

I have experience working as a consultant for many large projects. I believe that to ensure the success of your project; you need to create a team of experts with different areas of skillset. This will help you complete the task more efficiently.

I was assigned a project that needed collaboration between the HR and Finance manager. Creating a diverse team allows us to complete our projects faster and more efficiently.

19. What Do You Consider The Most Important Skill For A Successful Workday Consultant?

I take communication as one of the most important skills for a Workday consultant. I have observed that communicating clearly with clients helps optimize business processes. When working on projects, I also make sure to be organized because there are so many aspects to look at when implementing new software. With an organized system, you stay focused on the project at hand.

20. Which HR Software Systems Have You Worked On In The Past?

While serving as an HR consultant at HRM Inc., I got to use SAP Success Factors for employee onboarding and training, ADP system for payroll management, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for talent acquisition and development. 

While these management tools were all effective at helping businesses manage their HR processes, when I was introduced to Workday, I discovered that these systems don’t offer the same functionality as Workday. In my current role as an HR consultant, I’m using Workday exclusively.

21. How can the organization be tied to business processes using workday software?

Workday provides enough facility for organizations to define their business process. Based on their needs, Workday allows specifically designed processes. With its multiple approaches, it follows procedures that suit the best.

For example, if an organization wants to conduct a hiring process for its multiple departments- IT, Human Resources, and customer support, it will follow a hierarchy-based approach.

22. What Are You Most Excited About At Workday?

At Workday, I am most excited about collaborating and working towards something big. The work experience that I will be going to have is what excites me. In my opinion, every day at work is another chance to learn and shine, another opportunity to help me grow professionally.

That is why I take advantage of every opportunity and learn to build value for myself.

23. As An Employee, How Does The Workday Work For You?

Workday has been very beneficial to me for various task handling. I have used Workday for self-service functions such as dependent changes, time tracking, withholding exemptions, absence requests, and benefit elections. 

For finance-related tasks, I manage expense reimbursement and travel authorizations.

Also, in my last role, I helped a client find a managerial solution for his problem. He had trouble deciding whether to hire a new employee or train the existing ones. By knowing about their goals and work strategies, I managed to provide a better solution.

24. Do You Have Experience Working With Large Data Sets?

In my former workplace, I managed an IT company as a consultant. There, I worked on several projects that required me to analyze large data sets. One project was about a retailer improving its inventory management system. My first step in this process was to analyze the data they had collected from their current systems. This took me some time, but once I sorted the data, I could implement a new efficient system.

25.  What Do You Think Workday Helps In Bringing Change To Management Processes?

Workday has successfully brought a lot of effective change in the business landscape. Business change is happening every day. You need a flexible HR system to meet the unique demands of today’s labor and try to make an impact.

Workday provides an innovative solution to handle finances, HR analysis, and planning. It allows to respond to changes, surface insights and helps improve performance efficiency.

With Workday, you can bring actual value to the business.

Also, many top-rated companies like Adobe and Netflix use Workday to carry out their HR-related functionalities.


Applying for a job in Workday means you need to have strong technical and analytical skills, software knowledge, and be able to communicate clearly with clients.

By reading this article, you may have an idea of possible Workday interview questions you can come across during the interview process. You may not be getting the same questions, but having answers for the most frequently asked questions makes you more prepared for now.

This Workday Interview Question has covered all the core aspects of the interview procedure. Get help from these Questions to improve your chances of being hired in your next interview!