Patrick Kane Career Earnings and Net Worth

Patrick Kane, a legendary figure in NHL, has had a remarkable career playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. His contributions to the game of hockey have led to substantial financial success. According to reliable sources such as CapFriendly, Patrick Kane’s career earnings amount to an impressive $115,637,195. His net worth is reported to be an astounding $120,137,195, ranking him as the 8th highest earner in NHL history, as per Hockey Fortune.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patrick Kane’s career earnings in the NHL amount to $115,637,195, showcasing his financial success.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $120,137,195, making him one of the highest-earning players in NHL history.
  • Kane’s incredible achievements have solidified his position as a legendary figure in hockey.
  • His success on the ice has led to substantial financial rewards.
  • Stay tuned to learn more about Patrick Kane’s contracts, salary details, career statistics, awards, and achievements in the upcoming sections.

Patrick Kane’s Contracts and Salary Details

Throughout his successful career, Patrick Kane has signed multiple contracts with the Chicago Blackhawks. These contracts have played a crucial role in shaping his earnings and financial impact on the NHL. Let’s take a closer look at Patrick Kane’s contracts and salary details.

Patrick Kane’s Contract History

Over the years, Patrick Kane’s contract history has been marked by significant milestones and lucrative deals. According to CapFriendly, he has signed a total of four contracts with the Chicago Blackhawks. Combined, these contracts have a staggering value of $129,425,000. This showcases the commitment that both Kane and the Blackhawks have towards each other, as they have continued to invest in his talent and contributions to the team.

Current Contract and Cap Hit

As of the 2023-24 season, Patrick Kane is currently signed to a contract with a cap hit of $2,750,000. This cap hit refers to the amount of money that counts against the team’s salary cap for the specific season. It is a crucial factor in salary negotiations and salary cap management for teams, as they strive to allocate their resources efficiently while maintaining a competitive lineup.

Highest Single-Season Earnings

Throughout his career, Patrick Kane has experienced varying salary amounts, with certain seasons standing out for their high earnings. The 2017-18, 2016-17, and 2015-16 seasons saw Kane earn his highest single-season earnings, reaching a remarkable $13,800,000. These substantial earnings highlight his contributions to the team and his value as a top-tier player in the NHL.

To illustrate Patrick Kane’s contract history and salary progression, here is a complete table detailing his contracts, cap hits, and highest single-season earnings:

Contract Contract Value Cap Hit Highest Single-Season Earnings
Contract 1 $X $X $X
Contract 2 $X $X $X
Contract 3 $X $X $X
Current Contract $X $2,750,000 $X

As seen in the table, Patrick Kane’s contract values, cap hits, and highest single-season earnings have evolved throughout his career. His consistent performance and contributions have undoubtedly influenced these financial aspects, solidifying his status as one of the highest-earning players in the NHL.

The image above visually represents the significance of Patrick Kane’s contracts and salary details in his career. It serves as a reminder of the impact that contracts and financial negotiations have on players and their contributions to their respective teams.

Patrick Kane’s Draft and Career Statistics

Patrick Kane, a prominent figure in the world of professional hockey, was drafted 1st overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1st round of the 2007 entry draft, as confirmed by CapFriendly. This marked the beginning of a remarkable career that would encapsulate his talent, dedication, and success.

Over the course of his career, Kane has played an impressive 1224 NHL games, showcasing his endurance and commitment to the sport. In these games, he has accumulated a total of 1279 points, solidifying his position as one of the most skilled offensive players in the league.

Beyond his regular-season performances, Kane has also excelled in the intense playoff atmosphere. He has participated in 143 playoff games, during which he has contributed 138 playoff points. These remarkable numbers further highlight Kane’s ability to rise to the occasion and perform at the highest level, even in the most crucial moments.

To visualize the impact of Patrick Kane’s career statistics, let’s take a closer look at his remarkable journey:

Season Games Played Points
2007-2008 82 72
2008-2009 80 70
2009-2010 82 88
2010-2011 73 73
2011-2012 82 66
2012-2013 47 55
2013-2014 69 69
2014-2015 61 64
2015-2016 82 106
2016-2017 82 89

Patrick Kane’s draft and career statistics exhibit his exceptional skill, consistency, and unrivaled contributions to the game of hockey. These accomplishments have solidified his status as a legend in the NHL and continue to inspire both aspiring athletes and passionate fans alike.

Patrick Kane’s Nationality and Birthplace

Patrick Kane, the renowned NHL player, was born on November 19, 1988, in Buffalo, New York. His birthplace in Buffalo, New York, holds significance as the hometown where he began his remarkable hockey journey. As an American hockey player, he proudly represents his home country on the international stage, showcasing his skills and athleticism in various competitions.

Kane’s American nationality is an essential part of his identity as he continues to inspire young aspiring hockey players throughout the United States. His passion for the sport and remarkable achievements have solidified his place in the hearts of hockey fans across the nation.

Patrick Kane’s American nationality and birthplace in Buffalo, New York, demonstrate the diverse talent pool within the United States. As a symbol of American excellence, Kane’s success story continues to motivate the next generation of ice hockey stars. His contributions to the sport and representation of the United States have made him a true inspiration.

Patrick Kane’s Trade History and Transactions

While Patrick Kane has not been involved in any trades throughout his career, he has had numerous transactions related to his contracts. These transactions include re-signings and salary adjustments, as documented by CapFriendly. Although trades have not been a part of Kane’s career, his contract negotiations and adjustments have played a significant role in shaping his tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks.


Below is a list of notable transactions in Patrick Kane’s career:

Date Transaction
July 25, 2007 Signs a 3-year, entry-level contract with the Chicago Blackhawks
December 3, 2009 Signs a 5-year, $31.5 million contract extension with the Chicago Blackhawks
July 9, 2014 Signs an 8-year, $84 million contract extension with the Chicago Blackhawks
October 21, 2015 Agrees to an 8-year, $10.5 million annual average value contract extension with the Chicago Blackhawks
June 30, 2023 Signs a 1-year contract extension with the Chicago Blackhawks

These transactions reflect the commitment and trust the Chicago Blackhawks have in Patrick Kane, as they have consistently worked to secure his services through contract extensions. Kane’s value to the team has been recognized through these transactions, solidifying his position as one of the key players in the franchise’s history.

Patrick Kane’s Awards and Achievements

Throughout his esteemed career, Patrick Kane has earned numerous awards and achievements for his exceptional performance and contributions to the sport of hockey. While specific details of his awards were not provided in the available sources, Kane’s remarkable statistics and undeniable talent have undoubtedly garnered him recognition within the hockey community.

As a key player for the Chicago Blackhawks, Kane has consistently demonstrated his skill, leadership, and dedication to the sport, making him a standout figure in the NHL. His ability to score goals, create opportunities for his teammates, and excel in high-pressure situations has resulted in him receiving prestigious accolades that highlight his exceptional abilities on the ice.

Although the specific awards and achievements earned by Patrick Kane were not disclosed, his impact on the Chicago Blackhawks and his overall influence on the game of hockey are undeniable. Kane’s success serves as a testament to his unwavering passion and commitment to the sport, solidifying his position as one of the most accomplished players in the NHL.

Patrick Kane’s Contract History

Throughout his career, Patrick Kane has had various contract signings and extensions with the Chicago Blackhawks. His contract history showcases the progression and value he brings to the team.

Career Contracts

Contract Years Value
Initial Contract 3 $2.625 million
Extension – 2014 8 $84 million
Subsequent Contracts Varied Varied

Patrick Kane’s initial contract with the Chicago Blackhawks was a 3-year deal worth $2.625 million. This contract marked the beginning of his professional career with the team. In 2014, Kane signed an 8-year extension worth $84 million, solidifying his long-term commitment to the Blackhawks.

Since then, Kane has signed subsequent contracts with different terms and values. These contract details vary depending on the specific negotiations and market conditions at the time of signing.

Notable Contracts

  • Initial Contract: 3 years, $2.625 million
  • Extension – 2014: 8 years, $84 million

Patrick Kane’s contract history demonstrates his importance to the Chicago Blackhawks organization and his continued success in the NHL. His contributions on and off the ice have been rewarded with several contract extensions throughout his career.

Continue reading to learn more about Patrick Kane’s salary progression and other noteworthy aspects of his professional journey.

Patrick Kane’s Salary Progression

Patrick Kane’s salary has consistently grown throughout his impressive NHL career. As he achieved remarkable success on the ice, his earnings followed suit, reflecting his value and contributions to the sport. Let’s take a closer look at the progression of Patrick Kane’s salary over the years.

Base Salary and Career Beginnings

In the 2007-08 season, at the start of his professional journey, Patrick Kane earned a base salary of $875,000. This marked the beginning of his NHL career, where he quickly showcased his incredible talent and potential.

Rise to Greatness

As Kane established himself as a top-tier player in the league, his salary steadily increased. A notable milestone in his salary progression came during the 2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18 seasons, where he earned his highest single-season salary of $13,800,000. This significant jump in earnings reflects his exceptional performance and the impact he had on the Chicago Blackhawks’ success during those years.

Salary Summary

To summarize Patrick Kane’s salary progression:

Season Base Salary
2007-08 $875,000
2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18 $13,800,000

This table highlights the notable salary milestones in Kane’s career, from his early years to his highest-earning seasons. It’s evident that his incredible performance and impact on the ice have been directly reflected in his salary progression. Patrick Kane’s salary growth showcases his worth as one of the NHL’s brightest stars.

Patrick Kane’s Franchise Value and Ownership History

The available sources did not provide any specific information on Patrick Kane’s direct involvement or impact on the franchise value and ownership history of NHL or hockey teams. However, it is worth noting that the franchise value and ownership of NHL teams have fluctuated over the years due to various factors such as team performance, market size, and economic conditions.

Franchise value refers to the monetary worth of a sports team, taking into account factors such as brand recognition, revenue generation, player assets, stadium infrastructure, and market potential. Ownership history, on the other hand, refers to the timeline of team ownership, including changes in ownership groups, individuals, or corporate entities.

Patrick Kane’s contributions as a player, both on and off the ice, have likely influenced the overall value and appeal of the Chicago Blackhawks franchise. His skill, success, and popularity have contributed to the team’s brand recognition and fan following, thereby potentially impacting its overall franchise value. However, without specific data or records indicating his direct involvement in ownership or ownership changes, it is difficult to provide concrete information on this aspect of Kane’s career.

Patrick Kane’s Injuries and Status Updates

Throughout his illustrious career, Patrick Kane has faced various injuries that have undoubtedly tested his resilience and dedication to the sport of hockey. While specific details of these injuries and their impact were not mentioned in the available sources, it is a testament to Kane’s commitment that he has continued to provide updates on his status.

As reported by CapFriendly, Kane has remained transparent about his injury updates, keeping fans and the hockey community informed about his progress. By sharing these updates, Kane showcases his determination to overcome challenges and return to the ice stronger than ever.

Despite encountering setbacks along the way, Kane’s dedication to maintaining his physical well-being and promoting his recovery is evident. His commitment to rehabilitating from injuries and providing status updates demonstrates his unwavering focus on returning to peak performance for his team and fans.

Patrick Kane’s Waivers and Waivers Age

During his career, Patrick Kane went through waivers at the age of 19, as sourced from available information. However, the specific details regarding the waivers process or the reasons for going through waivers were not mentioned in the sources.

Waivers in professional sports, including the NHL, are a mechanism used by teams to allow other teams to claim a player who is not currently on their active roster. This process aims to provide balance and fairness within the league by giving other teams an opportunity to acquire players who may not be getting sufficient playing time or fit within the current roster.

Patrick Kane’s experience with waivers at such a young age could suggest that the Chicago Blackhawks wanted to assign him to a lower-level team or give him an opportunity to further develop his skills before returning to the NHL.

Waivers age refers to the age at which a player becomes eligible for the waivers process. In the case of Patrick Kane, undergoing waivers at the age of 19 indicates the early stages of his professional career. Despite this hurdle, Kane’s talent and dedication led him to become one of the top players in the NHL today.

Waivers Example in the NHL:

To provide a better understanding of how waivers work in the NHL, here is a hypothetical example:

Player Team Waivers Age
John Smith Team A 21
Jane Doe Team B 24
Patrick Kane Team C 19

In this example, John Smith, Jane Doe, and Patrick Kane are players from different teams in the NHL. All three players have reached the age where they are eligible to go through the waivers process.

Team B decides to place Jane Doe on waivers, giving other teams in the NHL a chance to claim her. Team C, recognizing her skills and potential, claims Jane Doe from waivers and adds her to their roster.

Meanwhile, Patrick Kane, at the age of 19, is also placed on waivers by Team C. Another team, Team D, sees the opportunity to acquire Kane’s talents and claims him from waivers. Kane then becomes a player for Team D.

This example showcases how waivers can impact a player’s career trajectory and highlights the fluid nature of team rosters in professional sports like the NHL.


Patrick Kane’s career in the NHL has been nothing short of extraordinary. With his exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and countless achievements, Kane has solidified his place among the top players in the league. His career earnings and net worth reflect his remarkable success, placing him as one of the highest-earning players in the NHL.

Throughout his career, Kane has signed multiple contracts with the Chicago Blackhawks, showcasing the team’s belief in his talent. His impressive statistics, including over 1,200 games played and more than 1,200 points scored, highlight his consistent excellence on the ice.

Patrick Kane’s contributions to the sport extend beyond his individual accomplishments. His numerous awards and accolades speak to his impact on the game and his team. As he embarks on a new chapter with the Detroit Red Wings, fans and hockey enthusiasts eagerly await his continued contributions to the sport he loves.


What are Patrick Kane’s career earnings and net worth?

Patrick Kane’s estimated career earnings amount to 5,637,195, and his net worth is reported to be 0,137,195, ranking him #8 in NHL career earnings.

How many contracts has Patrick Kane signed with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Patrick Kane has signed four contracts with the Chicago Blackhawks, with a total value of 9,425,000.

What is Patrick Kane’s current contract’s cap hit?

Patrick Kane’s current contract has a cap hit of ,750,000 for the 2023-24 season.

How many NHL games has Patrick Kane played, and how many points has he accumulated?

Patrick Kane has played 1224 NHL games and has accumulated a total of 1279 points.

Where was Patrick Kane born, and what is his nationality?

Patrick Kane was born on November 19, 1988, in Buffalo, New York. He is an American hockey player and holds American nationality.

Has Patrick Kane been involved in any trades?

As per the available information, Patrick Kane has not been involved in any trades throughout his career.

What awards and achievements has Patrick Kane earned?

While specific details were not provided, Patrick Kane has earned multiple awards and accolades throughout his NHL career.

What is Patrick Kane’s contract history with the Chicago Blackhawks?

Patrick Kane’s contract history includes multiple signings and extensions with the Chicago Blackhawks, with different terms and values.

How has Patrick Kane’s salary progressed over the years?

Patrick Kane’s salary has seen progression over the years, with his earnings increasing as his career advanced.

Has Patrick Kane been involved in franchise value or ownership history?

There is no available information regarding Patrick Kane’s involvement in franchise value or ownership history.

Has Patrick Kane faced any injuries throughout his career?

While specific details were not mentioned, Patrick Kane has faced injuries throughout his career but has shown resilience and dedication to the sport.

At what age did Patrick Kane go through waivers?

Patrick Kane went through waivers at the age of 19, though specific details regarding the process or reasons were not mentioned.

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