Top 25 Dairy Queen Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Dairy Queen is an American-owned chain of soft-serve ice cream and fast food restaurants. It’s a subsidiary of International Dairy Queen, Inc. The first restaurant opened in 1940. It was operated by Sherb Noble in Joliet Illinois, United States. Since then, the establishment has gone further to establish almost 7000 restaurant locations around the world.

Dairy Queen also owns the Orange Julius and Dairy cakes. It’s a happy place for families and friends to relax and bond. This is evidenced by their large clientele base of happy and satisfied customers. Preparing for an interview at Dairy Queen? You’ll find these questions useful as a practice guide. Let’s take a look.

1. What Do You Know About Dairy Queen?

I have read so much about Dairy Queen. First, I know that Dairy Queen is a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway, International Dairy Queen, Inc, which is the parent organization led by Warren Buffett. Dairy Queen sells soft-serve ice cream and fast food.

The first restaurant was founded in 1940 and opened in Joliet Illinois, United States. Dairy Queen also owns Orange Julius and Dairy cakes.  Dairy Queen is actively involved in partnerships that aim at giving back to the community. Because of their vision to create positive experiences for customers, it’s a happy place to come and spend time with friends and families.

2. Do You Have Any Experience?

The two likely responses to this question are:

  • I have experience working in retail services. I’m friendly and kind. I have a happy team spirit and good customer service skills. At Dairy Queen, this will help me always follow a positive approach in dealing with customers and the team. My previous employers will be happy to attest that I am a jolly person to work with.
  • This is my first job application since finishing school. I was more focused on my school work, working extra hard to make good grades and pass my exams. However, I have always wanted to work in the retail industry, so I spent time learning everything I needed to know about it. I’m looking forward to proving myself and exceeding your expectations of me.

You don’t need experience to work at Dairy Queen, so don’t be scared to admit you have no experience. Instead, show that you’re willing to prove yourself when given a chance. If you do have any experience, feel free to share it with the interviewer.

3. What Shifts Can You Do At Dairy Queen?

I’m available around the clock from Mondays to Fridays. Also, during weekends and holidays because these periods favor the business most. I will also be happy to help out in periods of short staffing and on short notice to meet business needs. I have lots of free time on my hands. I’m looking forward to dedicating most of my time here and assisting in any way I can in moving the business forward.

4. How Would You Manage An Angry Complaint From A Customer?

I would remain calm and stay professional. I will listen to the customer’s complaint and find solutions to the problem quickly. If I can’t solve the issue, I will reach out to the team to help out with the problem.

Customers hate being ignored or forgotten. So, I will reassure the client that we’re on top of the issue by updating the customer on the steps we’re taking to save the situation. This will help turn an angry customer into a satisfied customer who will be pleased to stop by next time.

5. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

I’m excited about this job opportunity as it would allow me to become a part of a company that strives to make a difference in the community. Giving back and volunteering in the community is something I love doing. I would love to show up at work every day, knowing that I’m helping to improve lives and make a difference in the community through the work I do.

I would also love to work for a brand that values teamwork and encourages its employees to strive to be better.

6. What Makes You A Great Fit For This Job?

I work well as a team or in a collaborative setting to get tasks done quickly.  I’m a quick learner and a dedicated individual. I can handle the pressure that comes with working in fast-paced environments and still meet deadlines.

Also, I have great people skills that will help me relate well with customers and my colleagues at work. I’m great at handling and managing conflicts. I prefer to resolve them as soon as possible, so it doesn’t affect our interactions as a team. In all, I’m looking forward to offering all the help I can to improve the business needs of this restaurant.

7. What Motivates You?

Finding ways to become a better version of myself daily, collaborating, and accomplishing great things as a team. I love meeting and surpassing my deadlines, targets, and goals. Making a difference in someone’s life and being a part of innovative movements to influence the community positively.

 Another important thing that gets me motivated is results. I love seeing that my hard work didn’t go to waste but yielded great fruits.

8. Why Is Customer Service Important?

Great customer service can promote the positive perception a client has about a business. It can increase customer loyalty and generate word-of-mouth for the business. Customers will love to buy more often from the business if they have a wonderful experience on each visit.

They will also love to refer the business to friends and families who ask for recommendations. During my time here with the restaurant, I will actively create positive experiences for the customers. That way they will be encouraged to keep buying from the restaurant.

9. How Would You Promote Excellent Customer Service?

I would promote excellent customer service by providing a swift response to customers’ orders, so they don’t wait long for their orders. I will be friendly, accommodating, and attentive to their requests.

I will keep the restaurant clean and comfortable because customers are concerned about the environment in which their food are prepared. I will handle customers’ complaints well and provide quick solutions. These I believe will go a long way in promoting excellent customer service.

10. How Would You Handle Conflicts With Colleagues?

It’s impossible to avoid conflicts at the workplace. What matters is how I react to the situation. When issues come up, I readjust my attitude and calmly communicate my views. I hear the other person’s point of view without becoming defensive.

If I notice the other party is getting overly worked up and aggressive, I walk away. It helps me clear my head and calm the other party. Later, I attempt to move the discussion to a private spot where we can sort out the issues fast. It’s not long before the issue is resolved and everyone is happy again.

11. What Are The Company’s Core Values?

Dairy Queen values family and teamwork, respect, and cultural connection. The company prioritizes teamwork. Because it believes teamwork is essential in achieving the vision of the brand. The company respects its shareholders and franchisers who have contributed immensely to the growth of the brand.

 The company also values its customers irrespective of cultural background. I can tell from the exceptional services customers enjoy. Dairy Queen goes the extra mile in making great food and creating happy experiences for their customers.

12. How Well Do You Handle Pressure?

I’m someone who is used to working under pressure. So much so that it has become a reflex action to comfortably handle tasks as they come. When under pressure, I try to focus my thoughts on the tasks at hand and not on how much I want to take a break already.

I keep my mind occupied and busy with positive thoughts and happy moments. However, I understand that it doesn’t always go that way. So, if I can’t take it, I ask for help or assistance.

13. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

My greatest strength is my cool-headedness. I have learned to keep my emotions in check and stay calm in every situation. It helps me recollect my thoughts, make better decisions, and find the right fix to issues quickly.

It helps me handle and manage conflicts easily. It’s one of the things that helps me make very good decisions most of the time. It’s also one of the things that have helped in maintaining most of my relationships.

14. Tell Me About Yourself.

Sure, I’d be pleased to. I’m a pleasant person, a conversation starter, and a creative soul. I love trying out new and exciting things. I push myself daily a bit further and exceed my expectations.

 I’m constantly looking for ways to be happy and not get discouraged when things don’t work out my way. I also love reading stories about successful business gurus. They inspire me to want to be my person. I want to own an Advertising and Marketing company someday. However, I don’t delude myself. I take breaks anytime I’m having symptoms of burnout or exhaustion.

15. Where Do You See Yourself 5 Years From Now?

I would love to go to college to study business administration. I have a keen interest in entrepreneurship. It’s my dream to someday run my own business. So I’m looking forward to learning all I can about keeping, maintaining, and growing a business during my time here.

In five years, I hope I will look back and be grateful for the experiences I have had, the decisions I took, and where I’m at in working towards my dreams.

16. What Is One Of Your Major Weaknesses?

A weakness I’m currently working on is a lack of self-confidence. I don’t always feel self-sufficient and confident. Sometimes, I make plans to do something or make a big change but don’t see it through, because I’m scared it might not turn out well.

I know I have what it takes to be who I need to be, but I need a lot of motivation to get right into it. To overcome this, I surround myself with high achievers who grind a lot. They give me all the motivation and push I need whenever I’m falling behind. I have made a lot of progress in getting tasks done because of this.

17.  Why Do You Want To Work For Dairy Queen?

First, I love the level of commitment the brand puts into providing quality food and great customer service. I also love that the company values team input. Dairy Queen is one of the best in the industry, and I believe it’s also a great place for me.

18. Would You Consider Yourself A Team Player?

Yes, I am. I’ve always been a strong team player. I do extremely well in collaborative and team-focused activities. I always love being a part of a great team and finding ways to work towards a goal and meet our target.

19. What Do You Love The Most About The Menu?

My favorite item on the menu is the Blizzard. There are so many great options customers can choose from, and it’s a great choice for someone who wants something sweet and delicious. I love how the candy and toppings are mixed into the ice cream. I would recommend the chocolate chip cookie dough because of the chocolate fudge in it.

20. How Would You Describe Great Customer Service?

Great customer service starts from the entry point, from how the customer is received by an employee to the impression left on the customer before leaving. I would always acknowledge the presence of a client and be polite throughout our interactions. Also,  I would anticipate the needs of the customer and provide prompt service. I would also go the extra mile to handle complaints or issues to ensure a customer is pleased.

21. How Would You Welcome A Customer Into The Restaurant?

When a customer walks through the door, I will offer them a warm and genuine smile. Next, I will ask them what they would love to order from the menu. I would politely ask any other relevant questions I will need to get their order delivered promptly.

Then I will check back after a while to know if they need anything else, or if there’s a complaint. If there’s any complaint, I would try to resolve it as soon as possible to ensure the customer is satisfied.

22. Would You Describe Yourself As A Good Worker?

Yes, I am a good worker. I’m reliable, hardworking, and punctual. I keep to time, and I’m willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I have a bubbly spirit and a positive attitude towards work. I work well with others in a fast-paced environment. This I believe will help me contribute immensely to the success of the restaurant.

23. What Food Safety And Management Measures Will You Take When Serving Customers?

Customers are very particular about their food and how it’s handled. When attending to customers, I will keep my hands off my face or hair. I would wear hand gloves to avoid touching ready-to-eat meals with bare hands. Also, I would take personal hygiene seriously and wash my hands properly after handling waste or visiting the restroom.

24. What Does Success Look Like For You At Dairy Queen?

For me, success is having a restaurant full of happy and satisfied customers. When customers are provided with quality food and excellent service, they will be pleased to drop by again.

To achieve this, I would work together with my co-workers in harmony to deliver excellent customer service. I would handle feedback and complaints appropriately and wouldn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to see that things go smoothly.

25. What Does Integrity, Service, And Cleanliness Mean To You?

To me, integrity means having a consistent character and staying true to your values at all times. I wouldn’t want to compromise my moral values or step out of line.

Service to me is putting others first and going all out to help people solve their problems. Customer satisfaction comes first in the business. I will go all out to secure that satisfaction for them.

To me, cleanliness is the quality of promoting both personal and environmental hygiene. Customers will believe their food is in safe hands when the environment is clean and tidy.


There you have it! I hope these questions go a long way in helping you secure that dream job. Here are some extra tips to take home. Stay calm throughout the interview. It will help you recollect your thoughts and provide the right answers.

Maintain eye contact; don’t look intimidated or timid. Don’t be too stiff or formal either. Allow your bubbly personality to shine through when answering the interviewer’s questions. If you can, submit your resume yourself at the restaurant.

Go early, dress nicely, and interact nicely with the employees. Shake the interviewer’s hand before and after the interview. Good luck!