Top 25 Finish Line Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Finish Line is in a competitive sales race for athletic footwear. Around 660 Finish Line locations can be found in over 45 states, and customers may also buy the company’s performance and leisure footwear and gear online. Its traditional storefronts are more significant than its competitors and include a more extensive selection of apparel, accessories, and other products. These products include coats, backpacks, warm-ups, sunglasses, and watches, amongst other things. Finish Line is a retailer that sells well-known brand names, such as Adidas, NIKE, and PUMA, and its private-label line of T-shirts, socks, and other essentials. Finish Line has been strengthening its e-commerce operation and streamlining its retail network to expand its customer base, resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

To ease your tension in preparing for the interview, we have compiled 25 common questions and answers for you to practice with.

1. You Could Be Working For Any Number Of Companies, So Tell Us Why You Want To Join Finish Line.

I want to work with Finish Line because I enjoy being of assistance to others. It brings me great satisfaction to supply consumers with precisely what they require, whether it be a new wardrobe or a present for a buddy. My drive comes from the thought that I can improve the quality of another person’s day by giving them a pleasant and prosperous shopping experience. I also have a strong interest in clothing and accessories, which leads me to believe I would do well in this position.

2. What Are Some Of Your Best Qualities?

My ability to provide excellent customer service and versatility are two of my most vital assets. I am always happy to assist consumers, and I am skilled at locating answers to their challenges. In addition, I am very organized, which enables me to stay on top of my responsibilities. I also have a flair for locating sales, which is useful when working with clients looking for a good deal because I can point them in the right direction.

3. What Do You Know About Finish Line?

Clayton Griffith is the owner of the American retail chain Finish Line, Inc., which specializes in selling athletic shoes and related clothes and accessories. The company has 660 locations across 47 states and Puerto Rico, the vast majority of which are within shopping malls. In addition, it has branded sports shoe departments inside more than 450 Macy’s department stores.

4. Can You Name Finish Line’s Vision And Mission?

Your goal is to connect young people interested in fashion by providing them with a premium brand experience showcasing the most extensive collection of genuine, sport-inspired products. Finish Line defines this premium experience through the quality of your product, the presentation you provide, and the people you work with.

5. What Are Some Of The Goals That You Have For Your Professional Life?

Becoming a store manager is one of my long-term professional goals. I’ve been working in retail for a few years now, and I must say that I’ve had a great experience during my tenure in this industry. I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge about the business and how to interact with clients. I believe that I am prepared to take on additional responsibilities. The chance to get experience in management while working for this organization has piqued my interest, and I can’t wait to take it.

6. I Want To Know What You Think Is Your Greatest Accomplishment.

My graduation from college with a bachelor’s degree in business was undoubtedly the most significant achievement of my life. I put forth a lot of effort to earn my degree, and it was satisfying to achieve the goal I had set for myself finally. In addition, I have the impression that there is much more information to acquire, and I am excited to continue studying.

7. What Aspects Of This Role Particularly Pique Your Interest?

This job appeals to me since I’ve always enjoyed interacting with others, and I take great satisfaction in being of service to other people. Since I have previous experience working in retail and am skilled at communicating with clients, I believe I would be an excellent candidate for this position. In addition to that, I am very good at multitasking, which is another critical skill for this profession, and I have exceptional attention to detail, which is essential. Because I possess all of the talents required to be successful in this work, I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for this position.

8. How Do You Plan To Contribute To The Success Of Our Team?

Being friendly and helpful, I am always happy to lend a hand to my coworkers and clients. In addition, I am very detail-oriented and organized, enabling me to stay on top of my assignments and meet the due dates. Because I am always willing to help out in whatever capacity I can, I believe that I would be an asset to your team if you were to bring me on board.

9. Please Describe Any Prior Training you You’Ve Had And Any Certificates You’ve Earned.

The neighborhood community college where I studied awarded me a certificate in customer service. As a result of my previous experience in customer service in a call center, I am somewhat familiar with resolving complaints lodged by clients. In addition to that, I hold a valid driver’s license, which is a prerequisite for this role.

10. What Advantages Do You Have Over The Other Applicants That Cannot Be Found Elsewhere?

My prior experience is providing excellent customer service, which I believe sets me apart from other candidates for this position. I can engage in conversation with clients and put them at ease with my conversational skills. Because of my extensive knowledge of technology, I can assist consumers in locating the items they require by utilizing the point-of-sale (POS) system and other technological tools. I’ve also got a lot of experience working with kids to point them in the proper direction regarding toys and activities.

11. Describe An Instance When You Were Forced To Make A Difficult Decision Under Stress.

In the previous retail position I held, the holiday season was a hectic time for us. One day, I realized we were getting dangerously low on a well-liked product. I could either order additional products and wait for them to arrive or sell the things currently in stock here at the store and make up the difference. I decided to clear out the remaining inventory and place a new order for additional products to be delivered as soon as possible. This allowed us to continue selling the goods and helped keep our customers pleased simultaneously.

12. Please Share With Me A Moment When You Were Unsuccessful And The Lessons You Took Away From That Event.

When I first began working in retail, I was excited to make a good impression on my manager and fellow employees. One day, a customer walked into the shop and inquired about the availability of a particular item by asking me whether or not we stocked it. I assured the client that we had the thing in-store; nevertheless, when they checked out, they discovered we had run out of it. I should always check the inventory twice before assuring clients that we have something in stock, as this lesson taught me when the customer expressed their displeasure with our service.

13. Please Tell Me About A Moment When You Were Able To Assist A Client.

When I was working in retail, a customer came in looking for a particular item, and I had to help them find it. I inquired as to what they were seeking, as well as whether or not they were looking for anything in particular. They told me they were searching for a present for their mother. I led them to the gift section and presented them with several choices to consider. In the end, they decided to purchase one of the items I showed them.

14. Have You Ever Found Yourself In A Disagreement With A Manager? How Did You Deal With The Situation?

There was a time when my boss and I disagreed on dealing with a customer who was dissatisfied with the return policy at our business. My manager disagreed with me that the client was being reasonable and wanted to issue the customer a complete refund. I felt that the customer was being unreasonable. I told my manager that I disagreed with her and that I didn’t think it was a good idea to give the customer a complete refund because I thought it would set a terrible precedent for other customers who wanted to return products. The customer was granted shop credit rather than a full refund since my manager was willing to solve it with them. After being satisfied with this compromise, the customer then exited the store.

15. Do You Feel At Ease Greeting Finish Line Clients As They Approach The Store?

It gives me great pleasure to welcome clients as they enter the shop. It is helpful to remember their names so that I may address them by name when they return. If they speak a language that is not the same as mine, I make it a point to greet them in their mother tongue when I see them. My experience has shown me that doing so contributes to forming a constructive relationship with the consumer and enables them to have increased ease when shopping in the store.

16. What Would You Say To An Upset Customer If You Encountered One?

I would keep a level head and act professionally if a client were impolite. I would make an effort to defuse the tension by asking the other person if they required any assistance or if I could aid them in locating something. I would make an effort to make the client feel comfortable in my presence and demonstrate that I am available to assist them. If they persisted in being impolite, I would request that they leave the store immediately.

17. What Steps Would You Take To Rectify A Problem With A Customer’s Order If One Arose?

If a client expressed dissatisfaction with their purchase, I would begin by apologizing for the trouble caused. After that, I would try to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible by speaking with either my boss or the manager who was now on duty. I would collaborate with my management to find a solution that satisfies the client’s needs while adhering to the standards set by the organization. I would also try to gain knowledge from the circumstance to avoid experiencing issues of a similar nature in the future.

18. Do You Think Of Yourself As Someone Who Is Friendly?

I like to think of myself as being sociable. I am passionate about making new connections with people and assisting them in achieving their goals. Whenever a customer comes in giddy about something they’ve just bought, it makes my day. In addition, one of my favorite things is when they become excited about a discount or a promotion. I am always eager to assist someone who requests my assistance, particularly if they are searching for a particular item.

19. In Your Opinion, What Kinds Of Talents Are Necessary For An Employee To Have Who Works In Retail?

I believe it’s essential for individuals working in retail to have a positive attitude and to be willing to assist customers. When working with customers, I’ve realized that my actions may make or break their experience. I always try to be as helpful to the customer as possible, even if they aren’t being particularly kind. My observations have shown that this can significantly impact the customers’ attitudes toward the retail establishment and the brand as a whole.

20. Please Share A Story With Me About A Time When You Successfully Ended A Disagreement.

When I was working at the job before this one, I had a client who came in asking for a particular item. Since I did not have any of the items in store, I suggested that they place an order for them from me instead. They stated they would prefer to have it at another store, so I phoned other locations to see if they had it in stock and offered to check their availability. After obtaining the customer’s permission, I contacted local retailers to inquire about the item’s availability. I could locate it at a different place, and the client expressed gratitude.

21. What Would You Do If You Saw A Coworker Breaking The Rules At Work?

If I observed a coworker engaging in inappropriate behavior, my first course of action would be to make an effort to have a confidential conversation with that person about it. If they didn’t appear to comprehend, I would explain the situation to my boss so they could deal with it. Because I would never want to put someone in the wrong position, I would always report it to the manager so that they could take care of it.

22. How Do You Manage To Keep Your Mind On The Job At Hand Even When There Is So Much Around You?

When things get hectic, I resort to a few tried-and-true methods for maintaining my concentration. To begin, I make it a priority to formulate attainable objectives for myself. In addition, I make it a point to subdivide each of my duties into smaller, more doable chunks. For instance, if I have many clients that need to be served, I will concentrate on just one client at a time. This enables me to maintain my focus and guarantees that I provide each consumer with the attention they require. In conclusion, I try to space out my breaks throughout the day. Recharging my batteries and maintaining my concentration throughout the day are made more accessible.

23. How Do You Schedule Your Day To Ensure You Are Able To Achieve The Sales Goals You Have Set?

The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is look at my calendar to see what I have to do that day. After determining the order of importance for the things that need to be completed first, I start my workday. I make it a priority to stay one step ahead of my workload so that I may give my full attention to assisting my clients. In addition, I make it a point to review my schedule at least once every day to see whether or not any alterations need to be done.

24. In Your Opinion, What Is The Most Effective Technique To Become Familiar With A New Product Line?

Reading the product descriptions and looking at the corresponding product photographs is, in my opinion, the most effective approach to becoming acquainted with a new product line. When I want to learn more about a company’s products and the various ways they may be used, one of my favorite things is to look at the company’s website. Reading reviews written by other people who have purchased and used the product is something else that I enjoy doing because it gives me a better sense of what to anticipate.

25. Which Do You Believe Is More Important: Being Productive Or Having A Good Attitude?

Customers are more interested in having a pleasant experience. Thus being friendly is a priority. They might not return if they are not warmly welcomed or assisted courteously when they arrive. Efficiency is also important to me since it enables me to be more productive and do more work in a shorter amount of time. This is why it is so vital. I can maintain my professionalism while maintaining my friendliness.


Working in a retail company, you need to have the passion and patience to face customers daily. Therefore, during the interview, you must showcase your experience handling customers and be confident with it. Good luck.

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