IT System Administrator Resume Examples  [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

In today’s job market, any IT system administrator must make effort to gain a competitive edge in their job search. Aligning your resume with the job description and the expectations of potential employers is a great way to do that. This strategy will help you to pass application software checks, and most importantly, impress the recruiter reading your application. Therefore, a key undertaking in the job search process should be to write a striking and captivating IT system administrator resume. 

You may be wondering what this kind of resume looks like. Well, it prioritizes the most important sections of a CV. In particular, it features work experience, achievements, and skills, among other sections. Creating a resume that stands out among others can be a challenging task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. This article presents an example of an IT system administrator resume that can win you interviews. Use this sample resume to get started quickly and create an outstanding resume.

IT System Administrator Job Description

System administration is an important area of information technology and communication concerned with ensuring that servers, network infrastructure, and other areas of the IT system are running smoothly. IT systems support many processes and operations in any organization. Therefore, employers are keen on entrusting the responsibility of system administration to a competent and experienced professional. 

Position Description

The responsibilities of an IT system administrator are diverse and vary from one company to another. They involve different areas of a firm’s ICT system. Thus, an employer seeks a system administrator who is skilled and competent in managing the organization’s IT systems. An experience in the specific systems that a company uses can easily win you an interview and a job thereafter. Generally, anyone interested in this role should have a deep understanding of computer hardware, software, and network system administration.

Roles and Responsibilities of an IT System Administrator

  • Installation and configuration of software, hardware, and networks
  • Manage IT system tools and network servers
  • Setting up accounts on servers, computers, workstations, and other systems
  • Maintaining systems and monitoring their performance according to requirements
  • Ensure system and data security through backups, access controls, and firewalls
  • Develop necessary technical documentation including system manuals, IT business requirements, policies, and system issues
  • Train junior system administrators as well as employees on new systems and technologies 
  • Investigate system outages, troubleshoot issues, and develop effective solutions promptly
  • Support internal and external customers to effective and reliable use of IT systems
  • Ensure IT systems are up and running optimally
  • Conduct system maintenance and perform regular system improvements such as installing new releases and upgrading systems
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of IT systems usage

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Critical thinking and analytical capabilities
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent knowledge of networks
  • Problem-solving and resourcefulness aptitude
  • Cloud computing skills
  • Knowledge of data recovery/backup and system security 
  • In-depth understanding of operating systems
  • Strong multitasking abilities
  • Ability to create scripts using programming languages such as Python and Perl

Education and Experience

  • High school diploma 
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field
  • Experience with system administration, network administration, or similar role
  • Professional certification relating to IT systems is an added advantage


According to, the average annual salary of a senior IT system administrator is $92,875 while an IT system administrator earns $77,132. On the other hand, a junior system administrator gets $ 57,340.

IT system administrator CV Example 1

Dan Craig

Address: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Email address:

Phone number: +1(734) 608-4418

Personal Profile  

A skilled IT system administrator with extensive knowledge in system administration. Experienced in managing, upgrading, and maintaining hardware, software, and networks. With over nine years of experience in system and network administration including diverse technology support services. Competent in installing and deploying servers, troubleshooting, and providing technical support to employees and customers. Leverages skills and experience in system administration, support, and management to ensure systems and IT infrastructure function optimally. Reliable and trustworthy IT system administrator with the ability to troubleshoot issues and provide effective solutions promptly. Competent in training end user to maximize system usage and enhance productivity and profitability. 

Work Experience

IT System Administrator, ABS Technologies Ltd., Georgia, USA

3/2018 – 5/2021

  • Supported employees, internal and external clients, and other stakeholders to use IT systems reliably and effectively
  • Managed identity of different system users and access to IT systems to facilitate dedicated technical support for everyone
  • Ensured availability of IT systems and their access at all times by conducting regular system maintenance
  • Troubleshoot IT issues that compromised access to IT services or system performance and fixed those issues without unnecessary system downtimes
  • Performed system upgrades whenever there was a new release or when improvement was necessary following new business requirements or evolving user needs
  • Kept up-to-date records of IT system issues, business and user requirements, system manuals, and other system documentation for future use and reference
  • Ensured to monitor the behavior of IT systems to identify issues that may impact services delivery, business processes, or end users
  • Performed regular data backups and implemented disaster recovery strategies to facilitate recovery of data and quick resumption of normal operation after unexpected happenings occur
  • Facilitated users to access systems, implemented automated system solutions and replaced faulty software and hardware on time
  • Ensured to test and assess the performance and compatibility of systems due for purchase to guarantee they were compatible with existing IT systems and infrastructure

IT System Administrator, Alab Corporation, Inc., Miami, United States

2/2015 – 3/2018

  • Performed configuration management and web service administration activities in line with company policies regarding system access and security
  • Supported different IT teams in the department to access servers and software systems within the IT infrastructure
  • Trained staff on system access and use, and security measures end users ought to employ to prevent unauthorized access to their respective computers
  • Created access credentials for employees to facilitate their access to systems. Implemented access control levels to ensure no one gains access to what they are not supposed to access
  • Configured the system to make regular backups. Implemented data and system recovery measures to ensure quick disaster or data loss recovery
  • Monitored system heath and identified anomalies in system and network behavior. Applied effective measures to rectify system faults and anomalous behavior
  • Documented issues, user and business requirements, and kept records of system manuals, upgrades, and other necessary IT documentation
  • Conducted continuous system maintenance to assure normal operation of IT systems as well as the availability and access of these systems
  • Provided technical support to different users and troubleshoot issues and resolved faults and other issues to restore normal system operation

Junior IT System Administrator, SopTech Company, Atlanta, Georgia

2/2012 – 1/2015

  • Administered system disaster recovery plans to ensure data backup and restoration of data and system when a failure
  • Installed operating systems and antivirus programs on computers, tested systems for errors and ensured they are functioning optimally.
  • Monitored network performance to ensure no errors or bottlenecks exist or occur that could hurt productivity
  • Maintained servers, computers, and network systems by upgrading and replacing components as necessary
  • Configured new IT systems for installation according to the clients’ specifications or other experts in the IT industry
  • Installed patches to resolve security vulnerabilities in IT systems such as networks, servers, and computers
  • Installed and maintained computer networks and related systems such as printers, scanners, and other peripherals
  • Monitored the capacity and performance of the server to ensure it supports operations, processes, and client needs effectively
  • Troubleshoot issues in computers, servers, and networks, and implement effective solutions that resolved that identified problems


  • 1/2008 – 12/2011, Bachelor’s degree in System Administration, The University of Georgia (UG)
  • 1/2005 – 11/2007, High School Diploma, James Madison High School


  • 4/2010, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Georgia Technology Institute
  • 11/2013, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), IT Certifications College, GA


Technical Skills

  • Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Scripting and automation tools 
  • Database and network administration
  • Networking hardware, software, and protocols


  • English

Other skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong time management and multitasking abilities

Property Manager CV Example 2

Stella Maya

Address: London, United Kingdom

Email address:

Phone number: 6209 983-714

Personal Profile 

Hardworking IT system administrator with over eight years of experience in system administration. Skilled in managing servers, networks, and other IT systems to effectively support organizational processes and operations. Experienced in troubleshooting issues within IT systems and implementing lasting solutions. Knowledgeable in network hardware and software protocols. A great team player who leverages expertise to contribute effectively to the team’s success. Competent in configuring and installing systems and monitoring their performance to ensure optimal performance. Ready to leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience to perform my duties as a system administrator.

Work Experience

IT System Administrator, SCON Institute of Professional Studies, London, United Kingdom

1/2018 – 2/2021

  • Conducted IT training programs that helped to bring staff up to pace with IT changes and new software installations. Also trained users on access to IT services and corporate network
  • Performed configuration and installation of different software and hardware such as servers, computers, operating systems, and networks
  • Performed database management activities such as installation, design, and migration to maintain the efficiency, performance, and integrity of database systems
  • Acted as liaison with employees and internal and external customers who use IT systems to address database issues and restore normal performance and activity
  • Maintained server, network, and computer system security through controlling access and identity management and managing 
  • Worked closely with engineers and other specialists within the company to ensure IT systems are housed securely and that they are not prone to damage or theft
  • Ensured that IT systems were up and running at all times to facilitate related services and processes and ensure they are available when needed
  • Ascertained the features and performance of software and hardware before acquisition to guarantee their compatibility with existing IT systems
  • Performed system backups and implemented several disaster recovery measures to ensure data recovery access and service restoration after a fault or disaster

IT System Administrator, GTech Media, Inc., Scotland, UK

2/2015 – 1/2018

  • Trained junior system administrators on installation and configuration of new technologies to help them perform their duties effectively
  • Offered expert advice to top managers on the best IT systems to acquire. My advice not only helped the company to save money but also deploy systems that earned it a competitive edge
  • Performed system maintenance to ensure systems were in good condition and that they were functioning optimally at all times
  • Configured new IT systems including servers, computers, and networks to ensure they were ready for installation into the IT infrastructure
  • Monitored performance of servers and other IT systems to ensure their reliable operation and maximum utilization by users
  • Troubleshoot system issues from time to time to discover the root causes of those issues. Implemented effective solutions to IT problems to restore normal operation and prevent their reoccurrence
  • Installed and upgraded servers, software, computer components, and networks when needed
  • Documented problems and solutions implemented to ensure the company has a reference for resolving future problems promptly
  • Delegated backup, installation, and other activities to junior system admins, making sure departmental tasks and activities are performed on time

Adjunct IT System Administrator, Sycon Technologies Ltd., London, United Kingdom

11/2011 – 12/2014

  • Installed and updated software and antivirus applications on computers
  • Provided dedicated technical support and helped staff and customers to access and use the Web portal and other IT systems
  • Collaborated with team members to conduct system maintenance to guarantee the availability and access of systems and IT services
  • Participated in troubleshooting different faults and other system issues and then helped to implement effective solutions to those problems
  • Prepared records of IT assets, business needs, customer requests, and IT issues. I ensured to store these records safely and produce them when needed.
  • Participated in training staff and customers on how to access and use IT systems and services via the internet and local area network
  • Monitored the health of IT systems and reported unusual behavior to the concerned persons on time to take appropriate measures to resolve them


  • 2/2008 – 5/2011, BSc. in Computer Science, University of London
  • 1/2004 – 11/2007, High School Diploma, England High School


  • 7/2011, Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), London College of Technology
  • 3/2014, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, England Technology Institute



  • English
  • Sign Language

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Mysql, SQL, Oracle 
  • Database systems
  • Networking hardware and software

Other skills

  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure
  • Great attention to detail
  • JavaScript and HTML Scripting languages

IT System Administrator Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are IT System Administrator Skills?

To show you are the most qualified for an IT system administrator job, you need to highlight certain skills necessary for this role. System administration, hardware, software, and troubleshooting skills are essential in this profession. Having these skills may easily win you a higher salary. Problem-solving skills are necessary to help you anticipate, identify, and solved issues related to IT systems. Excellent communication skills are important to convey information effectively and work with others. A system administrator needs to be attentive to detail and also be skilled in scripting languages. The ability to multitask, and work independently as well as in a team is also necessary for system administration.

2. What Keywords Should You Have In Your IT System Administrator Resume?

Having the right keywords in your resume can give you a competitive edge. Most employers employ systems to quickly sort out the huge number of applications they receive. If you don’t have the right keywords, your application might not pass the system. So, make sure to include keywords such as technical, hardware, software, information technology, troubleshooting, IT systems, networking, and any other key term or phrase in system administration.

3. What Make It Easy For Potential Employers To Notice Your Resume?

Before sending your application, it is always important to ensure that your resume will easily attract potential employers. One effective way to make your resume noticeable is to match it with the needs and expectations of potential employers. You know what employers want from their job descriptions. Showcase your experience and competencies with the needs of the employer in mind.

4. Why is it important to create a strong system Administrator resume?

A resume is the most essential document in your job application. It acts as a frontline fighter because it allows you to show the potential employer what you possess and what you can do. Hiring managers spend a few minutes or even seconds looking at a resume. So it is absolutely important to make an outstanding resume that will impress recruiters.

5. Which Format Is Best For An IT System Administrator Resume?

The chronological format is perfect for anyone seeking an IT system administrator job. This format lists work experience from the most recent. It helps to hire managers to quickly understand how you have built your experience over the years. Moreover, it is the most popular resume format, meaning that most employers are used to it.

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