Kindergarten Teacher Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Kindergarten teachers play critical roles in early childhood development. These professionals plan and teach classes for social, cognitive, and emotional functioning stimulation among children. They can work in both private and public educational centers.

Institutions are often thorough during recruitment due to these professionals’ contribution to the child’s healthy development. These teachers must have adequate skills, education, and experience to execute their roles and responsibilities fully. Our article is focused on these professionals’ resumes, which help express all job-related requirements to hiring teams. We have also included a detailed FAQs section to answer some of the most common kindergarten teacher resume questions. Let’s get started!

Kindergarten Teacher Job Description

Kindergarten teachers are employed in private or state educational centers to teach students aged 3-7. They successfully plan and deliver lessons targeting children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development, giving them a solid foundation as they advance in their school life. Kindergarten teachers must be energetic given the nature of this role and able to solve disputes between children.

Some mandatory skills every kindergarten teacher should have include flexibility, excellent supervision skills, the ability to create trusting and meaningful relationships with the students and their parents, and excellent organizational skills. This job also requires someone supportive and committed to child development.

Kindergarten Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

  • Planning and delivering lessons aimed at the social, educational, and cognitive development of students entering first grade or aged 4-7
  • Building meaningful relationships with parents to foster understanding of their children’s needs
  • Performing basic inventory management by ensuring that there are enough supplies for comfortable learning
  •  Building friendly and trusting relationships with students to create a safe, positive, and nurturing classroom environment
  • Supervising students during out-of-class activities such as meal times and games
  • Incorporating different learning techniques and resources in lesson plans to make classes more engaging and enjoyable
  • Helping students work on their conflict management skills by actively helping them resolve conflicts
  • Accompanying and supervising students during field trips or other out-of-school activities
  • Regularly attending staff meetings as required by the school or educational facility
  • Monitoring and reporting student’s progress to the administration, caregivers, and parents
  • Instilling a sense of responsibility in learners through light duties such as litter management
  • Reporting any accidents or significant incidences regarding learners to the school management
  • Following and complying with all teaching standards and safety requirements
  • Nurturing cooperation and teamwork by encouraging children’s interactions
  • Ensuring that all learning materials and resources are well-organized
  • Teaching alphabet and numeracy skills on top of personal, emotional, and cognitive skills
  • Stimulating children’s abilities through different teaching and instructional methods such as stories, media, songs, outdoor activities, and structured games
  • Conducting basic classroom administration duties such as updating and maintaining attendance records of the student population

Kindergarten Teacher Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of child development education theories and practices
  • Understanding of related trends and best practices
  • High levels of flexibility
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to solve classroom and profession-related problems
  • Ability to nurture students
  • Artistic abilities
  • High levels of creativity
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Oustanding monitoring and supervision skills
  • Excellent teaching skills
  • Ability to stand for long durations
  • Advanced teaching skills
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Time management skills
  • High levels of patients( necessary when working with kindergarten students)

Kindergarten Teacher Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in education ( preferably focused on early childhood development)
  • Basic first aid training( preferred given the age of learners)
  • A valid driver’s license( not necessary, but would come in handy in times of emergency)
  • Proven experience working with young children
  • Proven working experience as a kindergarten teacher assistant, kindergarten teacher, or a kindergarten teacher aide
  • Relevant licenses ( such as state licenses) and certificates( such as Early Childhood Teacher Certificate)

Kindergarten Teacher Salary

Kindergarten teachers’ salaries vary depending on their education, experience, and location. A privately owned kindergarten school in uptown neighborhoods will pay more than state schools. According to Glassdoor, their average base pay is $46,000, with some earning additional payments amounting to $2,000+. However, KIPP Schools pay more, with their kindergarten teachers earning $65,000 annually.

Kindergarten Teacher CV Example 1

James Best

Physical address: 1738 Lisga St #5, Fairbanks, Alaska, 95345

Email address:

Phone number: (905) 654- 3456

Personal Profile

Professional kindergarten teacher with 9+ years of experience teaching students aged 4-7 in both public and private schools. A hardworking educator with excellent classroom management and curriculum development skills ready to positively impact the lives of tens of students. A patient and empathetic teacher committed to young learners’ cognitive, social and emotional development.

Work Experience

07/2019- 09/2022, Kindergarten Teacher, Achievers Junior School, Sitka Junior School, Alaska

  • Planned and delivered lessons aimed at the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children aged 4-7
  • Collaborated with five kindergarten teachers to develop a well-planned and exhaustive curriculum
  • Created a safe and positive environment targeting the social, development, and physical needs of 50+ students
  • Evaluated students’ learning outcomes and progress through observations and probing questions and made accurate reports to be presented to parents and the overall management of the school
  • Improved student engagement by 30% by learning and engaging with their interests
  • Instilled a sense of responsibility in students through collective exercises such as litter picking
  • Supervised 50+ students during out-of-class activities
  • Arranged the classroom before the beginning of classes to create the right environment for learning
  • Mentored five junior kindergarten teachers on best practices, procedures, and teaching techniques
  • Maintained excellent cleanliness and hygienic standards in and out of the classroom in collaboration with the 10-member cleaning team
  • Organized remedial classes for 15+ children in need of special attention, helping them work on and improve on their weak areas
  • Accompanied and supervised students during 20+ out-of-school events, ensuring that they were safe and comfortable
  • Increased parent involvement in their children’s education through regular communication and parent-teacher meetings, obtaining a 99% positive feedback score

04/2016- 06/2019, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant, Brooklyn Kindergarten Schools, Brooklyn, NY

  • Helped three kindergarten teachers teach students aged 3-7
  • Offered support in 5+ administrative tasks, including grading, preparing assessment reports, and facilitating communication with parents
  • Supervised 50+ students during out-of-class activities such as meal times and nap sessions
  • Participated in kindergarten curriculum development and update, ensuring that all PILES development milestones were met
  • Successfully organized at least three outdoor activities for students to improve their learning engagement and overall learning
  • Incorporated thinking routines in daily classroom activities, significantly impacting the cognitive development of 50+ students
  • Attended and participated in monthly parent-teacher meetings aimed at identifying and meeting students’ growth and educational needs
  • Arranged classrooms before lessons, making them more presentable and safer for learning

02/2014- 03/2016, Kindergarten Teacher Aide, Brooks Academy, Homer, Alaska

  • Assisted the less teacher in successful class program implementation
  • Set up the classroom for learners aged 3-7 before classes
  • Led 40+ students in collective exercises aimed at instilling a sense of responsibility in them, such as litter picking
  • Consistently applied class and playground rules and behavior management strategies, reducing reported safety incidences by 90%
  • Established and maintained a clean and orderly classroom for 40+ learners daily
  • Participated in 50+ school-related activities annually, thus contributing to a nurturing, supportive, and rich kindergarten environment
  • Participated in budget management in collaboration with 10+ teachers and teaching assistants


  • 04/2009- 05/2013, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK
  • 02/2006- 04/2008, High School Diploma, Homer Senior High School, Homer, Alaska


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Croatian

Technical Skills

  • Classroom management
  • Behavior analysis
  • Human development
  • Child Development
  • First aid
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum development
  • Teaching

Soft Skills

  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Multitasking
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational
  • Empathy
  • Stress management
  • Creativity


05/14, Child Development Associate, Pearson VUE

Kindergarten Teacher CV Example 2

Mary Robertson

Physical address: 3 Craig Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska, 98670

Email adress:

Phone number: (956) 890-7896

Personal Profile

Certified kindergarten educator with ten years of experience teaching students aged 4-8. Professional teacher ready to work with other teaching staff members to promote learners’ emotional, cognitive and emotional development. A self-motivated go-getter with expert knowledge of teaching methodologies and procedures.

Work Experience

06/2019- 08/2022, Lead Kindergarten Teacher, Elite Springs Academy, Tampa, FL

  • Supervised five kindergarten teachers, ensuring their commitment to the social, emotional, and cognitive development of learners
  • Provided active mentorship on school policies and procedures, curriculum development, lesson planning, and teaching techniques
  • Planned, prepared, and delivered lessons to 60+ students aged 4-7
  • Attended 5+ conferences and workshops annually for professional development
  • Evaluated the performance of 5 kindergarten teachers and offered recommendations based on results
  • Regularly shared materials and information with staff members for professional growth support

04/2016- 05/2019, Kindergarten Teacher, Elite Springs Academy, Tampa, FL

  • Created and maintained friendly relationships with 10+ teaching aides and teacher assistants, fostering collaboration and good working relationships
  • Awarded the best kindergarten teacher of the year in 2017, a year after joining the school
  • Improved children’s capacity to solve conflict and interact harmoniously with others by mediating drying conflicts
  • Attended 5+ weekly meetings with staff members and caregivers to discuss children’s educational needs and find a way forward
  • Successfully managed student behavior by creating and maintaining an environment mindful of their social, physical, and development needs
  • Inspired the introduction of smart boards in classes for a smooth learning process
  • Accommodated different learning styles in the development and implementation of education programs, including a diverse art-based curriculum; significantly increasing student engagement
  • Ensured 100% adherence to teaching standards and safety regulations
  • Increased student participation by 30% through stories, songs, and interactive games
  • Collaborated with the special needs teacher to help five autistic children grasp class concepts and move to elementary school
  • Prepared learners for everyday interaction by teaching three important skills, i.e., emotional, social and personal
  • Promoted consistent and uninterrupted learning through inventory control

02/2013- 03/2016, Teacher Assistant, High Achievers Kindergarten School, Anchorage, Alaska

  • Provided teaching assistance to 2 senior kindergarten teachers
  • Helped 30+ students participate in both classroom and out-of-class activities
  • Actively participated in the fulfillment and implementation of daily class activities and lesson plans following the school and education board’s requirements
  • Used Go Talk Device to foster interaction with non-verbal students
  • Took responsibility for the conduct of 30+ students inside and outside the classroom setting
  • Mentored four junior kindergarten teacher assistants on lesson preparation, relevant teaching techniques, and school policies and procedures
  • Coordinated two quarterly parent-teacher meetings, increasing parents’ involvement in their children’s education
  • Named the best teacher assistant in 2015


  • 03/2008- 05/2012, Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, Alaska
  • 02/2005- 05/2007, High School Diploma, Anchorage Senior High School, Anchorage, Alaska


  • Languages
  • English
  • Polish
  • French

Hard Skills

  • Curriculum development
  • Child Development
  • Performance assessment
  • Lesson planning
  • Human development
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Behavior analysis
  • Reporting
  • Classroom management

Soft Skills

  • Verbal and written communication
  • Patience
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to thrive under pressure
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Conflict management
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Persuasion


06/16, Microsoft Certified Educator

Kindergarten Teachers Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Kindergarten Teacher Certifications Should I Consider?

We need certifications or industry-related credentials to stay competitive in the job market. Here are a few examples that you can seek for enhanced credibility and validation of knowledge as a kindergarten teacher:

  • Child Development Associate( CDA) Certification– This certification helps related professionals and kindergarten teachers meet specific children’s needs. It also teaches how to collaborate with parents and caregivers for the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.
  • Educational Certificates: K-12( Ed:)- This credential certifies the ability to interpret student sign language, classroom content, and general class engagements. It is offered by the Registry of Interpreters for the deaf and covers American Sign Language, Manually-Coded English, and Pidgin Sign English.
  • Microsoft Certified Educator– Technology now plays an important role in education; therefore, the Microsoft Certified Educator certification will definitely come in handy. It proves the ability to give students an excellent custom learning experience by applying technology literacy competencies.

Given how delicate kindergarten students are, you can also acquire CPR and first aid certifications. All in all, make sure you have something to add to your academic credentials.

2. How Can I Become a Kindergarten Teacher?

First, earn a Bachelor’s/ Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development or a related field, and then complete an internship program where you can apply what you have been learning in a practical setting for the first time. This may come during or after your program, depending on the institution you choose to pursue your degree. It also gives you a chance to receive mentorship from field professionals. Be ready to create your lesson plans and curriculum, even under the supervision of licensed teaching professionals.

The third step is to obtain a state-issued teaching certificate, now that each state has its requirements. An alternative teaching certification program is mandatory for those with degrees outside education willing to become kindergarten teachers. The last step is to apply for a job and gain experience, after which you can decide on the route to take with your career.

3. How Should I Format My Kindergarten Teacher Resume?

Formatting your resume is just as important as including the right keywords. A good format will tell the interviewer that you are organized and, at the same time, give your resume an appealing touch. To achieve this, ensure that your experience is listed using the reverse-chronological format, your resume has a good header with updated contact information, your resume is divided into clear sections, and the line spacing is set to 1.15. Remember, your resume should be compact; therefore, double-spacing is not encouraged.

Additionally, use the right fonts (e.g., Times New Roman, Calibri), save the resume in PDF format, use font size 11-12, and proofread your resume once it is done. Only submit your resume together with the application once you are sure everything is okay.

4. Which Keywords Should I Include in My Resume?

A good resume should have the right keywords- the skills, tools, and industry-specific knowledge capable of matching the job listing requirements. They help you get past the applicant tracking system and inform the hiring manager that you understand the job description. Please include the following examples for a good resume: curriculum development, teaching certificate, child development, child care, behavior analysis, committee management, instruction, learning techniques, human development, cognitive skills, cognition, collaboration, monitoring, reporting, supervising, parents, facilitation, early childhood education, interventional, elementary education and after-school education.

Additional keywords include special education, educational leadership, classroom management, working with children, lesson planning, and teaching. Include these keywords in your resume summary, work experience, and skill section.

5. Which Technical Skills Should I Include in My Resume?

Technical Skills get the job done. Employees must possess job-related knowledge and expertise for successful task execution. Here are a few good examples: classroom management, child development, performance monitoring and assessment, knowledge of different learning techniques, reporting skills, lesson planning, curriculum development, Microsoft Office Program Suite, child development, first aid, human development, committee management, and behavior analysis.

We also urge you to review the job description and identify the specific technical skills the employer is looking for, which should form part of your keywords.

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