Physical Education Teacher Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you an aspiring physical education teacher interested in getting a new job? Well, you need to know how to prepare the perfect resume. A good resume summarizes your skills, competencies, education, and experience hence dictating if you will make it to the interview shortlist. Since we are interested in helping you land a job and make the best out of your career, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities you should expect in this job and show you how to draft the perfect resume through examples.

Keep in mind that every detail matters when preparing your CV; therefore, it helps to pay attention to everything including the space alignment. Let’s find out what physical education teachers do and look at a few excellent resumes.

Position Description

As the name implies, physical education teachers help students learn how to play (and guide them through) different sports and exercises. They also monitor older students’ activities and ensure that everyone is safe in the playground or during physical education classes. PE teachers are responsible for preparing and maintaining gym equipment in institutions with gyms. Given these roles, they are required to be physically fit and active enough. Let’s take an in-depth look at their roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organizing and supervising active and highly engaging outdoor and indoor physical education classes
  •  Finding ways to motivate students to try or take up new sporting and athletic activities
  • Working tirelessly to ensure that students succeed in their theoretical and practical physical education exams
  • Closely monitoring students’ progress and evaluating their performance throughout the year
  • Ensuring that students are safe or unexposed to injuries or illnesses during sporting activities
  • Making sure that every student competes to their activity levels
  • Vigorously training and coaching school sports teams in collaboration with other stakeholders to help them compete and succeed in main events
  • Coordinating sporting events by transporting competitors, entire school team, and teachers to and from them
  • Collaborating with parents to hone students’ sprouting skills and abilities
  • Reporting to the school management on the physical education-related progress of students.
  • Working closely with other teachers to ensure that students receive a holistic education
  • Identifying students’ physical education needs and working on them
  • Offering comprehensive reports on students’ progress to parents
  • Working closely with different teams’ coaches to identify and improve talents
  • Helping students with difficulties/challenges in spatial awareness and motor skills
  • Working closely with students to help them set and achieve their health and physical education goals
  • Guiding Students in developing their motor and kinesthetic skills through the right exercises and training techniques and procedures
  • Incorporating exercise and movement-based learning strategies when planning instructional activities
  • Ensuring that parents are involved in their children’s physical education through regular correspondence.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of different sporting rules and regulations, including team sports
  • In-depth knowledge of physical education examination requirements and processes
  • Updated knowledge of the state’s physical education curriculum
  • Knowledge of first aid processes and, where applicable, CPR
  • Excellent team working skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to design detailed courses
  • Ability to motivate students to take up new sporting or athletic activities
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Ability and readiness to take initiative
  • Excellent athletic ability
  • In-depth knowledge of the human body
  • Ability to motivate and inspire students
  • Excellent coordination skills
  • Ability to adapt fast to changing situations

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Education Degree, Physical Education option
  • Valid teaching certificate
  • First Aid and related certifications
  • At least one year of experience working as a qualified teacher
  • Extensive sporting experience
  • Experience working with children
  • Extensive coaching experience


Recent Glassdoor reports show that junior PE teachers make close to $51,000 a year while the relatively experienced ones make close to $58,000 a year. Senior PE teachers make much more, some reporting to have earned close to $77,000 a year.

Physical Education Teacher CV Example 1

Brandon Choi

Physical address: 3344 ASCOT, LOS ANGELES, CA

Email address:

Phone number: (786) 567-354

Personal Profile

Professional physical education teacher with 10+ years of experience in physical education and sports management. A qualified educator is passionate about working with students and helping them develop their motor and kinesthetic abilities. Excellent team player with extensive sporting and coaching experience. Avid team member with in-depth knowledge of physical education processes

Work Experience

02/ 2009- 07/ 2022, Physical Education Teacher, Crescent View High School, Dallas Texas

  • Taught health and fitness education lessons to classes of 50+ students thrice a week
  • Keenly observed students to identify their athletic abilities before developing extensive individualized instructions plans
  • Organized 100+ field trips and excursions with the students for exercise purposes
  • Evaluated the growth of 100+ students through progress tracking
  • Incorporated 10+ fitness exercises in outdoor PE sessions, including dance and Zumba
  • Closely monitored students during PE sessions to ensure non-participation in dangerous games capable of causing harm
  • Properly maintained 50+ equipment in the school’s gym to ensure that they were functional and prevent any training-related accidents
  • Organized weekly marathons for the entire school for health and fitness purposes
  • Identified talented students and linked them to the various school team coaches to hone their skills
  • Spent 60 minutes a day instructing the school’s swimming team on different swimming techniques
  • Organized regular hiking events for students with 100+ student attendance
  • Worked closely with 20+ staff members to ensure that students received holistic education
  • Maintained regular and consistent communication with 100% of the parents to ensure their participation in their children’s physical education

01/ 2006- 01/2009, Physical Education Teacher, Charleston College Preparatory School, Westminster

  • Researched and upheld best physical education teaching practices in teaching classes of 50+ students
  • Collaborated with 5+ school teams’ coaches to identify and hone talents from the general student population
  • Organized weekly sporting events that achieved 90% student turnout
  • Taught students the history of different sports such as soccer and American football to help them understand their origins
  • Trained the school swimming team for 1-hour day on different techniques and ensured that they made daily progress
  • Supervised eight practical PE Lessons weekly and ensured that students engaged in safe sports and adhered to training guidelines
  • Taught school teams the importance of sports discipline and its impact on the overall performance of the team
  • Accompanied competing students to 50+ sporting competitions and offered the required moral support
  • Organized two inter-class soccer competitions per term, which had a 90% student attendance, to identify talented soccer players from the general student population
  • Maintained regular communication with parents offering them comprehensive reports on their children’s progress, which 97% of the parents appreciated
  • Evaluated student performance through practical and theoretical tests thrice a year and discussed the results with the parents
  • Combined different teaching techniques, including demonstrations to help students learn about new sports and afterward pass their theoretical and practical exams
  • Coordinated transportation of 5 school teams, individual competitors, and teachers to and from sporting events
  • Established a martial arts club in the school, which managed membership of 100 students in the first three months
  • Attended staff meetings twice a week to discuss students’ progress and come up with more effective ways of handling students.


  • 04/2008- 04/2012, Bachelor of Education (Physical Education), University of Southern California, Los Angeles (LA)
  • 02/2006- 12/2007, High School Diploma, Sir Griffiths College Prep High School


  • Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Technical Skills

  • Sporting
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Massage
  • Athletic skills

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Ability to work in team settings
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Excellent organizational
  • Coordination
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Teamworking


06/2013, Teaching Certificate, California State Board of Education

Physical Education Teacher CV Example 2

Philly Rice

Physical address: 113 11th St YUCAIPA, CA

Email address:

Phone number: (789) 788- 4567

Personal Profile

Professional physical education teacher with excellent teaching and student assessment skills. Qualified PE educator with 10+ years of experience and extensive sporting and coaching skills. Able team worker with excellent athletic skills and abilities ready to change the lives of students. A disciplined, motivated, and organized physical educator.

Work Experience

03/2019- 08/2022, Physical Education Teacher, Dream Group of Schools, CA

  • Taught 5+ weekly classes on nutrition and fitness using mixed teaching techniques
  • Helped students identify the right exercise and fitness routines, reducing cases of obesity in the school by 12%
  • Taught students 25+ safe exercise routines and techniques, ensuring that they do not hurt themselves in their quest for fitness
  • Recommended and, with the help and authorization of the school’s administration, organized inter-school soccer, volleyball, and basketball competitions that had 95% student attendance
  • Created an award program for the best performing students in terms of sports, increasing sports enrollment by 12%
  • Motivated students to participate in a range of physical activities by stressing the importance of fitness and sports and creation of sport-related awards, bringing the sports enrollment frequency up by 12%
  • Maintained regular communication with parents through monthly parent-teacher conferences, helping address students’ sport-related concerns
  • Worked closely with the school’s management to ensure adequate athletic and sports inventory supply accommodating 2500+ students
  • Attended five weekly staff meetings to discuss student’s progress and areas in the school that needed attention
  • Introduced and taught combat sports such as karate, winning the interest of 30+ students at first
  • Carefully planned weekly educational lessons in collaboration with other members of staff
  • Monitored 50+ students during physical education classes, ensuring that they engaged in safe training methods and techniques
  • Introduced dance exercises and three athletic games in the school to demonstrate and educate the students on the need and essentials of body movement 
  • Increased student participation by 70% through engaging games and exercises
  • Taught three classes weekly made up of students between 5-10 years, teaching them how to play new sports
  • Regularly evaluated the performance of 500+ students throughout the year and provided special care and training to the low-performers

01/2016- 02/2019, Physical Education Teacher, Blackberry Group of Schools

  • Supervised and coordinated 10+ physical lessons for the entire school, both indoors and outdoors
  • Prepared students to compete in varied sporting events and competitions, winning 70% of them
  • Worked closely with 5 team coaches to prepare school teams for upcoming district and regional competitions
  • Identified the ability levels of 100+ students and ensured that they didn’t compete beyond these levels
  • Monitored students during physical education lessons to ensure that they were not exposed to unnecessary or preventable injuries
  • Offered first aid service to injured students and three school teams before transportation to the school’s hospital
  • Closely worked with 50+ parents and offered comprehensive reports on their children’s physical education progress
  • Identified talented students during physical education classes and enrolled them in different school teams
  • Occasionally taught swimming classes to students aged 5-10 years for basic survival skills
  • Researched and taught engaging games, increasing student participation in physical education classes by 40%
  • Accompanied students and participating teams in 50+ competitions, winking 65% of them
  • Awarded the best teacher of the year in 2018 for implementing a training program for the entire school, including staff

05/2012- 11/2015, Physical Education Teacher Assistant, Gems International School

  • Worked closely with the lead physical education teacher to formulate and implement new training techniques and programs
  • Created engaging physical education lessons plans, taking into account the physical abilities of all the students
  • Created friendly exercises and training techniques for five disabled students, ensuring that they did not feel left out during physical education classes
  • Monitored students during games time and physical education classes to ensure that they stayed away from injuries or sports-induced illnesses
  • Accompanied competing teams to 30+ sporting events, conducting basic coordination activities
  • Worked closely with two lead physical education teachers to ensure that students pass their theoretical and practical physical exams
  • Assessed performance and graded 30+ students at the end of every trimester, noting down their weakness areas and covering them
  • Improved students’ motor skills through a series of high-movement exercises


  • 11/2008- 03/ 2012, Bachelor of Education (PE), Santa Clara University, CA
  • 01/2005- 07/2007, High School Diploma, Gregory Senior School, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Japanese

Technical Skills

  • Teaching
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Outlook
  • First Aid
  • CPR skills
  • Sporting
  • Coaching

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational
  • Problem-solving
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Management
  • Leadership


09/12, Teaching Certificate, State Education Board of California, CA

Physical Education Teacher Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Experiences Should I Include in My Physical Education Teacher Resume?

Your potential employer will be looking for specific experiences that you must capture in your resume. They include working with children, coaching experience, extensive sporting experience, and experience working as a qualified teacher. Your volunteer experiences in local sports clubs or charities may also be handy. All in all, ensure that your experience section is rich and factual, and you will easily qualify for an interview.

2. Which Knowledge Areas are Employers Looking for in Physical Education Teachers Applications?

Employers are usually picky and specific when going through applications. They will be looking for different knowledge areas such as extensive physical exercise and sports recovery, PE examination requirements and processes, basic knowledge of first aid or CPR, and knowledge of different sporting rules and regulations. They will deduce the above-mentioned knowledge areas from your skill and required knowledge section on how you frame your work experiences. We also advise you to read the job description once more and discover what exactly the hiring manager needs.

3. Can I Include Other Subjects in My Resume?

Even though your resume should be focused on your physical education experience, it won’t hurt to include an experience where you taught a different subject, provided it shows that you have some experience dealing with students, monitoring performance, and reporting progress. Also, note that most physical education teachers teach other subjects such as Geography, History, and English in most secondary schools in addition to organizing and overseeing PE classes. All in all, having some knowledge and experience teaching other lessons is a plus when applying for a physical education teacher position, especially for an understaffed school.

4. How Can I Write an ATS-friendly Physical Education Teacher Resume?

Remember that most organizations or hiring departments use applicant tracking systems to sort job applications and weed out applicants. Therefore, your physical education teacher resume has to be ATS-friendly, or you won’t make it to the shortlist. ATS-friendliness is mostly achieved through formatting. Some useful tips in regards to this include using a chronological resume format, using long-form and acronym versions of keywords, using the right font (a screen-friendly font) such as Times New Roman or Serif, avoiding headers and footers, and observing the use of standard resume section headings. Another good move would be saving your document in pdf format.

5. What are Some of the Keywords that I Should Include in My Physical Education Teacher Resume?

Using the right keywords enriches your resume and makes it ATS-friendly. For physical education, you can include teaching, coaching, athletics, physical education, sports, curriculum development, sports management, education, educational leadership, classroom management, recovery, first aid, sports coordination, and football coaching, among other keywords. All in all, ensure that your resume is as keyword-rich as possible. It will help.

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