Preschool Teacher Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Are you an excellent preschool teacher in need of a new job? Do you know what it takes to be shortlisted for an interview? Well, we will help you achieve the first question and guide you through how you can make the second one successful. All you need is a captivating resume.

Your resume will capture everything the hiring manager needs to know about you as a professional. It will have your experience, education, and all the requisite skills, meaning it has to be as detailed as possible. However, before we give you excellent resume examples, let’s first see what your job entails or requires.

Position Description

Your main job as a preschool teacher is to get small children ready for kindergarten by familiarizing them with organized education. You play an important role in their academic lives by teaching them the necessary elements and getting them used to what they are bound to encounter when they start learning. Therefore, you should be ready to show and exercise love and patience for children and meet all the required qualifications that we will see in future sections.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Using different educational techniques such as media and educational play to ease children into organized education
  • Implementing an effective program that works for preschool children
  • Keenly observing preschool learners and helping them build their self-esteem and different social competencies
  • Maintaining regular communication and professional relationships with parent
  • Tracking every child’s performance and reporting to parents 
  • Working together with other educators to make the children ready for kindergarten
  • Guiding children in their interactions with one another and encouraging them to resolve their arguments
  • Ensuring that the classroom is clean and tidy at all times to uphold health and safety standards
  • Helping children discover and develop their practical and artistic abilities using an adequate curriculum
  • Understanding every child’s background and potential through regular communication with parents
  • Adequately preparing for lessons by coming up with workstations and gathering all the required materials
  • Monitoring children during their free playtime.
  • Ensuring that the classroom is orderly and disciplined at all times
  • Addressing early childhood development needs through a comprehensively planned curriculum.
  • Making learning more engaging and highly creative through supervised play, art and craft, and storytelling.
  • Noting every child’s development progress and helping those lagging behind 

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge and familiarity with Microsoft Office, specifically Word and Excel
  • Ability to positively influence young children by acting as a role model
  • Excellent mediation and nurturing skills
  • Passion for working with kids and inspiring them
  • Excellent communication skills that cater to young children yet to join kindergarten
  • High degrees of friendliness and energy
  • Ability to stay patient and compassionate when dealing with kids
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Ability to work and thrive in team settings
  • In-depth knowledge of educational techniques and methods catering to young children yet to begin school

Experience and Education

  • A degree in education, specializing in Early Childhood Education
  • Prior experience working with young kids or in childcare
  • Experience using Excel and Microsoft Word
  • Certification from a National Organization
  • Updated Immunization


Preschool teachers are paid quite well, given their role in children’s education. It is estimated that a normal preschool teacher earns close to $60,500 a year, while a grade III preschool teacher makes close to $81,000 a year. Others have also reported making roughly $79,000 a year, which is highly lucrative.

Pre-School Teacher CV Example 1

Richard Johnson

Address: 722 E 62ND LOS ANGELES CA 90001-1738 USA

Email address:

Phone number: 567-877-1021

Personal Profile:

Experienced and certified preschool teacher, passionate about leaving a positive mark in the lives of young learners before they transition into the school system. A professional with excellent nurturing skills and a high degree of friendliness and energy when interacting with learners. An educator was proficient in several software and applications I use in my work. A hardworking and self-motivated employee with an in-depth understanding of educational techniques and methods that can be used on young children.

Work Experience

03/ 2019- 05/2022, Senior Preschool Teacher, Picasso Group of Schools, Miami

  • Prepared daily lessons plans and taught classes of 45 students, ensuring that everyone was at par by the end of the day
  • Managed to obtain 100% positive parent feedback through a series of well-planned after-school parent-students activities such as walks and trips
  • Taught self-confidence, creative thinking and problem-solving skills that saw an improvement in pupil’s performance by 20%
  • Focused on children’s self-regulatory and emotional development by implementing the renowned ECSEL approach, winning me a spot in the staff room’s hall of Fame
  • Helped new and less experienced teachers, including assistants, to master different self-guided methodologies, positively impacting learners’ playtime by 15%
  • Prepared 10+ games that catered for the development needs of 4 learners with disabilities
  • Positively impacted reading comprehension by 10% by instructing learners on phonics and helping them develop other cognitive skills and abilities
  • Increased healthy food intake among learners by 15% through inclusive food learning activities that also saw the students undertake supervised cooking
  • Created a self-learning environment for ten children
  • Included 13 crucial development skills in my lesson plans, such as independent work and motor skills, improving learners’ performance by 30%

02/ 2016- 02/2019, Preschool Teacher, Lights Academy, Miami

  • Taught responsibility to 25+ students by engaging them in age-appropriate cleaning and environmental conservation
  • Catered for the game development needs of 10 children when preparing games for the class
  • Encouraged at-home learning, increased collaboration and communication with parents, and ensured that four struggling learners were at par with other students at the end of the three terms
  • Increased student curiosity through the widely used Montessori techniques that champion self-play, increasing overall test scores by 10%
  • Liaised with parents to understand the backgrounds of 25 students and identify their learning styles, leading to 100% transition to the kindergarten stage 
  • Identified and organized different activities that brought parents close to their children, such as hikes, achieving 99% positive parent feedback
  • Consistently communicated with parents ensuring that the needs of 25 students were constantly taken care of 

11/2012- 12/ 2015, Teacher Assistant, Seattle

  • Came up with fun weekends outdoor activities such as interactive plays and butterfly chases that were attended by 100% of learners
  • Gave students engaging tasks to do at home with the help of their parents, which saw teacher-parent collaboration in learning increase by 10%
  • Created a fun, engaging, and energetic learning environment, earning  a 100% positive child feedback
  • Stepped in for absent teachers 15+ times, handling classes of 42 learners
  • Updated parents on their children’s performance, suggesting what they could do for better performance, improving test scores by 10%


  • 05/2009- 05/2012, Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development, University of California, Los Angeles
  • 01/2004- 12/ 2008, High School Diploma, Western Fields Senior School


  • Languages
  • English
  • Croatian
  • Spanish

Technical Skills

  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Data entry skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • High levels of empathy
  • High degrees of patience
  • Ability to work in team settings
  • Ability to work under pressure


  • 08/2010- Taking education to the Marginalized, Ohio
  • 07/2009- Save a Life, Red Cross Volunteer Program


06/2013, Certified Preschool Teacher, State of California

Preschool Teacher CV Example 2

Diana Rose

Address: 401 W 106TH LOS ANGELES CA 90001-4214 USA

Email address:

Phone number: 456-767-8907

Personal Profile:

A friendly, energetic preschool teacher was passionate about helping young learners smoothly join the school system. Possesses nurturing and teaching skills for dealing with small children. A compassionate educator who can be a role model to different learners. An expert with in-depth knowledge of the different educational techniques and methods of teaching young children yet to join the school system. A mature team worker who is hardworking, responsible, self-motivated, and dedicated to leaving a positive mark in this profession. Professional able to adapt well to challenging situations and rapidly changing work environments.

Work Experience

05/2019- 06/2022, Pre-school Teacher Montessori Pointe-Claire, US

  • Improved my learner’s critical thinking and concentration skills through carefully organized 15-minute sessions in French classes
  • Carefully developed and implemented a music program in the curriculum, helping 200+ students sharpen their social and motor skills
  • Consistently communicated with parents and informed them of their children’s learning progress, enhancing collaboration, leading to the effortless transition of 400+ students into the school system
  • Skillfully handled and taught classes of 20-25 pupils, creating interactive learning opportunities through field trips
  • Used 15 proven techniques to teach pupils, including scientifically recommended methods for their emotional and psychological development
  • Recommended and participated in several plans aimed at helping pupils excel in their endeavors, both in and outside the class perimeters.
  • Nurtured learner’s curiosity through a series of independent plays that increased  their overall performance by 10%
  • Ensured that 20+ children felt safe and free at all times by reassuring and encouraging them to speak up
  • Handled five children with learning disabilities, patiently guiding them through their learning milestones, ensuring they were at par with others
  • Urged students to try out new topics on their own through a series of independent and engaging play techniques, improving their overall score performance by 30%
  • Kept parents involved in their children’s learning through hiking trips and outdoor activities, increasing their satisfaction levels by 40%
  • Liaised with the cleaning department to ensure that the classes were clean at all times, giving 20+ students a safe learning environment.
  • Followed a comprehensively planned curriculum, addressing 20+ early childhood development needs

01/2016- 11/2018, Preschool Teacher, Bonaventure Groups of Schools, Los Angeles, California

  • Tracking 30+ learner’s performance and duly reporting to parents 
  • Used 20+ educational plays to ease children into an organized learning
  • Kept 30+ students engaged through different teaching techniques such as videos, pictures, and organized play
  • Organized bonding sessions between parents and their children through outdoor activities such as hikes and trail walks, increasing parent-teacher collaboration by 50%
  • Regularly communicated with parents to understand the backgrounds of 40+ students and make necessary adjustments for learning purposes
  • Organized storytelling sessions with the learners, boosting their creativity and critical thinking abilities leading to an overall improvement of 30% in their test scores
  • Modified the curriculum by introducing dancing and singing lessons that helped 20+ students identify their artistical abilities
  • Collaborated with ten other educators to ensure that 60+ pupils were ready for kindergarten

11/2013- 01/2016, Preschool Teacher Assistant The Young Learners Congregation School, Los Angeles California

  • Captured the interest of 100% of the students through unique plays and learning styles, improving their interaction and engagement
  • Ensured that every student could focus by an extra 10 minutes by teaching foreign language skills, in this case, French.
  • Created comprehensive lesson plans for 10+ students daily
  • Encouraged pupil’s curiosity and interactiveness through free plays, which saw a 15% improvement in test score performance
  • Improved 10+ students’ cognitive skills and abilities through a series of well-created plays.
  • Targeted and taught learners different cognitive abilities such as phonics and color identification through different plays
  • Came up with and taught highly engaging and creative lessons to 10+ students daily
  • Managed to earn 100% positive pupil feedback through well-organized, fun, and interactive lessons
  • Ensured that my well-crafted lesson plans met the needs of 3 pupils with learning disabilities
  • Put more focus on parent coaching and at-home learning, positively increasing overall learning speeds by 10%
  • Recommended at-home learning to parents, which saw a significant drop in children’s screen time by 7%


  • 04/2010- 07/2013, Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • 01/2005- 11/2009, High School Diploma, Bright Spark Senior Girls School, Cincinnati


  • Languages
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Technical Skills

  • Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency

Soft Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills
  • High levels of compassion
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Ability to thrive in team settings/ team working skills
  • The high degree of friendliness when dealing with kids


  • 08/2015- Teachers without Borders Program, Indonesia
  • 06/2014- Raising the Perfect Student, a volunteering program targeting preschool children from poor backgrounds, Chicago, US

Preschool Teacher Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Some of the Must-Haves for a Preschool Teacher?

There are specific qualifications that one should have to land a job as a preschool teacher. One must prove prior experience working in child care since this role is all about working with young kids to prepare them to join the school system. You must also have updated immunizations owing to children’s vulnerability to diseases. Other qualifications include in-depth knowledge of the different techniques and methods for handling young children, excellent communication skills, and the ability to positively inspire the class.

2. Do I Need Any Technical Skills to Thrive as a Pre-school Teacher?

The world is experiencing an increasing technological revolution, with all spheres adopting technology. You, therefore, need a few technical skills to make your work easier. That said, ensure that you are proficient in using Microsoft Office, specifically Microsoft Word and Excel, which come in handy in scheduling and organizing work. Also note that the more technical skills you include in your resume, the higher your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

3. Must I Be Certified By a National Organization to Land a Job?

Even though it is not mandatory, some organizations or schools prefer preschool teachers with a certification from a National Organization, such as the National Council of Professionals. Such certifications show that apart from your education in early childhood education, you are qualified to deal with and help mold young children. Therefore, we advise you to get certified and include it in your resume if you intend to easily get shortlisted whenever you apply for a position.

4. What’s the Experience Cap When Applying for a New Preschool Teaching Job?

The employer usually determines the experience needed for a given job. Some may need five years of experience, and others less. However, for this position, the main experience needed is childcare. It would help if you showed the hiring manager or interviewer that you have been involved in molding or caring for young children, whether inside or outside the classroom.

You should not also panic if you are relatively new to preschool teaching. Show the interviewer that you have all it takes to succeed, and you will be good. Mention other experiences related to this field and focus more on your skills.

5. Must I Mention that I Have High Organizational Skills on My Resume?

It is advisable and even mandatory to include all the relevant skills required for this job. You have to mention that you are highly organized, a skill that generally comes in handy when preparing for lessons and managing different aspects of your job. Do not fail to mention anything that would be a plus for you.

6. How Long Will It Take Me to Be a Preschool Teacher?

The duration you will take to be a preschool teacher differs, given that there are two main ways around it. You can pursue an associate’s degree that takes roughly two years or a bachelor’s degree that takes four years. You may also have to sit for a certification exam depending on your state’s law which brings us to roughly 3-6 years.

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