Top 25 Revature Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Revature is constantly seeking the best individuals to join its team as the leading employer of entry-level technical talent in the US. Revature is the best place to start if you’re interested in the technological sector. You can anticipate being questioned about your technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and teamwork abilities during your interview with Revature. Even though you might not be familiar with every technology Revature employs, the interviewers will be checking to see if you have the aptitude to pick up new skills fast and adjust to novel circumstances. At Revature, the hiring procedure is comparatively short and simple. Large applicants claim to be able to finish the process in a few days. A preliminary phone screen constitutes the first step of the procedure. A recruiter from Revature will quiz you on your credentials and experience during this conversation. You will receive an invitation to come for an interview if you are selected to proceed. It will be a conventional in-person interview where you will be asked about your knowledge and expertise. At this time, Revature will also evaluate your cultural fit. To assist you in preparing for your interview, below are a few sample Revature interview questions.

1. What Do You Know About Revature?

Technology talent development firm Revature is in Reston, Virginia. Its business strategy entails recruiting new college grads from the United States, providing them with training in in-demand software skills, and placing them to work on IT projects for Revature’s corporate and governmental clients. When Revature was established in 2003 as a conventional staffing firm, it had trouble locating job candidates with the IT skills that businesses were looking for. It transformed into a talent development business in 2014 intending to meet such unmet needs. Revature is the biggest employer of young technological talent in the United States and claims to have trained around 7000 software developers. Revature announced introducing a new set of workforce reskilling services in September 2020 that are aimed at businesses looking to retrain their current staff.

2. Why Are You Interested In A Job At Revature?

I am passionate about innovation and technology, so I want to work at Revature. According to my study, there are many prospects for growth which sounds like a great place to work. I adore the concept of assisting young people in beginning tech professions. I’d be thrilled to assist people in developing new skills and locating satisfying employment. It can be utilized to address some of the most significant issues facing our world, in my opinion. My passion for coding has always been strong, and I believe working here would provide me the opportunity to put my knowledge to good use. Joining a team that is dedicated to using technology to improve everyone’s quality of life excites me.

3. What Goals Have You Set For This Job?

I think your corporate culture sounds good, I am very eager to join Revature. Speaking with multiple people who genuinely like their jobs here gives me confidence in my choice to apply for this job. I’m pleased to learn more about technology in general and codes in particular. Although I’m prepared to embark on new experiences, I know there will be difficulties along the way.

4. What Programming Language Is The Most Challenging, And Why?

C++’s memory management approach made it the most challenging programming language I’ve ever used. It took me a while to get acclimated to this, but after it, I realized it was a lot simpler than I had anticipated. I got better at utilizing it as I did more practice.

5. What Kinds Of School Projects Have You Completed?

I’ve worked on a variety of projects throughout my computer science courses. We created an application for the school’s basketball team in one of our classes. For coaches to submit player statistics and monitor their development over time, we had to build a database. Making a website for the theatre department at our school was another undertaking. We created a website where customers can purchase tickets online using WordPress.

6. How Would You Characterize Your Programming Abilities?

I consider myself to be someone who is constantly seeking out new programming techniques. I’m always learning new technologies, reading coding blogs and books, and observing how other programmers work. When it is to programming, I believe that my open-mindedness and desire to learn are two of my significant assets.

7. Why Are You The Best Fit For This Job?

Because I get to tackle difficulties every day in my job as a software engineer, I enjoy it because it makes me feel productive. I also like collaborating with other employees who are enthusiastic about their work and want to use technology to change the world.

8. Briefly Explain Your Java And SQL Experience.

In addition to my previous experience with Java and SQL, I also have C++, Python, and JavaScript skills. As a web developer, my former job required me to use SQL to build a new database for the organization’s website. I created a database that improved the company’s ability to track sales information. In my previous position, I was given the task of building some new databases for the website of our business. I made a database in Java that we could use to hold data on our items and clients. Removing unnecessary processes, helped us streamline our business operations and save time.

9. What Attributes Do You Think A Competent Developer Should Have?

A competent developer needs to be skilled at communicating clearly and addressing problems. Additionally, they must be able to function independently in a group context. These three qualities, in my opinion, form the basis for success in this position. Moreover, the employee must be able to [perform well under pressure. In my previous position as an IT professional, I was in charge of resolving problems with the company’s software applications. Our sales reports suddenly stopped functioning, which prevented us from making any money until they were rectified. I put a lot of effort into identifying the issue and solving it fast to resume work.

10. We Search For Candidates Who Can Assist Clients In Problem-Solving When Conducting Client Interviews. Do You Believe You Could Interact With Clients Effectively?

Because I am quite sociable and like to assist people, I believe I would succeed in my customer service role. In my former position, I frequently had to respond to inquiries from clients regarding our products. I always ensure to pay close attention to their worries and act promptly to provide the solutions they required.

11. What Do You Think About Going On Business Trips?

Revature is a developing business that frequently sends staff members on business trips. I’m thrilled to find that there’s a chance I’ll get to travel for business work. I haven’t ever traveled for business, but I’m excited to see new areas and get to know new people. I am aware, though, that there are instances when staying put is necessary for work purposes. I have faith that I can operate effectively from any location.

12. Give Examples Of Situations Where You Have Applied Object-Oriented Programming.

In my prior position, when I was in charge of developing new software, I employed object-oriented programming. One time, I was required to develop a program to assist in monitoring inventory at the company’s warehouses. To do this, I first designed a user interface that allowed staff members to input data regarding their inventory levels. Then, I created code to keep track of the information input into the system.

13. What One Thing About Our Business Would You Change If You Were Hired?

The time to go from one level to the next is something I would improve. I’ve observed that some workers must wait up to two-three before advancing in their careers. I would implement a new system at this organization if I were employed, allowing employees to advance every six months based on their performance.

14. Can You Describe A Project Of Yours That Failed?

I once participated in a project where the goal was to develop an app for a customer. I was in charge of coming up with the design, there were some compatibility concerns when my team tried to put it into practice. It took longer than anticipated because we had to start anew after scrapping everything. I took away from this experience the need to check that a project’s many components are compatible before beginning.

15. Give An Example Of A Moment When You Had To Balance Several Tasks.

As an IT support professional, I used to be in charge of answering incoming customer calls while simultaneously keeping an eye on several computer screens. To respond appropriately, I had to recognize the most serious difficulties right away. For instance, if a client is contacted with a password problem, I would do their work of resting their password before continuing with other duties. I guaranteed that all of our customers received high-quality service by ranking these responsibilities in order of importance.

16. Have You Ever Been A Part Of A Team? If So, What Role Did You Play?

Working at Revature requires you to collaborate with others as a team. Although I’ve previously worked in groups, I rather enjoy working alone. I am aware that certain undertakings call for teamwork, though. I was given a project at my previous workplace where I had to work with different departments. I developed my interpersonal communication skills and learned how to assign duties to ensure that everyone got their work done. Previously, I worked as a software engineer on a project alongside another developer having different views about what we ought to accomplish next. I questioned him about his interest in discussing the project’s options because we wanted to finish it successfully. He concurred, and with his support, we devised a strategy that served our needs both.

17. What Would You Do If Your Two Project Members Were Arguing?

In my previous position as an IT professional, two of my employees got into a fight about who was in charge of resolving a server-related issue. I interrogated them both to learn more about the problem before advising them to collaborate to find a solution. They did, and before our clients realized it, we fixed the problem.

18. Tell Us About An Occasion When You Changed Someone’s Life.

My neighbor’s son, whose son I knew in high school, has autism. He would frequently become irritated since he couldn’t express his desires. One day, he sobbed and rushed inside his house. Because they were at work, his parents weren’t there to calm him down. I approached to offer my help. Until his parents returned from work, I sat with him. They informed me that while he sometimes struggles with change, he feels secure around me.

19. In Five Years, Where Do You See Yourself?

I picture myself working at Revature as a software engineer. I’ve always had a passion for technology, so I’m thrilled to be a part of a business that is dedicated to developing entry-level employees. I gained useful abilities in my prior employment, but I felt that something was still lacking. I’m prepared to take the challenge of working as a full-time developer now that I have a clearer idea of what I want from my profession. I browsed and discovered that you’re dedicated to assisting individuals in locating satisfying professions in technology. That is also my aim. By then, I hope to have completed my master’s degree in computer science, and I’m excited to continue honing my tech-related talents.

20. How Crucial Is It In Your Opinion That All Corporate Departments Work Together?

I think collaboration between all areas is necessary for success. In my prior employment, I closely collaborated with marketing to provide material that was search engine-focused. As a result, we were able to connect with more people who were actively looking for our services. We observed a big rise in website traffic as a result. Working in the technology sector requires a lot of cross-functional teamwork. In my current position as a software engineer, I frequently receive requests to work with other divisions. For instance, I might have to speak with the sales team when developing new features of products to comprehend client wants. My ability to develop solutions that benefit both clients and the company is aided by this.

21. Are You At Ease Speaking In Front Of An Audience?

The need to present or demonstrate your work could arise as a developer. Public speaking is something that I do well. Since my first semester in college, when I enrolled in computer science introductory course, I used to give presentations. We had to show the class our final projects, as instructed by my lecturer. I was at first anxious, but I quickly realized that if I had done my homework, I could talk in front of an audience with confidence.

22. What Inspires You?

I’m very motivated by problem-solving and picking up new abilities. I’ve always enjoyed coming up with solutions to challenging issues. I had the responsibility of coming up with ideas to enhance the website for my previous employer. I developed a technique that will help us save money while also enhancing user experience after investigating various approaches. This encourages me to keep learning and developing professionally.

23. Have You Ever Disagreed With A Decision Made By Your Boss? If So, How Did You Handle It?

I disagreed with my manager’s choice to use an antiquated coding language for a project in my previous position as a software engineer. Even though I could understand their decision, I argued that using a more modern coding language would be preferable because it would enable us to finish the project more quickly and ultimately save the business money. We used the newest coding language because my manager supported my argument.

24. What Do You Think About The Condition Of Software Engineering Today?

I believe that right now, software engineering is doing pretty well. Developers have access to a wealth of tools that can help them grow professionally and pick up new skills. I wish entry-level engineers had more chances to work on tasks that have practical applicability. Numerous businesses only employ high-level engineers, preventing junior engineers from gaining experience on projects they are passionate about.

25. What, In Your Opinion, Should One Always Keep In Mind When Attempting To Be Innovative?

The most crucial aspect of working in technology is innovation because it enables us to develop brand-new goods and services for our clients. I believe keeping an open mind is the most crucial thing to bear in mind when attempting to be innovative. You can never be sure what type of ideas or abilities other individuals may possess.


Candidates generally say that Revature’s interviewing procedure is fair and effective. Even though the first few steps might seem straightforward, individuals who advance to the interview should expect a challenge. Be ready for the questions you will probably be asked during your interview with Revature.

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