Top 30 Sales Management Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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Sales management professionals are primarily responsible for developing and executing sales plans to increase their company’s market share and profits. They must be able to assess market conditions and identify new sales opportunities. They also need to be able to build and maintain relationships with clients.

To enter the sales management field, you need to be able to answer questions about your experience and past successes. You also should be able to sell yourself in an interview. To help you prepare for your interview, we have gathered some of the most common sales manager interview questions and provided sample answers

1. Tell Us About Yourself A Bit?

I possess 6+ years of experience working as a sales representative for a software company. I started as an entry-level salesperson but quickly advanced to senior sales rep after consistently meeting my quotas and exceeding expectations. My success was a because of my ability to build strong relationships with clients and perfectly provide them with solutions to their problems.

2. What Experience Do You Have In General Sales?

I started my initial career as an entry-level sales associate at a local retail store. After completing two years there, I was promoted to team leader, managing a group of five other associates. My profession as a team leader required me to delegate tasks among my team members, hold regular meetings with my team and provide feedback on their performance. This experience taught me how to motivate my team and manage their expectations.

3. What Methodologies Have You Used To Increase Profits In Sales Management?

I use several strategies to increase sales and profits in my current role as a sales manager. I first analyze our current sales numbers and compare them to industry averages to see where we can improve. Then, I develop a strategy based on those findings and communicate it to my team, so they know what’s expected of them. Finally, I arrange weekly-based meetings with my team to discuss progress and make adjustments.

4. How Do You Develop And Maintain Relationships With Customers?

I believe we should build long-term relationships with my customers, so I always ensure they’re happy with our products and services. For instance, when a customer first signs up for our company’s service, I send them a well-produced email thanking them for their business and offering any assistance they may need. Then, every month, I follow up with them to see if there is anything else we can do to improve their experience with us.

5. What Policies And Procedures Have You Developed Related To Customer Service, Business Ethics, Or Safety?

At my previous job, I noticed that our sales representatives were sometimes too eager to close deals with customers. This led to some customers feeling pressured into making purchases they weren’t ready for. To solve such issues, I created a new policy where sales representatives could only call back customers if they didn’t respond to an email within 24 hours. This policy helped ensure that we wouldn’t pressure customers into buying something they weren’t ready for while also giving us time to follow up with them.

6. What Training Programs Have You Implemented To Help Employees Improve Their Skills?

At my last company, I noticed that some of our sales representatives struggled to close deals. So, I created a training program for them where they could learn strategies for overcoming objections and closing more sales. The program was so successful that we saw an increase in revenue by 10% within six months.

7.  What Are Your Thoughts On The Need For A More Collaborative Sales Model?

I think collaborative sales models are an excellent idea for many businesses. In my last role, I worked with a team of five other salespeople who all had different territories. We used to have a weekly physical meeting to discuss our progress and any challenges we faced. This lets us bounce ideas off each other and learn from one another. It also helped us develop relationships outside of work, which made us better at our jobs.

8. How Do You Think Businesses Should Focus On Digital Marketing?

One of the best ways businesses can focus on digital marketing is by creating valuable content for their target audience. For instance, I worked at my previous job as a sales representative, where we had a client selling a new type of software. We created blog posts about different uses for the software and shared them on social media. This made us reach our target audience and got more people interested in our products and services.

9. Tell Us About Your Experience In Sales Management. 

I have been a sales professional at two different companies during the past eight years, and for the last three of them, I have been head of the entire sales team. During that time, I mentored all younger team members and helped them strategize ways to reach their objectives and goals. I have always assisted our manager with keeping track of everyone’s progress.

10. Why Did You Choose This Sales Management Field?

I had my first sales job right out of college, and while working in that position, I finally realized that I loved connecting with customers and finding a way to meet their needs. I also realized that I could sell company products and services easily. Even though there were lots of ups and downs, that love has continued, and now I am six years into a sales career.

11. What Actions Will You Take If One Of Your Sales Reps Misses Their Sales Goals For A Few Months In A Row?

I had a sales representative who missed his goal twice in a row when I led a team of sales representatives. During our conversation, I noticed that he had been making fewer sales at the beginning of the month than at the end, which required him to play catch-up.

I pointed out this to him and helped him set weekly goals so he could meet his monthly goals. Every week for the next month, I checked in with him to ensure he was still on track. Since then, he hasn’t missed a goal using the system.

12. What Is Your Management Style?

As a manager, my style changes depending on the people I’m managing and their needs, but in general, I strive to provide my staff with the resources they need to succeed. Some people need special training, while others need to set checkpoints and trust them to follow through.

13. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

  • Strengths

The things that motivate individuals are something I am good at noticing. At my last job, I had a sales rep who thrived on competition and another who only achieved his own goals. As a reward, I set up a system that would reward them for beating their records and those of others. Within two months, our sales increased by five percent.

  • Weakness

It is easier for me to get caught up in the numbers and forget that many factors influence my sales reps’ sales. To help them reach their goals, I hold regular one-on-one meetings with them to find out how everything is going and if they need anything from me.

It has only taken me one or two months a year to have someone miss their goals instead of three or four in the past.

14. Which Data Analysis Tools Do You Have Experience With? 

HubSpot and Clari are familiar, but I’m also used to learning new software at each job I’ve held, so I’m open to learning new software here with you.

15. If You Are Given A Chance To Hire A New Sales Rep, What Qualities Would You Look For?

A candidate should have strong communication, drive, customer service, and assertiveness. Candidates should provide examples of using empathy and thick skin in sales. I will also put them in hypothetical situations to see how they handle difficult sales.

16. Describe How You Would Train A New Sales Rep?

New hires would first be introduced to their team, then to key members of the organization. I will give them a complete company tour. I would make sure each sales rep understands how the company operates.

Each would receive an up-to-date copy of our mission, vision, and values, an organizational chart, and a directory. To accomplish all this within a day or two would be my goal. To create camaraderie among the sales team, I would do a team bonding activity the next day.

I would then teach them our software and processes and connect them with a more senior salesperson to mentor them. In the first week, I would like to accomplish all of this. Then I would check in with the employee regularly to see how they were doing.

17. Tell Us About A Time You Failed At Work. What Did You Do? 

I promised to rush some product samples to a client at my first job. Someone else called after I hung up and forgot to send the samples. I realized what had happened when the client called asking about them a few days later.

They would be there within a day or two, I apologized. After telling my manager what had happened, I apologized again and said I would overnight the samples and pay for them myself. This way, I can write down everything I promise during a conversation; I keep a notepad and pen next to my phone.

18. Made You Successful In This Field? How Would You Use Your Experience To Manage Your Team?

Setting and achieving goals was taught to me by my first manager. My confidence and drive to succeed came from knowing that someone else believed in me and that I could achieve my goals. I want other sales reps to receive the same treatment.

  • I prefer to communicate with my members directly and transparently. Most employees dread miscommunication because it causes confusion and stress.
  • I will offer a clear vision.
  • I always encourage team collaboration.
  • I delegate them all with care
  • I prefer providing constructive feedback and recognition.
  • I overcome remote work challenges.

19. Why Do You Believe The Customer Experience Is So Important?

I believe that providing an excellent customer experience is crucial to building long-term relationships with clients. I know from my experiences as a consumer that when I have a positive interaction with a company, I’m more likely to return to them for future purchases or services. As a sales manager, I would encourage my team members to focus on creating positive interactions with our clients so we can build strong relationships.

20. What Are Some Techniques You Use To Overcome Challenges During Sales Calls?

In my previous role, where I worked as a sales representative for a software company, I used to have a client who was hesitant about purchasing our product because they were concerned it would take lots of time to implement. Instead of trying to convince them that our product was easy to use, I offered to do a demonstration with their team so they could see how simple it was to use. They agreed, and after seeing how easy it was to use our product, they purchased it immediately.

21. What Do You Think Are The Key Attributes Of A Successful Sales Management Professional?

Communication is one of the most important attributes of a successful sales manager. A good sales manager needs to be able to communicate effectively with their team members and clients. They need to explain goals and expectations clearly, so everyone understands what they’re working toward. Another key attribute of a successful sales manager is empathy. I think it is important for sales managers to understand how employees feel about their work and support them when needed.

22. What Motivates You To Achieve Your Goals?

I am fully motivated by my desire and vision to succeed in this industry. I love helping customers, especially when I solve their problems and provide them with products that make their lives easier. I also like being recognized for my hard work, so I strive to meet monthly sales goals. I have got numerous promotions over the past five years because of my performance.

23. What Do You Consider To Be Your Strengths And Weaknesses Especially It Comes To Sales Management?

I consider my ability to build relationships with clients to be one of my greatest strengths as a salesperson. I am always looking for multiple ways to connect with customers and help them feel comfortable in our company. My weakness would be my tendency to get ahead of myself when closing deals. In the past, I’ve had to learn to slow down and focus more on customer service than making sure every detail is perfect.

24. What Would You Say Be Your Greatest Achievement In Sales?

My greatest achievement in sales was when I first started my career. I had been working at a company for only a few months when they asked me to take on new territory. Firstly, I was very nervous because I didn’t feel ready for such a big responsibility. However, I accepted the challenge and spent extra hours studying the market and learning more about my clients. After two years of hard work, I grew my client base by 30%.

25. What Criteria Do You Use To Decide Which Leads To Pursue?

I first look at the company’s size and budget to see if they’re a good fit for our products. I also check their website to learn more about their business and who their target audience is. If it seems like we could provide them with solutions that would benefit their customers, I’ll reach out to schedule a call to introduce myself and my team. From there, I’ll ask questions to understand their needs and determine if we can be a good fit.

26. How Do You Handle Customer Complaints?

In my previous job, where I worked as a sales associate, I had a customer upset about their purchase. They said that they didn’t receive all of the items they ordered. When I spoke with them on the phone, I apologized for the inconvenience and offered to send out another package at no cost. The customer agreed, and I sent out the new order right away. A few days later, the customer called me back to say everything had arrived, and they were happy with it.

27. What, In Your Opinion, Can Be The Most Important Factor In Closing A Sale?

I think it’s important to have all of these factors working together when I’m trying to close a sale. For example, if I don’t know enough about the products or services my company offers, I won’t be able to communicate them to customers effectively. If I don’t listen to what the customer needs, I might not be able to sell them our products. And if I don’t empathize with their situation, I may be unable to convince them that we’re the best option for them.

28. What Methodologies Do You Use To Generate New Leads?

I use various lead generation methods to find new prospects interested in our products or services. I have found and realized that using multiple channels is more effective than just one because it allows and enables me to reach a wider audience. In my last role, I used social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to post content about our company’s products and services. This helped me connect with thousands of potential customers seeking information on our industry.

29. What Are Your Thoughts On The Importance Of Product Knowledge When Selling?

 I believe extensive product knowledge is essential when selling because it allows me to answer any questions my clients may have about our offerings. It also helps me understand their needs better to provide solutions that fit their requirements. In my previous role, I trained new salespeople on our products and processes. The same helped me to learn more about the company and its offerings.

30. Do You Need To Ask Any Questions About Sales Management?

I am very much motivated and excited about this position because I think it would greatly fit my skills and experience. Before today, I was curious about what training program you offer sales representatives. A strong training program can help new employees quickly learn how to succeed at their jobs.


The skills necessary to be a manager in any industry are unique since you need to understand the business and lead a team. Sales are no different.

Prepare for your interview if you’re applying for a sales manager position, whether you’re interviewing within the same organization or at a new organization.

We have mentioned the top 30 questions and answers covering the sales management area. These surely can vary as per the nature of the job. They are general questions for all the positions coming under sales management, and most remain the same. Still, it is up to the interviewer, and the hiring conditions; can vary.