Security Guard Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

You need to create a security guard resume that stands out because security guard jobs are quite competitive. To achieve that, you certainly should know how to write a striking resume. This includes knowing the right format to use and the sections that should not miss in your resume. For instance, you should always include relevant work experience and the skills that relate to the job you want. Whether you have been practicing as a security guard for years or you are looking for an entry-level position, you can stand out by showing achievements in your resume. 

To write a strong security guard resume, you need to know what your potential employer needs by looking at the job description. Below are two resume examples, which feature the information and sections potential employers look for in an outstanding security guard resume. Use these CV examples for reference to guide you at every step. Regardless of whether you want a job at a small or big firm, these resume examples can help you win interviews quickly and land your next job. 

Security Guard Job Description

The job description of a security guard usually outlines the roles, duties, and responsibilities that the security guard will be performing. You should align your resume with the roles specified in the job description, otherwise, your potential employer may not be convinced that you have what it takes.

Position Description

The main responsibility of a security guard is to protect a person or people, or a company and its assets. Security guards monitor a particular area, protecting it from intruders and trespassers. In other words, protecting buildings, employees, or other assets is a huge priority for security guards. They usually have the chance to interact with different kinds of people daily and also engage in keeping assets safe and secure. A security guard is usually the first person employees or visitors encounter before starting work or visiting their office of interest. Thus, he or she should have a friendly and welcoming attitude to represent a company well while ensuring its security. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Guard

  • Continuously patrol and observe activity on the business’s grounds to deter thieves and ensure a safe and secure environment
  • Evict intruders and violators and imprison them while adhering to the law before authorities arrive to take control.
  • Control the arrival and departure of personnel, guests, and vehicles according to to set procedures
  • Keep an eye on security cameras to look out for any disruptions or illegal activity
  • Give management thorough information on daily operations and any mishaps that may have happened
  • Test security measures and, if necessary, run metal detectors and X-ray machines
  • Use provided communication tools, such as two-way radios, in a concise and clear manner
  • Write weekly and monthly reports concerning the security situation and resources that can help enhance security work
  • Respond to calls and alarms of security concern
  • Man the security desk and respond to security concern queries
  • Alert authorities whenever they are required to take emergency or immediate actions

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Outstanding surveillance skills
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Great self-defense, lifting, emotional control, and reporting abilities
  • Decision-making and judgment skills
  • Ability to identify problems and solve them
  • Able to maintain a professional attitude and appearance
  • Detail-oriented
  • Knowledgeable in basic security and inspection procedures
  • Integrity, objectivity, dependability, and self-management abilities

Education and Experience

  • GED certificate or High school diploma
  • Experience in security procedure and operations


A senior security guard earns $35,091 on average per year while a security guard gets $27,300, according to On the other hand, a junior security guard earns $23,400.

Property Manager CV Example 1

Wilson Kago 

Address: Brooklyn, New York City, United States

Email address:

Phone number: 2573 864-9173

Personal Profile  

An experienced and vigilant security guard with more than eight years of service in the security sector. Knowledgeable of security procedures, security systems, and handling both employees and visitors effectively. Skilled in surveillance to ensure that buildings, assets, and people are safe and secure. Excellent in written and oral communication skills, and working independently and in a team. Pleased to apply my skills and experience in providing a cautionary presence while interacting with and assisting visitors, customers, and workers. Determined to ensure security and safety of premises, people, and other resources and assets at all times.

Work Experience

Security Guard, Alexander and Sons Properties, New York, United States

8/2017 – 10/2020

  • Secured personnel and premises through regular patrols of the property, inspecting buildings and permitting entry of authorized persons to sensitive areas
  • Monitored surveillance equipment to identify intrusions or violations of security rules early on. Took steps including seeking additional guards to control people and ensure the safety of premises
  • Prevented damage and loss of property by restraining trespassers, and letting violators know about security procedures and policies
  • Controlled traffic effectively by directing drivers at the entrance and showing them where to park to avoid poor use of designated parking areas
  • Recorded information, observations, surveillance activities, and occurrences regularly before compiling the same in weekly and monthly reports
  • Monitored designated environment, set equipment and building security controls to ensure quick reporting of procedure violations, intrusions, or attempts to cause damage
  • Received visitors in a friendly and welcoming manner, obtained details regarding their identity and office of interest, and guided them according to respective offices and officers
  • Contributed to the efforts made by the security team by being present when needed and serving effectively at my station
  • Ensured that surveillance cameras and other security systems under the security office were functioning as required.  

Security Guard, Citigroup Bank, New York, US

5/2014 – 7/2017

  • Ensured the safety and security of bank premises and employees, customers, and visitors
  • Responded to emergencies promptly to offer necessary help and assistance to customers and employees
  • Provided excellent customer service at the entrance and security desk whenever customers and employees sought guidance or help
  • Adhered to the set operation and service standards at all times while complying with the federal, state, and local regulations
  • Kept vigilance on bank assets that were prone to fire, assault, theft, damage, or other security and safety issues
  • Adhered to and followed set security procedures for different initiatives such as making regular patrols, investigating incidents, controlling traffic, and preventing damage, theft, or fire
  • Reported security breaches, criminal behavior, and suspicious activity to relevant authorities for appropriate action
  • Documented occurrences, recorded observations, interviewed witnesses including getting their signatures and reported unusual surveillance activities
  •  Oriented new junior security officers around the premises and trained them on standard operating procedures and qualities they needed to uphold
  • Ensured that security equipment was usable and functioning as required through safe keeping and regular maintenance

Assistant Security Guard, JJ Wheat Millers, New York, United States

3/2011 – 4/2014

  • Controlled vehicles at the entrance, made security checks on vehicles, and guided them to park appropriately in designated parking
  • Ensured to check all persons at the entrance to ensure harmful or dangerous objects that could harm people or damage property are not let in
  • Received visitors in a friendly manner, made inquiries about their visit, and directed accordingly to respective offices
  • Monitored the environment, buildings, equipment, and operations and reported the suspicious and unusual activity to relevant officers
  • Followed manufacturer’s instructions when using security tools and equipment, troubleshot malfunctions and reported needs for repair to the security office
  • Responded quickly to emergency calls and provided necessary help and assistance to clients and workers
  • Ensured that premises, people, buildings, and equipment were safe and secure by patrolling them and using surveillance systems to discover any unusual happenings
  • Adhered to the set procedures and processes, ensured to be present when needed, and work with other teams members to maintain security within the premises
  • Followed established operation standards while complying with local and state regulations


  • 1/2007 – 12/2010, High School Diploma, Uplands State Academy


  • 6/2011, Certificate in Public Safety, Purdue University Global


Computer Skills

  • First Aid
  • Basic computer skills


  • English
  • American Sign Language

Other skills

  • Multitasking
  • Following complex instructions
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Patrolling and reporting

Property Manager CV Example 2

Victoria Hawkins 

Address: London, United Kingdom

Email address:

Phone number: 7204 957-264

Personal Profile 

A professional security guard with about a decade of consistent service in the security industry. Skilled in patrolling premises, equipment, and other resources to ensure they are safe and secure. Knowledgeable in security standard operations and procedures. A hardworking, trustworthy, self-motivated security guard who works well independently and within a team. Great communicator with the ability to guide and direct staff and visitors accordingly. Able to respond quickly to an emergency and stressful situations and resolve issues quickly. Possess a strong understanding of local and national regulations governing the security industry. Looking to offer my services expertly and ensure the security of people and premises.

Work Experience

Security Guard, JIB Manufacturing, Inc., London, United Kingdom

5/2018 – 11/2021

  • Effectively patrolled buildings, parked vehicles, machinery, and equipment to ensure they were secure from theft or damage
  • Inspected security systems and equipment twice or thrice per week to guarantee they were operational and functioning as required
  • Convened weekly security meetings where briefings were made and various discussions held including enhancing security standards and responding to potential security issues
  • Directed employees, clients, and visitors to offices located in different locations. Escorted some of the visitors as when necessary.
  • Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly reports about different aspects such as shifts, findings of observations on property and environment, and frequency of certain incidents
  • Reviewed security system footage of different buildings and environments within the company to enforce set safety and security guidelines and deter theft and intrusion
  • Spotted and quickly responded to suspicious activity identified through CCTV systems and saved equipment from vandalism and misuse
  • Reported emergencies and other issues of concern to relevant officers and offices for immediate action to maintain a secure environment
  • Worked with colleagues to successfully control customer crowds and maintain order during situations when company-wide system issues occurred
  • Trained other security guards on new procedures especially when reviews of operating standards and procedures were made

Security Guard, London Business Institute, London, UK

3/2015 – 5/2018

  • Wrote reports on shifts, observations made, potential security issues, incidents, and resolutions made during security briefings
  • Worked with the security team to ensure the security of premises, vehicles, and people during national events held at the Institute
  • Patrolled different areas including premises and service delivery areas to deter intruders, damage or theft of property and ensure the safety of employees and students
  • Greeted and checked visitors, guided them towards the offices they wanted to visit, and even escorted some when necessary. 
  • Participated in enhancing security standards at the institute and thereby reducing equipment loss significantly during my tenure
  • Prevented burglary on several occasions at the Insitute by detecting potential threats and reporting the issue promptly for immediate action
  • Managed a team of five guards on the night shift by organizing and scheduling patrols and supervising security activities
  • Organized and coordinated several security meetings with students and briefed them on safety, ways to alert security guards when their help is needed, and actions and routes to take when emergencies occur
  • Detected signs of intrusion and mobilized other security officers to conduct patrols. These efforts led to the capture of intruders who had ill motives
  • Conducted maintenance of security equipment to ensure it was functioning normally and as expected
  • Observed security rules and regulations while on duty and were available to serve whenever called upon during emergencies

Junior Security Guard, Serene International Hotel, England, United Kingdom

1/2012 – 2/2015

  • Patrolled the hotel premises on shift and ensured both people, buildings, and equipment were safe and secure.
  • Checked guests and then guided them to the reception for help and assistance
  • Responded promptly to alarm calls and helped to restore normalcy in situations and areas, especially at the bar where customers caused disturbance or proved difficult to deal with
  • Monitored guests at the entrance and investigated those that looked suspicious to ensure no guest would become a threat to others or the hotel
  • Called for emergency services when situations went out of hand, for instance, after incidents of fire, flooding, and power failure
  • Answered calls to answer questions, take questions, and provide information both during business hours and after the switchboard was closed
  • Escorted visitors to specific offices and drivers to part at specific locations
  • Participated in training hotel staff about security procedures and emergency exits in case of danger


  • 1/2008 – 11/2011, General Certificate of Secondary Education, Renton High School, England


  • 10/2012, Security Guard Certification, Quinebaug College



  • English

Computer Skills

  • Proficient in using the internet 
  • Microsoft Office – Word, Excell

Other skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Patrol and surveillance
  • Excellent in service guests
  • Security camera monitoring

Security Guard Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Primary Skills Should A Security Guard Have?

Security guards are responsible for protecting property, people, and assets. Therefore, they should possess that can help them to perform their roles effectively. Employers often look for individuals with certain primary skills, meaning that a candidate who possesses them has a high chance of winning the job. The most sought skills are patrolling and surveillance, communication, attention to detail, reporting, self-management, and the ability to manage multiple tasks. Great observation, time management, and interpersonal skills are other key skills that a security guard should have.

2. How Do You Know The Resume Format That Suits Your Experience?

Different resume formats are available and knowing one that fits your work experience can be advantageous. The most common resume formats are chronological, combination, and functional styles. If you have had a consistent experience over the years, use a chronological format. On the other hand, security guards with little experience should use the functional format.

3. What Makes Your Security Guard Resume To Stand Out?

Creating a resume that stands out from the others can be a daunting task if you don’t know exactly what to do or how to go about it. But it’s easier than you think. You simply need to know what the employer is looking for. Read the job description to know the responsibilities the potential employer has specified. Once you know that, you should go ahead and show that you can perform them effectively and as expected. Show that you have accomplished the same or related duties. Also, include related certificates and awards, if any. Doing all these will make you stand out from the crowd and qualify for the interview.  

4. Why Is It Important To Have A Personal Profile?

A personal profile is your first opportunity to tell the potential employer or hiring manager what you can do for them. It helps to entice the reader to continue reading the rest of your CV. Therefore, you should write a compelling personal profile, summarizing your abilities and what you can do.

5. Is It Mandatory To Include Hobbies In Your Security Guard Resume?

No, it is not a must that you write your hobbies in the resume because many hiring managers are more interested in knowing your qualifications, skills, experience, and abilities. However, some potential employers also want to know a bit about your personal life. That said, there is no harm in including your hobbies in your security guard resume if you feel they can count in terms of giving you an advantage over the other candidates.

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