Top 25 Zillow Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Zillow is a real estate company in United Estates. It was founded in 2006 by Rich Barton and the group.  It is one of the leading marketplaces that provide dedicated services to its customers for buying, renting, selling, or financing homes and properties.

Zillow announces jobs to hire employees for remote and flexible posts in different departments. The company hired around 2000 employees in 2021. The hiring rate grows with every announcement.  So, if you aim for a great career opportunity at Zillow, you can try your luck. In this article, you will get the answers to important interview questions that will help you to win your desired job at Zillow.

1. Why Are You Interested In Working At Zillow?

I want to work here as I have researched your company website and admire its service and values. I find more chances for advancement, and this job aligns closely with my career goals.  I have discovered better learning opportunities in your company. My skills are particularly well-suited to this position. I feel this industry provides perfect workplace culture, benefits, and room for growth to its employees. I want to be a part of a forward-thinking and fast-growing company like Zillow.  The vision, services, solutions, and culture of this industry are reasons for me to join it. 

2. What Do You Know About Zillow? 

I researched your company before applying for the job. I have gathered important information. It surprised me that it has a good rating on popular review websites. It is one of the most visited real estate companies in the united state and has the highest number of visitors on its website.

I dive deeply into its work culture, mission, associates, values, products, and services. I liked the unity and teamwork spirit that convinced me to be a part of that great firm.

3. What Makes You Think You Are The Best Candidate For This Role?

I find myself the best candidate at Zillow because I have yarn to be a part of a real estate establishment. Accuracy plays an integral role at Zillow. I am detail oriented and keep my eyes on exactness to avoid any odd situation. I have a relative degree and expertise in this field.

I have perfect communication, problem-solving, and customer care skills.

I want to utilize my skills and experience to achieve the company’s targets and goals. I will struggle hard to take the industry to the next level. I am also an expert in making cold calls and generating leads. I will serve the customers with my communication and customer dealing skills. I would be a great asset for this role if hired.

4. How Does This Position Do Fits Into Your Career Goals? 

I have heard about the positive reputation of this workplace culture. My primary goal in my career is to find a powerful and long-term position. I have researched this organization, learned about the perks of this job position and found this role fits best with my career aspirations.

I feel that we cannot progress in life without being consistent at work and in the workplace. I am glad that this company is offering a straight path that will lead me to my desired career.

5. What Hours Do You Prefer Working?

I was always admired for my availability and flexibility during working hours in my previous job. I love to work and be available round the clock. However, I prefer a day shift as morning provides me with positive energy. I find myself at my best during the day. But I am willing to work at your desired hours.

6. How Do You Measure Success? 

I have some simple scales that can measure the success of my team. Punctuality, attendance, behavior with other team members, task accomplishment, motivation, and work quality is most important for me. These metrics are essential, but feedback and customer reviews are also valuable.

I set realistic goals that push our team to achieve our goals. I always focus on leading my team towards success. I also share these success measures with my team members to refresh and refocus them on their targets. 

7. How Was Your Relationship With Your Previous Boss?

I had a healthy relationship with my previous boss. I believe in giving respect to everyone, especially when it’s your employer. He was also very kind and cooperative with me.

My boss and I were used to having discussions and conversations that helped me in my learning curve. He was very professional and easy to communicate with. I am grateful for his contribution to my career development.

8. What Motivates You To Come To Work Every Day?

I am passionate and devoted to my work. I maintain a healthy routine and enjoy my professional life. My goals and aspirations provide me a boost to perform better every day.

I wake up early morning and plan my day. I try to alternate my weaknesses with my strong points.

I like to come to work early to add my energy to new tasks and achieve high project success. I leave no stone unturned to achieve excellent results. 

I also motivate my team members with my punctuality and hard work. I always look for something new and promising that this job may offer me. I like to work on new ideas and challenges that could improve the quality of my work.

9. How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Your Customers Or Clients?

I have dealt with many customers in my career. I give my all to my customers. I try to build a healthy relationship with my clients.

I have faced many customers or clients with almost all kinds of temperaments. I understand their needs and doubts. I stay calm, friendly, and loyal to them. I try to fulfill their requirements and guide them to their satisfaction. I feel it’s my responsibility to provide clear and subtle information to my client.

10. Why Should We Consider You For This Job?

I have a unique skill set that will set me apart from other candidates. You should hire me because I am well qualified and have communication skills.

I have taken short courses related to the industry. I am a detail-oriented, dedicated, honest, and competitive achiever. I promise to deliver value to this organization. I will go the extra mile to prove myself the best worker. 

My experience in sales, freelancing, and working on different marketing campaigns has polished me to be a great asset to any organization. I believe that I am the best fit for the role because of my experience, passion for work, and more specifically, excitement for your company and services. 

11. What Is Your Greatest Weakness? 

My greatest weakness is that sometimes, I cannot let things go in my work. I am detail-oriented, and I need perfection. I am a self-critic and spend too much time on the best changes and improvements in my task. 

Though, I am trying to improve myself. I do not compromise on my productivity or commitment to meet a deadline.

12. How Would You Describe Your Work Ethic?

I am an honest and liable person. I have some basic work ethics that motivate me and make my day productive. I have seen on the company website that you are looking for a person who is honest and flexible. I also have the same work ethic and am ready to go the extra mile for my clients. 

13. How Did You Hear About This Position?

I was actively searching for a great position on online job boards. I got to know about this job via a recommended job email. I read the full job post and description and find my skills best fit for it. I researched the company in detail and liked its services and culture.

I find this role a way of mounting my career in a well-established organization. I am glad that I applied for it. 

14. What Challenges Are You Looking For In Your Next Position?

I have worked under a great setup with diverse customers; however, now I am looking for a role where I could grow and develop in a long-established real estate industry.

I will put my best efforts into this role to accept the challenges and perform vigorously. I believe that this position will help me explore and learn new ways and skills. I look forward to growing my career with Zillow.

15. How Would You Describe Your Written And Verbal Communication Skills? 

I have strong written and verbal communication skills. I can effectively communicate my thoughts, ideas, messages, or other information to my customers. I can present and express my points well in both ways. But I feel verbal communication conveys your expression, tone, and meaning more comprehensively. Our body language and eye contact are also very effective while communicating with diverse clients.

16. What Type Of Working Environment Allows You To Be The Most Productive?

I can work in any situation or environment. I feel a quiet and comfortable atmosphere is more effective for me. However, I stay productive and focused when working with my team or working remotely.

One thing that affects my output is feedback or praise. I also admire and acknowledge the effort of my co-workers. It boosts motivation and encourages healthy working hours.

17. Is Teamwork Important To You?

I believe that teamwork is a bonding agent that keeps the team motivated to get things done. We can exchange solutions and ideas to make things work better. 

Teamwork is vital for the progress of the company and employees. We can overcome the obstacles with team support and make progress being teamwork than individually. I have worked with several teams and achieved the goals. 

I am sure; I will have a good team bonding at Zillow due to the best workplace culture. 

18. Tell Me About Your Education And Experience In The Real Estate Industry.

I have a bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, which helped me to promote my Real Estate business on social media and digital marketing. My education has polished my marketing and advertising skills.

I have also studied for a Real Estate license from a private real estate brokerage. My hard work in education and achievements in business skills will help me to sharpen a successful future in real estate. I am excited to be a part of Zillow as it would be my first step to a real estate career.

19. Timing Is Everything In Real Estate. How Do You Settle On Priorities When You Have Multiple Tasks Due?

When I feel stuck between multiple projects or tasks, I choose the one that needs to get completed first and has closer deadlines. I am very diligent when it comes to reviewing my priorities. I commit to extra hours, put in solid efforts, and complete my projects on time. I give value and fast turnaround to clients who remain engaged. 

I take a few simple steps to handle a larger-than-average workload. I List my tasks and organize and prioritize them accordingly. I try to stay calm and focused instead of being overwhelmed. I work with team collaboration and make things happen perfectly.

20. What Work Situation Motivates You?

Motivation is essential for success. I feel more excited and motivated in a positive, supportive and organized environment. I participate in healthy competitions, but I also value teamwork and headships.

I find motivation in a workplace where I learn new skills, find solutions to problems and lead or coach a team. 

21. How Do You Deal With The Conflicts On Your Team? 

I have been a team member in my previous job. I was very cooperative with other members. I have also worked with many teams and practiced good working ethics. Luckily, I have never faced any odd situation or conflict before. 

But if any conflict arises, I would like to resolve it as soon as possible as it affects productivity. I will call a team meeting or have a coffee with my team. I will listen to the opinions and suggestions to resolve the conflict. 

I have read many positive reviews and feedback about your workplace culture. So, I hope we will have a good time at Zillow. 

22. What Leadership Qualities Do You Have?

A great leader has the qualities that attract others to follow him. I have exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to build good working relationships with everyone. I take ownership of the mistakes of my team and know how to fix them effectively. Being a leader, I always find myself accountable and loyal.

I have researched that Zillow is also looking for a person with leadership qualities and characteristics. I have all these qualities, and this thing encouraged me to apply for this opportunity. 

23. How Would You Handle A Rude Customer? 

Every customer has different nature and inclinations.

Often customers give us a tough time. I always stay calm and try to resolve everything respectfully.

Public dealings and positive communication skills are most important for handling rude or aggressive customers. So, I can efficiently handle a rude person. I use the best work ethic for dealing with such regulars with a low voice tone and polite communication. 

24. How Is Zillow Transforming The Future Of Real Estate?

Zillow is transforming the future of the real estate industry into a one-stop shop. You have made the buying and selling of homes incredibly easier for people. 

I like the services and support you provide to every customer for house-hunting. Sellers and buyers find more valuable options on the same platform even in this Covid pandemic and lockdown. 

I am so excited to be a part of that upcoming technology trend in the industry of real estate.

25. What Do You Know About The Workplace Culture At Zillow?

I have researched the Zillow group company website, and I get to know that Zillow is one of the best online real estate industries that have good workplace culture. It shows the mutual, flexible, and focused attitude of your team.

I was amazed that you plan game nights, happy hours, and a vital health and wellness program for your employees. 

I also find that the industry leaders and savvy professionals provide lunch and learn sessions at Zillow on business, leadership, and trends in the online industry. It shows that the organization is supportive and motivates everyone to grow for bigger and better roles. This workplace culture is what I am eager to learn more about and work within.


We have given you the view of some basic questions and answers you are likely to expect in your upcoming interview at Zillow. We advise you to practice more as practice makes a man perfect.

You should do proper research about the company culture and the position you are applying for to craft valuable responses during your interview session.

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