25 Jobs For Lazy People [But Good Pay!]

Work isn’t always enjoyable. Regardless of the type of employment they undertake, some people only work to make money. As a result, even if the majority of individuals dislike their occupations, they continue to work in them. Therefore, if you fall into the kind of person who dreads even the thought of going to work. If you are genuinely a lazy person, my advice is to quit being lazy to obtain a job (particularly one that pays well). Success doesn’t come from being a lazy person. You must be driven, committed, and prepared to put in some effort if you want to find work and keep it. But if you prefer to set your hours, are a late riser, or tend to be more inactive, don’t worry; there are jobs for you. Every sort of worker has several chances available to them, but only if they’re “unlazy” and driven enough to look for them and take advantage of them.

This article may inspire you to reevaluate your aspirations. Here is a list of careers that are both high-paying and low-effort.

1. Video Game Tester

A tester plays a game to check for bugs, errors, or malfunctions before the game is available to the general public. The game’s stages, side quests, secret options, and relics must all be completed. Additionally, you’ll need to observe any problems you encounter and make suggestions for changes and additional steps to enhance the gaming experience. You’ll have an easier time finding a testing position if you have experience with gaming hardware and game dynamics. It will also be helpful to have a keen eye for detail to see problems and strong communication abilities to convey them.

Average Salary

$47,000 yearly

2. Bed Tester

A bed tester, also known as a professional or a sleeper mattress tester, is compensated for their time in bed and opinions about it. Among the tasks is testing different pillows, mattresses, and duvets for businesses creating new goods. Your general level of comfort, your mood, and any bodily repercussions will be reported. The length of these studies might range from weeks to months. You don’t need to opt for any specific training or expertise, but you should be in good health, follow a regular sleep schedule, and have good communication and observation skills.

Average Salary

$37,000 yearly

3. Assembly Line Worker

This work may need you to stand for lengthy periods and move around often, but it usually won’t require much concentration or tension. You continue carrying out the assignment that was given to you. Finish that one task, and the person who comes after you will complete the others. You don’t need to overachieve. When your shift is complete, that is the best time. Simply clock in and leave; there is no need to take on tension or homework. Some basic skills needed are strong communication abilities, an excellent synergy between the hands and the eyes, the capacity to use soldering equipment, physical fitness, endurance, and a mentality of safety management.

Average Salary

$24,000 yearly

4. Mystery Shopper

You’ll enjoy your work if you can complete a mystery shopping assignment successfully. Particularly if you can focus your shopping experience solely on activities you enjoy, such as dining out, testing out couches or new mattresses, playing video games, or making sure companies treat their customers fairly. There’s a significant probability that whoever or whatever you adore is using secret shoppers to evaluate goods, services, and even people. It’s similar to being a spy, but so much simpler. Skills required for a mystery shopper are talents in communication, endurance to stand for a long time, outstanding writing abilities, observation of details, and a good memory.

Average Salary

$51,000 yearly

5. Professional Foreigners

You may be hired if you have good attire and a firm handshake. Businesses have been known to hire foreigners to attend grand openings or events, go to open houses for sale, and otherwise act like celebrities in the real estate industry. When a foreigner attends an event, it is regarded with a certain level of respect.

Average Salary

$43,000 yearly

6. Test Subject

If you have the time, you can participate in clinical studies where drug and cosmetic businesses use you as a test subject. You can get a salary to spend time performing numerous tests in a clinic so that medical specialists can look for any side effects.

Average Salary

$1,000 per test

7. Blogger

On online pages or websites, bloggers create, modify, and publish content. You’ll be responsible for proposing, creating, editing, and publicizing blog content. Frequently, duties also involve locating pertinent photos, ensuring content is the link to social media networks, and being SEO-friendly to increase audience reach. Although no formal degree or training is necessary, it is significant to have excellent communication and analytical abilities to comprehend and deliver information. It’s also advantageous to be able to adjust to various writing styles.

Average Salary

$38,000 yearly

8. Test Proctor

You know, a person is sitting in the front of the classroom and keeps an eye on the students to ensure they aren’t talking or cheating when you take your SAT or ACT examinations for college. They occasionally have extra stationery like pens and pencils in case you need them. Additionally, they are the ones that cross-reference your identification with your name before giving them your completed tests. A test proctor isn’t simply required when taking exams for school admission. Many employment involves exams, and a proctor eases the process for the test-takers and ensures it’s completed following the requirements of their employer. It’s not a difficult or stressful profession, either. Necessary skills include flexibility, excellent organizational skills, time management, the ability to keep test security up, and patience.

Average Salary

$33,000 yearly

9. Dog Walker

How about being compensated for taking dogs for a couple of short walks around the block? While it does include some physical labor, this task also serves as a small form of exercise for you. People who frequently travel for their jobs typically need people who can take care of their beloved dogs.

Average Salary

$30,000 yearly

10. Freelance Video Editor

A freelance video editor edits the raw video footage’s quality, sound, and length to create the finished output. Clients will pay you to merge a coherent video with footage, conversation, sound, and graphics. Using editing software, you’ll also add and improve additional video while digitally splicing and re-editing it to synchronize. Although they are not required to have formal training, video editors should be well-versed in Adobe Premiere and other relevant programs. Making creative decisions will be aided by excellent decision-making abilities.

Average Salary

$57,000 yearly

11. Translator

You can get a job translating documents if you speak another language well and want to work from home. You can make money translating texts into other languages with having strong grammar skills.

Average Salary

$22 per hour

12. Film Critic

A film critic, also known as a film reviewer, examines numerous aspects of a film to create a professional assessment. Besides watching movies, other responsibilities include making notes and research to provide a strong argument against or against the film. It is based on the dialogue, acting, director, and other crucial elements that go into making a great movie. Although it is not necessary to have a formal education, film reviewers who work for publications sometimes hold a bachelor’s degree. A compelling review will also benefit from strong analytical and writing abilities.

Average Salary

$61,000 yearly

13. Production Manager

Production managers who believe they are not lazy will now exist. They are constantly bombarded with information, projects, consumer requests, and a myriad of other things. These individuals fit the description of the person Bill Gates was referring to. They are skilled in taking all information and skillfully directing it to the appropriate individuals in the proper sequence to complete tasks. They are only gathering information and passing it around, but they are adept at doing it to the right people. Yes, it requires labor, but there is no busy work; delegation is the key. Some basic skills required are confidence, technical expertise, organizing, and effectiveness, excellent interpersonal and leadership abilities, IT and math abilities, and excellent communication.

Average Salary

$70,000 yearly

14. Luxury House Sitter

A luxury house sitter is in charge of looking after a home’s maintenance and upkeep while the owner is abroad. As a house sitter, you’ll carry out standard housekeeping tasks including gathering mail, general cleaning, relaying messages, watering plants, and looking after the customers’ pets if they have any. Regarding job requirements, it is customary to join up for a paid membership on a reliable house-sitting website, which will enable you to apply for jobs near you. Naturally, you’ll need to be trustworthy and accountable.

Average Salary

$55,000 yearly

15. Host Or Hostess

You have all the necessary abilities to be a greeting, host, or hostess if you can maintain a convincing grin while standing for extended periods. Simply introduce yourself, offer someone a cart, lead them to tables, or direct them down a hallway after saying hello to them. Required skills are organizing abilities, outstanding client service, good communication, a capacity for multitasking, and mathematics basics.

Average Salary

$21,000 yearly

16. Librarian

A librarian gathers, arranges, and distributes library materials. As a librarian, your duties will include categorizing, examining the state of, and ensuring the accessibility of library materials. In addition to making recommendations, librarians assist library patrons in finding what they’re looking for. Many librarians begin their careers as volunteers, where they gain knowledge of the database and library system. Then you can either work as an assistant or continue your education to earn a bachelor’s degree in library science. You will succeed in this role if you have strong interpersonal and organizational abilities.

Average Salary

$70,000 yearly

17. Professional Cuddler

Professional cuddlers also referred to as touch therapists, are employed to provide customers with hugs and cuddles. You will meet with your client and offer 90-minute platonic cuddling sessions. Depending on your comfort level, additional responsibilities may include having a sympathetic conversation, viewing a movie, or listening to music. There are no strict criteria for this one, however, obtaining a certificate in touch therapy might help you add valuable experience to your resume. But you’ll also need to be cautious, have good communication skills, and be sympathetic.

Average Salary

$80 per hour

18. Taste Tester

Taste testers, commonly referred to as “flavor testers” or sensory analysts, evaluate flavors to innovate or improve existing meals and flavors. You will sample the foods in small amounts to assess their nutritional value. To provide a thorough account of your culinary experience, you’ll also be observing the flavor, texture, and aroma as a taste tester. You must have an exploratory palate and be familiar with all the terminology used in food tasting to become one. A palate-training course will also assist you in discovering and recognizing various tastes.

Average Salary

$42,000 yearly

19. Chicken Sexer

You can make money by determining the baby chicken’s sex if you don’t mind spending the entire day playing with them. For introverts seeking a flexible career, this unusual position is ideal.

Average Salary

$60,000 yearly

20. Book Reviewer

A book reviewer, reads, dissects and assesses books to offer their expert judgment, also known as a book critic. It’s common to practice reading manuscripts with publishers or publishing houses before they are released. You must concentrate on character development, storylines, and literary methods while summarizing what made a book successful or unsuccessful. Employers frequently require a bachelor’s degree in English or literature when hiring book reviewers. Additionally, you’ll need good writing skills as well as excellent comprehension and reading ability.

Average Salary

$64,000 yearly

21. Security Guard

Now, we’re not discussing a security guard at a large venue where there may be genuine threats; rather, we’re discussing a simple job at a location where no one wants to rob or cause trouble. How about nighttime security in a large-format retailer or office complex? There is no one nearby to annoy you, so you can focus on watching the surveillance footage and perhaps buzzing one or more tardy employees in or out. A coffee break and some conversation with the nighttime cleaning crew. One of the simplest occupations there has to be that. Perhaps you can even take a little snooze or two. Some common skills needed for a security guard are alertness, good physical condition, strong communication abilities, being a team player, and being a leader.

Average Salary

$29,000 yearly

22. Hotel Mystery Shopper

An individual who stays at hotels and rates their experience is known as a hotel mystery shopper or hotel mystery evaluator.

Customer service, room service, hotel, and room cleanliness, available amenities, check-in wait times, and overall hotel maintenance are just a few examples of the things you’ll be expected to evaluate. You will indeed need to stay the night. Most employers who are hiring for this role aren’t searching for any particular skills or background. However, throughout the interview process, they frequently use phone tests to evaluate your reporting and grading abilities.

Average Salary

$43,000 yearly

23. Breathe Odor Evaluator

You can make a lot of money by sniffing participants’ breaths if you have excellent smell sense and don’t mind being near them. Businesses that produce mints, chewing gum, toothpaste, and mouthwash use independent contractors to detect mouth odor and inform them whether their products are effective.

Average Salary

$64,000 yearly

24. Food Critic

A food critic, usually known as a restaurant critic or food writer, analyses establishments and menu items to provide an unbiased assessment. Visits to restaurants where a variety of menu items are available are part of the duties. You’ll share your opinions on dishes, cooking methods, flavors, and presentations for different blogs or publications. A bachelor’s degree in English or journalism is generally required for publishing professions, while only a writing portfolio is typically required for blogging and freelancing. Along with having strong writing abilities, you should also be open to trying different foods.

Average Salary

$50,000 yearly

25. Transcriptionist

While watching or listening to audio or video recordings, transcribers take notes. Interpreting and transcribing recorded dictations will be your responsibility. You’ll go through many draughts of the transcription to make it flow smoothly, translating any business-specific jargon and adding missing phrases or details. There are no formal schooling requirements, however, you must have access to a reliable internet connection and transcription hardware/software. Additionally, excellent listening abilities and time management are required for proper transcription.

Average Salary

$58,000 yearly

26. Conclusion

Lazy people aren’t generally bad to have in the office. What an amazing viewpoint—in actuality, they can be beneficial and provide better, more efficient, and more successful solutions. Consider someone as someone who approaches work more directly and effectively rather than as someone lazy. You could use that attitude and that definition of laziness to your advantage as a means of job searching, self-promotion, success, and perhaps even significant financial gain. When looking for a low-effort career, lazy folks have many fantastic possibilities, from professional bed testers to expert taste testers.

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