30 Easy High-Paying Jobs in 2024 [Salary Info]

From a long provided list of fields and career choices, it becomes difficult to choose the one according to your preference. Plus, several factors determine your decision. For instance: education, experience, and interests. Besides, potential earning is also one of the factors for some people, which has also become the need of the hour due to rising inflation. So, finding a suitable job is more time-consuming and requires more comprehensive research than getting a job. This article is here for your help as it highlights the best 30 high-paying jobs from the lowest to the highest that is also easy to get. So, let’s get to this roller coaster ride of myriad options and choose what suits you best.

1. Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager ensures that all the marketing plans and techniques are efficiently employed in the organization. They also manage the resources and activities related to marketing products and services. However, their average annual salary is not that high as it sets at $64,259 for entry-level, but the salary package increases with experience.

2. School Consultant

The primary duties of a school consultant vary according to the district. Yet, generally, they serve to advise parents, teachers, and institutions about teaching strategies and styles. They also motivate the students and their parents to improve learning. The base salary of a school consultant is around $66,643 per year.

3. Laboratory Manager

The duties of the Laboratory Manager include planning, managing, and organizing several lab activities. Their major role is to administer and supervise the members, assuring accurate and timely project completion. You can generally earn around $66,687 per year if you have a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field and substantial experience.

4. Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists are language therapists who examine, diagnose, and provide treatment for speech-related disorders. Their purpose is to ensure the patients have healthy and fluent communication with trouble-free swallowing. The speech therapists, or SLPs, have an annual base salary of approximately $73,248.

5. Sales Manager

Sales Managers are more restricted to the business fields, where they have to ensure the company is following efficient sales strategies and managing the sales operations from the office. Their annual average salary is $75,263. Yet, the minimum eligibility criteria for the Sales Manager is a Bachelorette in Business Administration, Marketing, or related fields. They should also have interpersonal skills and considerable customer assistance capability to efficiently perform their job.

6. Occupational Therapists

OTs or Occupational Therapists treat disabled or injured patients by employing daily therapeutic activities. They assist them in recovery and motivate them to develop healthy habits to perform their daily tasks efficiently, even with a disability. These activities generally include training to pick things with tweezers, etc. So, it demands physical strength with emotional control to handle the patients. Occupational Therapists earn nearly $80,424 a year.

7. Loan Officer

Their primary responsibilities are to evaluate the approved loans by the business, realtors, or individual lenders are authorized. They also evaluate the borrower’s financial situation to check if he can pay off the loan in the required time. The Loan officers may get employment opportunities in banks, credit unions, or real estate. Their annual base salary is nearly $81,223.

8. Project Manager

They supervise their project-leading team to manage the delivery is qualitative and on time. They also plan the deadlines, tackle high-level issues, and examine the project progress to meet the client’s requirements. Their position is significant and sensitive as they have to assist the team members and the clients, ensuring their satisfaction. The average salary of the Project Manager is $81,214 per year.

9. Associate Professor

Although the duties of an associate professor are similar to those of an assistant professor, they are more professional than the latter. It is a promoted position and a more respected post. They mostly have Master’s or Doctorate degrees in their respective fields, with considerable teaching experience. Their annual average salary is around $81,957.

10. Clinical Director

They hold the clinical or medical departments of the companies or organizations. Their primary responsibilities are regular maintenance of medical records, administration of new staff members, and calculating the clinical department’s expenses. The Clinical Directors earn around $82,422 annually if they have a required degree and a Practice license or certificate of medicine, emergency medical support, or occupational health care. Most organizations also require at least ten years of medical experience, owing to the job sensitivity.

11. Research Scientist

Scientific Researchers or Research scientists mostly plan and perform experiments to yield or analyze the research outcomes. It generally requires individual research and experimentation to invent a new product or test the processes. Yet, you share your ideas and strategies with your team. It’s like sharing your mind with the collaborative team. The idea and research of an experiment are individually based, but you work collectively and divide your work of the approved idea to ensure efficiency. You should have a specialization in the life sciences like microbiology, biotechnology, genomics, oncology, etc. Their annual average salary is around $82,927.

12. It Analyst

Their main responsibility is to analyze and ensure high-performance maintenance of the information system. The senior IT Analyst also trains their juniors or assists their team members. Their comprehensive analysis of the systems also detects the possible business risks, installments, or software upgrades to manage it beforehand to ensure quality and stable development. Their base salary per year is nearly $83,001, which is significantly increasing with the tech advancement and increased requirements.

13. Judge

The responsibilities of a Judge are very common. We all know that these law specialists hold law courts to hear and announce the verdict on criminal or civil acts. They announce sentences or releases according to the provided evidence or documents. Judges also serve as a facilitator between opposing parties or a negotiator to resolve disputes. Their base salary in the United States is nearly $83,715/per year.

14. App Developer

It is a skill-based job post in which the applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering as a minimum eligibility criterion. They have core responsibilities to design, develop, test, and upload applications created for the web or mobile phones. Remember that, you can either serve as a mobile or Web app developer and not both together, even if you have command in both. However, a software engineering degree is a must before app development specialization. The annual salary of Application developers varies between $82,836 and 86,120. These are the average salaries; the total pay scale may vary accordingly.

15. Psychologist

They serve as a mental therapist that listens to their patients and provides coping solutions for stress, anxiety, or related issues. They also assist patients to overcome addictions or calm them from their chronic diseases. They deal with the Patient’s mind to diagnose and treat the problems. Practicing Psychologists also run psychological tests and conduct assessments for accurate diagnosis and target treatment. However, it is a more sensitive medical position, so at least 16 years of Clinical Psychology education with 1st division is significant to be eligible for this job post. Psychologists generally earn around $86,181 every year.

16. Attorney General

Attorney General is a Government employee whose primary duties are to represent and protect the Federal Government’s interests. They also assist the Federal Government with invaluable Legal suggestions, especially during policy formulation and decision execution. The Attorney General legally guides the government, adhering to the rules provided by the State’s President. Their annual average salary is estimated at $89,487, with additional perks that surpass the income.

17. UX/UI Designer

UX/UI Designing is a very promising career in the United States and is presently highly in demand. However, it varies according to the skills and expertise domains. As a whole, the User-end designer can earn around $89,915 per year. Factually, the responsibilities of all UX/UI designers are similar, as they have to optimize the websites to ensure the usability is intact and improvised. The rationale is to provide convenient usage to the users to offer high-end, uninterrupted performance.

18. Veterinarian

The vet’s primary role is to provide medical assistance to the animals. They examine, diagnose, and treat the medical illnesses of animals, pets, livestock, or strays to serve the public welfare. They are also known as Vet surgeons or physicians in the U.S., as they likely practice medicines for animals. However, veterinarians don’t treat only animals, but also detect transferable diseases for a public cause. In some places, they also contribute to food research or environmental protection to reduce the onset of diseases among living beings. Their median base pay scale is estimated at $95,612/year.

19. Midwife

The midwife’s role is to deliver babies and provide pre-and post-natal care to the mothers. They also calm the mother’s pre-delivery and assist them in reducing their pain. It implies that midwife provides emotional support to the mothers and their families, besides providing medical care. As this position requires specialization, a midwife should have the required education and practicing license to work in the U.S. If you meet these requirements, you can apply and earn an annual salary of nearly $103,311.

20. Pharmacy Manager

The Pharmacy Managers supervise and manage the regular activities happening in the pharmacy. They evaluate the operations, deliveries, and medical prescriptions to ensure accuracy. Some Pharmacy Managers also provide medical advice to the buyers, owing to their experience in the field. For good measure, they also keep the staff’s and inventory’s performance in check and assure that the drugstore is updated with fresh products and secured. Their annual average salary is $112,546, which may vary according to the location and responsibilities.

21. Data Scientist

As the name suggests, Data Scientists tackle the problems related to analytical data that can make and break organizations. They employ programming, machine learning, cloud computing, statistical analysis, etc. to ensure the extracted data sets and variables are accurate. It is the most skillful job and requires specialization in data science to work as a data scientist. However, it is a comparatively challenging field, yet the growing demand has opened several opportunities for people to showcase their capabilities as data scientists. It is also the highest-paying job compared to most tech jobs, as their annual base salary is set at $121,673.

22. Engineering

The engineer’s job is to build firm designs for industries and new buildings. They are responsible for creating new designs, building engines and machines, and innovating new products. The engineering domain further divides into several specialized fields. For example, chemical, electrical, civil, mechanical, aerospace engineering, etc. The salary also differs in each department. Chemical engineer charges for their service $121,840, civil engineer $95,490, and aerospace engineer $122,270. Whereas the Mechanical engineer’s salary typically falls between $107,800 & $164,690.

23. Finance Manager

As indicated in the title, the Finance manager manages finances. They track and analyze the financial data of the organizations to check the organization’s financial progress is healthy. They also guide the managers by providing them with ideas regarding maximizing profit or meeting sales targets. Finance managers organize financial reports, track investments and expenditures, and plan to ensure on-track financial progress. Their average annual salary is around $110,418.

24. Actuary

Actuary duty lies in providing people with a complete analysis of financial loss and risk in certain investments. They participate in making the decision of high-level business deals and act as an envoy to solve problems of those industries as well. They use mathematics, financial theory, and statistics to help analyze the problem. They charge $108,313 for every solution they come up with.

25. Environmental Health And Safety Officer

The Environmental health and safety officer (EH&S) is responsible for quickly devising solutions to ensure environmental safety if any calamity befalls. In addition, they must corroborate the closure of the industry in case of any illegal activity in the area that could harm locals or pollute the environment. There are also different categories of what kind of environmentalist a person wants to be. For instance, an industrial hygienist runs thorough research on industrial pollution. There are an air quality specialist, an Environmental health and safety manager, a water treatment specialist, an OSHA complaint specialist, and whatnot. They earn $88,684 annually.

26. Optometrist

To be an Optometrist, one needs to be highly skilled in eye-related issues and tools. Optometrists’ duties are to examine the eyes, diagnose liabilities, and manage the ocular disease or abnormality. Furthermore, they prescribe the treatment to the patient and eyeglasses or contact lenses when necessary. As of September 26, 2022, the salary of an optometrist in the United States was recorded as $134,612, but it typically ranges between $119,183 and $149,127.

27. Data Warehouse Architect

Data Warehouse architect, in collaboration with business teams, create designs, mappings, and database objects. They develop the Data warehouses and ensure their performance and data management. So, if you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in relevant fields, you can avail this opportunity to earn around $134,999 per year at the senior level.

28. Anesthesiologist  

Anesthesiologists have a specialization in critical care management and anesthesia care for pain control. Their primary responsibilities are to evaluate and monitor the patient before and after the surgery to detect possible factors that may affect surgeries. They deliver anesthesia to the patients and sometimes lead Anesthesia care teams to tackle the problems. Their average salary per year is $326,296

29. Cardiologist

Certified in International Medicine, Cardiovascular diseases, and Echocardiography with Licenses in different states are the minimum eligibility requirements for this position. Tech-friendly and considerable communication skills are the plus points. The Cardiologists meeting this eligibility criterion can earn the highest annual base salary of $351,827. The primary duties of the Cardiologists are to examine, diagnose, and treat the cardiovascular diseases. They also conduct screening test to detect possible problems and prescribe medications.

30. Chief Executive Officer

A Chief Executive officer or CEO is the leader of an organization or business. They ensure the focus of their team members, execute decisions, and oversee the company’s activities from the top. They ensure that the company is progressing at the right pace and in the right direction. The CEO’s role is to grow the business by meeting deadlines and targets. Their median salary is $184,167, with the highest salary estimated at $337,026 and the lowest at $106,817 per year. However, an applicant should have a degree in the required field and industrial experience with strong leadership and management skills.


All the mentioned jobs pay considerably well and are expected to grow further in the future years. Given that, the market is still striving to get back to its position post-pandemic. So, it’s likely that it will see a boom in a few years. Plus, have you seen the vast employment opportunities for beginners or experienced people looking for high-paying jobs? Nevertheless, the options don’t end with these 30. You only have to do proper research and consider your preferences to choose what you deserve. Surely, you will get the well-paid job of your desire. Yet, if you don’t want to go overboard, you can trust our list alone to decide your career path.

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