Sales Manager Resume Examples [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Sales managers play a pivotal role in the sales department. They often lead and mentor sales teams toward meeting sales targets. Organizations are always looking for the best sales managers in the market owing to their direct involvement in revenue generation. If you are a sales representative considering a sales management position or a sales manager searching for a new job, this article is meant for you.

We will help you develop the best resume for your next job application. Remember, the resume is your career summary. It captures your work experience, education, skills, and certifications, which the hiring manager needs to determine if you qualify for the job. We will also look at the roles and responsibilities of sales managers and the accompanying requirements to give you a detailed view of this position. Let’s get started!

Sales Manager Job Description

A sales manager is a senior member of the sales department charged with offering guidance, training, and mentorship to sales teams to ensure that they reach their sales targets. These professionals also determine sales quotas and goals for the department and create elaborate sales plans.

Sales managers also work closely with marketing teams since sales and marketing are intertwined most of the time. Therefore, if you are eyeing such a position, be ready to work with managers from other departments, sales coordinators, executive management, and regular office staff.

Sales Manager Roles and Responsibilities

  • Skillfully managing sales teams to meet the set sales targets, contributing to the overall growth of the company
  • Meeting all the planned sales goals together with the sales team
  • Performing a range of sales management activities such as developing detailed business plans covering revenue, expense revenue and sales
  • Overseeing all the activities and general performance of the sales team
  • Coordinating with the marketing department toward the company’s lead generation, widening its customer base
  • Tracking all the set sales goals and reporting results as required
  • Actively promoting both the organization and products on sale
  • Hiring, training, and mentoring team members towards the achievement of set sales goals and targets
  • Coaching, mentoring, and providing regular feedback to team members
  • Creating a competitive but collaborative team environment by keeping employees on their toes
  • Assessing team members’ performance through a range of techniques, including measurement and observation and later arranging for corrective actions
  • Offering detailed and accurate sales forecasts during the launch and ongoing sales of company products
  • Setting individual quotas for team members and assigning territories
  • Performing all activities required in the development of the sales team, including motivation, counseling, and educating them on products
  • Understanding the target customers and how they relate to the organization’s products
  • Finding new sales opportunities for the company by identifying emerging markets
  • Building and maintaining excellent relationships with important clients
  • Determining price schedules and discount rates for the company’s products
  • Planning and overseeing both local and regional sales, campaigns, and promotions
  • Listening to customers’ complaints about a given product and resolving them
  • Acting as the organization’s representative to internal and external partners
  • Driving performance and accurately allocating resources through data-informed decisions

Sales Manager Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of CRM systems and best practices
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite i.e Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint
  • Result orientation
  • Outstanding management skills
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Strong analysis skills
  • Forecasting ability
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Excellent coaching and people management skills
  • Outstanding presentation skills
  • Commitment to educational advancement by attending seminars, conferences, and workshops
  • Ability to lead a sales team
  • Dedication to offering excellent customer service

Sales Manager Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field
  • Any sales/finance-related certification
  • Proven experience as a sales representative, manager, or in a relevant position
  • Experience working in team settings
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Experience mentoring, coaching, and managing employees
  • Extensive experience in customer relationship management
  • Proven experience in planning and supplementing sales strategies

Sales Manager Salary

Sales managers earn pretty well, given that they are directly involved with revenue generation. Junior sales managers make $75,000+ yearly, including base and additional payments, while experienced sales managers earn $90,000+ yearly. Senior sales managers are the highest paid in this category, earning $120,000 yearly.

Sales Manager CV Example 1

Jerry Phillips

Physical address: 605 W Lambert Road, Brea, CA 98685

Email address:

Phone number: (890) 657-8907

Personal Profile

Professional sales expert with 10+ years of experience in sales. Certified manager ready to liaise with the different organizational departments for increased lead and revenue generation. A committed and self-motivated team worker with extensive knowledge of CRMs and best practices, ready to be put to use.

Work Experience

03/2019- 06/2022, Sales Manager, Innuendo Stores, Kent, Ohio

  • Managed a team of 20 employees, including sales representatives, ensuring that they were 100% productive
  • Developed the sales team through regular counseling, motivation, and product knowledge education, helping them achieve 99% of the targets
  • Organized weekly training sessions for salespeople and representatives, reducing sales-related performance issues by 30%
  • Established and implemented a sales strategy for customers and prospects, leading to positive relationships with 20 customers.
  • Led, managed, and supervised the sales team to bring in an accumulated revenue of $40,000,000+ to the organization
  • Recruited, trained, and mentored 30+ employees, building a qualified and successful sales team for the organization
  • Improved the organization’s customer conversion rate by 35% after developing effective reporting structures for sales key performance indices.
  • Trained the team on the use of Salesforce, saving them 12 hours of manual reporting time weekly
  • Built tools to identify prospective customers willing and ready to convert, increasing the organization’s qualified leads by 20%
  • Achieved an 80% annual customer retention rate by ensuring that customers’ expectations were met in liaison with the services team
  • Monitored and evaluates the performance of 6+ sales representatives, helping them tackle obstacles likely to negatively impact their work.
  • Worked closely with the marketing team on lead generation, bringing in 30+ new long-term customers to the organization
  • Tracked sales goals and reported results to the organization’s 5- member executive team.

02/2016- 01/2019, Assistant Sales Manager, Rosa Stores Inc., San Diego, CA

  • Worked closely with the sales manager to manage 30 departmental employees and steer them to success
  • Identified opportunities and implemented strategies that increased overall sales by 35%
  • Built and maintained good working relationships with 20+ customers
  • Mentored the sales representatives daily, helping them weed out sales-related obstacles and meet 100% of their sales targets
  • Attended an average of 5 sales meetings and training sessions monthly for the betterment of the sales department
  • Maintained a positive working environment for 30+ sales employees through motivation, regular check-ins and encouraging collaboration and motivation
  • Assisted the sales manager in planning 10+ effective sales strategies, increasing annual revenue by 15%+
  • Participated in the hiring and onboarding of 25+ employees in liaison with the Human Resource department
  • Addressed customer issues promptly, increasing customer satisfaction rates by 30%
  • Mended relationships with old customers by reaching out to them and offering better deals, increasing the number of customers loyal to the organization by 30%
  • Offered weekly training sessions to 30+ employees in collaboration with the sales manager, increasing their productivity and handling of sales-related obstacles

10/12- 12/15, Sales Representative, Comfort Inc, Austin, Texas

  • Improved lead generation by 30% through face-to-face meetings with prospective leads
  • Exceeded 95% of sales targets through excellent customer service and improved relationship building
  • Achieved 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rating, exceeding the original target by 20%
  • Awarded the best employee of the year in 2014 for exceeding all my sales targets
  • Mentored 10+ junior sales representatives and associates on best practices and proper sales techniques
  • Established, developed and maintained positive relationships with 30+ customers
  • Ensured that customer complaints were resolved expeditiously, increasing customer satisfaction rate by 35%
  • Coordinated sales efforts with 10+ team members and five departments
  • Supplied weekly reports to the company’s management on customer needs, interests, obstacles and potential
  • Reached out to 10+ customer leads daily through cold calling


  • 04/2014- 06/2016, Masters of Science in Financial Analysis, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, US
  • 02/2008- 05/2012, Bachelor of Commerce, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas, Austin
  • 02/2005- 11/2007, High School Diploma, Hilltop Senior High School, San Diego, CA


  • Languages
  • English
  • Italian
  • French

Technical Skills

  • Proper job delegation
  • Planning
  • Social media
  • Prospecting
  • Forecasting
  • Technological skills
  • Customer relationship management
  • Analysis
  • Information gathering
  • Management

Soft Skills

  • Decision thinking
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Resourcefulness


  • 12/19, SMEI Certified Sales Executive Certification
  • 10/18, Certified Inside Sales Professional (CSIP)

Sales Manager CV Examples 2

Judie Beth

Physical address: 8477 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 97807

Email address:

Phone number: (878) 890-656

Personal Profile

Certified sales manager with 9+ years of sales experience in different industries. A committed and self-motivated leader with in-depth knowledge of customer relationship management systems and lead generation. Sales expert ready to meet all organizational targets and liaise with different departmental heads.

Work Experience

06/2019- 08/2022, Regional Sales Manager, Heist Companies, Oakland, CA

  • Negotiated 100+ contracts with government agencies, third parties, and referrals, bringing in a revenue of $10,000,000 annually
  • Improved customer retention by 40% through regular competition monitoring and efficient service delivery
  • Managed and monitored a team of 100+ employees and five regional sales departments to ensure that they met the regional sales targets
  • Improved sales associate approval rating by 25% by using marketing and business development training for sales associates
  • Attended 10+ sales management conferences and workshops, furthering my job knowledge

03/2016- 02/2019, Retail Sales Manager, Gridview Inc, San Diego, CA

  • Improved customer satisfaction and sales potential through research and effective product enhancement proposals, generating $3M+ annual profit for the company
  • Managed a team of 30 employees, ensuring that they met at least 98% of the set sales targets through motivation and training
  • Used creative marketing campaigns and community involvement in creating sales opportunities, leading to a 30% increase in product revenue
  • Built and maintained positive relationships with 30+ long-term customers, ensuring consistent revenue generation for the organization
  • Supervised daily store operations such as cash and inventory management, ensuring its smooth functioning
  • Worked closely with three departments, including marketing, and together implemented processes for efficiency improvement

09/2012- 12/2016, Retail Sales Associate, Sir Barry Ltd, New York

  • Interacted with 30+ customers per shift, walking them through the store’s offerings and building personal connections
  • Anticipated customer needs, empathetically listened to their problems, and provided expeditious solutions to issues, increasing customer satisfaction by 25%
  • Greeted, welcomed, and assisted 30+ store customers daily
  • Regularly cleaned up, restocked, and designed displays, reducing 70% of downtime through workflow optimization
  • Occasionally performed cashier duties and handled $100,000+in checks, cash, and debit card transactions


  • 05/2014- 06/2016, Masters in Business Administration, Harvard School of Business, Cambridge
  • 02/2018- 05/2012, Bachelor of Science in Commerce (Marketing), Columbia Business School, University of Columbia, New York
  • 03/2005- 04/207, High School Diploma, Mountaintop Senior High School, Oakland, CA


  • Languages
  • Italian
  • French
  • English

Technical Skills

  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Ability to delegate jobs properly
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Analytical
  • Management
  • Social media
  • Technological
  • Computer literacy

Soft Skills

  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Active listening
  • Adaptability
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving


  • 04/17, RAIN Sales Management Program, RAIN Group
  • 03/16, Certified Inside Sales Professional

Sales Manager Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Certifications Can I Include in My Resume?

Sales management is a broad field that can be best conquered with the right certifications. These short-term courses target specific areas in your role, making you more skilled and giving you an advantage over other applicants. Some of the available certifications for sales managers include: Certified Inside Sales Professional (CSIP), which is a competency-based and thorough course for account managers and sales executives, RISE Sales Certification offered by the National Retail Federation Foundation and apply to entry-level sales job seekers, Certified Professional Salesperson by the National Association of Sales Professionals’ for CEOs, Sales manager, and other sales professionals and Certified Sales Leadership Professional by the Sales Management Association which requires in-person workshop attendance and sitting of exams.

Other sales management certifications to include in your resume are SMEI Certified Sales Executive certification, the RAIN sales management training program offered by the RAIN group, and the High Impact Sales Manager Program by the Sales Readiness Group. Please include as many certifications as possible in your resume, provided they are valid.

2. Which Technical Skills Should I Have in My Resume?

The right technical skills get the work done and must therefore be included in your resume. These are specific knowledge and expertise needed for specific task execution. Include the following when applying for a job: excellent planning skills needed for the growth of the sales department and business scalability, ability to positively influence sales teams through coaching, mentoring, and motivation for performance improvement and overall organizational development, and ability to effectively delegate responsibilities for proper utilization of the sales department’s potential and contribution to the organization’s success.

Other technical skills include the ability to manage large teams, ability to think and act strategically, ability to implement sales plans, excellent analysis skills, ability to forecast sales goals, in-depth knowledge of the company’s products and services, social media skills, outstanding technological skills, prospecting skills, ability to gather information and CRM tools skills.

3. How Can I Get into Sales Management?

It generally takes time to get into management (unless you are running your own company or working for a small startup). This is partly because you need lots of experience and skills to run a department and oversee employee performance. In the next paragraph, let’s find out how you can rise to sales management.

The first step is to earn a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, accounting, finance, management, statistics, or any sales-related field, which normally takes four years. Some of the best universities worth considering are Arizona State University, Trine University, University of Illinois, and Trine University.

Shift your focus into obtaining work experience, given that this is not an entry-level position. Moat employers need at least five years of experience in sales-related fields. You can then earn a Master’s degree in fields such as Business Administration (optional but highly recommended). Also, consider getting professional certifications like the ones we discussed in the first question to prove to the interviewer that you are skilled in certain areas. Lastly, update your resume and apply for a sales management position.

4. Which Keywords Should My Resume Have?

Resume optimization is important if you intend to capture the attention of the applicant tracking systems and, later on, the hiring manager. The right keywords for this position can include the skills, processes, or technologies used in sales management. Here are a few examples: sales, sales management, account management, marketing strategy, customer service, event management, marketing management, strategic planning, business planning, Microsoft Access, business development, marketing, management, business strategy, sales experience, innovation, forecasting, customer relationship management, scheduling and recruiting.

Additional keywords include sales targets, techniques, lead management, budgeting, prospect qualifying, post-sales support, market research and analysis, deal negotiation, consultative selling, and sales cycle management.

5. Who Will I Mostly Work with as a Sales Manager?

As a sales manager, you should expect to work closely with the marketing department given the close association between sales and marketing, business executives, sales representatives, agents, clients, prospects, and other company employees directly or indirectly involved in marketing and selling company products.

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