What Companies Are In The Transportation Field? Top 20 Companies

The transportation field means transporting heavy-duty vehicles such as agricultural and construction vehicles on-road and off-road, except military vehicles. It is the movement of goods, animals, and humans from one place to another by road, air, water, and rail. This sector encompasses a broad range of service providers and covers all types of transportation. The transport industry plays a vital role in the world economy and strongly affects growth and employment. Here are the top 20 transport companies and their services explained.

1. United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service, abbreviated as UPS is an American worldwide supply chain management, trucking, shipping, and receiving company with 540,000 employees serving more than 220 countries. It was established in Washington in 1907. It has earned success in embellishing a Fortune 500 company. In 2022 the UPS revenue (the amount of money that a company receives from its customers) is $100,099 billion, with an 8.25% increase over year by year.


United Parcel Service provides many services like passport and ID photos, notary services, and design services but specializes in telegraphs. Packages are gathered from any location, then taken to other UPS stations for sorting and organizing with smart labels. The company delivers 25.2 million parcels a day and provides a large range of supply chain solutions, thus the customers can choose any delivery option according to their needs. The company has expertise in business fields and offers the best customer service.

2. FedEx

FedEx is a global U.S courier delivery company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The company provides many services such as transportation, business services, and e-commerce. It was established in 1971. The company is famous for its air delivery service. FedEx’s total revenue in 2022 is $93.512 billion, and 547,000 employees worldwide.


FedEx services provide sales, communication, technical support, marketing, information technology, and collection services. It provides home delivery and ground shipping service to more residential locations than UPS. It also invented express transportation and supplies reliable and rapid deliveries in more than 220 territories. They provide a complete package of online services for shipment rates and tools for small businesses globally.

3. Deutsche Post DHL

It is a German international package delivery company operating under the DHL group and headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The company was established in 1995. This company delivers more than 61 million letters across Germany in a day. The Deutsche Post has 592,263 employees, and the total revenue is $104.466 billion in 2022.


Deutsche Post delivers parcels in Germany and across the world. It is an expert provider of press distribution services and a corporate brand of the logistic group Deutsche Post DHL. Packages shipping may take 1 to 2 weeks to supply parcels from Germany to other countries, but time reduces when transporting freights within the European countries.

4. Canadian National Railway

The Canadian National Railway company is the best freight railway company, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The total number of employees is 22,600. It was established in 1919 to operate national railroads. The company’s total revenue was 14.91 billion CAD in 2019 and an increase can see every year.


The company transports lumber, coal, petroleum products, agricultural goods, and chemicals by rail shipping, and trucking. The company gives services in Canada and the southern United States. It is crucial because it connects the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. The company services include trucking, rail, business development, and maps.

5. C. H. Robinson Worldwide

C. H. Robinson is American largest third-party logistics. It offers ocean transportation, air freight, truckload, and intermodal transportation. The number of employees that serves this company is 17,000. C. H. Robinson is head office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, U.S. The estimated total revenue of this company is increased by 31.7% to $13.6 billion. The company offers supply chain management and gives services around the world.


C. H. Robinson solves all types of logistics problems for companies across the world. It provides the largest logistics platforms and offers many services such as warehousing, contract logistics, managed services, managed procurement services, and custom and trade compliance. It provides transport facilities to small businesses to move goods in the United States.

6.  Expeditors International

It is an American freight forwarding and logistics company headquartered in Washington. It was founded in 1979 and became a publicly traded company in 1984. Expeditors provide worldwide services with the help of 19,588 employees, and the total revenue is $18.98 billion.


Expeditors International offers air and ocean delivery services, marine insurance, customs clearance, and other global transport services. It is a third-party logistics company that uses third-party businesses to expand its elements of warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services.

7. XPO Logistics

XPO was established in 1989 and headquartered in Greenwich, United States. It is an American cargo transportation company with 44,000 employees. It provides services to more than 30 countries, and the total revenue is more than $12.81 billion. It is listed in the top ten logistics provider companies globally.


XPO is the global leader in less-than-truckload shipping means truck drivers and professionals deliver damage-free freight at a given time. The company sends materials on pallets using an air transportation system for international flights. This company uses IT personnel with many enterprise resource planning systems to manage industry standards and supply chain applications.

8. CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics is a global supply chain company headquartered in Marseille France. It provides both contract logistics and freight management. More than 98,000 employees are working and serving in approximately 170 countries. The total revenue of $10+ billion. CEVA logistics was founded in 2007.


CEVA Logistics offers transportation and supply chains for medium size or large international and national companies. It provides trucking transportation, freight management, warehousing, storing, assembling, and ground delivery. Ground delivery describes that freight is being delivered by road and not by air flight. CEVA Logistics is a leading shipping group globally.

9. J. B. Hunt

J. B. Hunt is a North American multimodal supply chain and logistics company. It was established in Arkansas on August 1961. The total number of employees in J. B. Hunt transport services in 2021 was 33,045. The total revenue was $12.168 billion. The company has 21,000 trucks and 151,000 other trailing equipment for better services.


According to customer demand, J. B. Hunt services provide cost-effective intermodal rail services and help a business reduce waste with the world’s best intermodal providers. J. B. Hunt fulfillment services are cost-saving and ensure product protection by reducing touching. It also provides less than truckload services for small and medium-sized companies. J. B. Hunt is known as the industry leader in transportation.

10.  NFI Group

It is a Canadian multinational company well known as buses and coach manufacturer. It provides the solutions of framework related to business. It was founded on June 16, 2005. It offers many services with 8,000 employees and a head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The total revenue of $2.3 billion to $2.6 billion.


NFI is an independent provider of bus and motor coaches worldwide. The company provides fuel-cell electric vehicles, double-deck buses, heavy-duty transit buses, medium-duty buses, and single-deck buses in more than six countries. It is also provided engineered solutions to make a business successful. NFI Group offers warehousing, transport management intermodal, and real estate services. Intermodal services are defined as the transportation of goods from one place to another by two or more ways of transportation such as loading cargo loading and shipment can move between bus, train, and truck.

11.  DSV

DSV has 400 warehouses and gives services in more than 75 countries worldwide. It is a transport and logistics company with a head office in Denmark. It was established 46 years ago, in 1976. The company has 10,410 employees and collaborates with partners. The total revenue of this company in 2020 was DKK 115.932 million.


DSV is famous for its transport services combing air, road, and sea freight.  The main activities focused on road transport, and customers can use any transport system for global freight transportation. The company offers supply chain management for several companies daily. The company does not have ships or helicopters due to maintaining financial strategies. The company has a few numbers of trailers and tractors for freight transportation.

12.  Transportation Insight Holding Co.

It is a famous transportation company providing a digital platform based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established in 2000. It is a logistic enterprise, and working with Nolan transportation group. The company has 5,000 employees, and the total revenue of this company is more than $1.7 billion.


The company provides digital information, parcel transportation, freight transportation, and data intelligence for domestic freight. The company has expertise in short-distance delivery and drayage services, transporting freight from ocean pot to local destinations by trucks. It is also helping to manage shipments and shipper source capacity.

13.   Nippon Express

Nippon Express is a Japan-based transport company with a worldwide reputation. Its head office is in Tokyo. It was founded in 1937 and has developed as a comprehensive provider of logistics and transport services. It provides transportation facilities globally, covering five major regions and 41 countries. The total revenue of this company is $10.07 billion.  The number of employees who serve Nippon Express is 73,350.


Nippon Express provides transport solutions process with the help of information technology and multiple modes of transport. Advanced information system help in collecting and managing transport data globally. The company provides warehouses, distribution, and freight transportation by air, road, and sea. The company meets all global standards for quality and eco-friendliness.

14. Kuehne + Nagel International Ag

Kuehne + Nagel International AG is a global transport company headquartered in Schindellegi, Switzerland. It was established in 1890 in Germany. The number of employees is working in this company 78,000 serving more than 100 countries, and the revenue in 2022 $43.117 billion 64.59% increase can observe every year.


It offers air freight forwarding, sea freight, and overland businesses. The company provides special storage with care in a cost-friendly way. The company is transporting fruits and vegetables and gives efficient temperature-sensitive cargo for specifications.

15.  APL Logistics

It is a japan based logistics and transportation company headquartered in Singapore. APL Logistics give services in 60 countries with the help of 7,000 employees. It was established in 1977. The total revenue increased from $500 million to 1 billion dollar.


APL Logistics offers worldwide supply chain solutions for industrial and rail markets. It provides many services such as automotive, retail, consumer, and industry services worldwide. It provides profitable, innovative, and feasible products that help consumers to meet industrial needs.

16.  Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line gives many services worldwide such as regional, national, and interregional less-than-truckload services. It was founded in 1934 with a head office in North Carolina. The company also provides household transporting services and technology. The total number of employees was 19,779 in 2020. The company is considered a world-famous company with a $29.46 billion market cap.


The company provides services globally such as less-than-container load and full container load. Both of these are processes of container loading and help in the utilization of freight in export. The company provides excellent shipment, delivery, and package services to customers and ensures the protection and safety of the product. The company provides the best customer service and has 5,800 tractors.

17.  Cosco Shipping

COSCO Shipping is a China ocean shipping company headquartered in Beijing, China. It is owned by the Chinese government and is one of the most famous shipping companies in China. The company has 365 dry bulk vessels, 1114 ships, and a tanker fleet of 120 vessels. In 2020 the company had 118,243 employees and total equity of $28202.6 million. In 2022 the market cap value of COSCO Shipping is $23.88 billion.


It provides many services worldwide such as national and international container shipping and logistics services. It supplies ore, coal, steel, and other bulk materials in several countries such as the Americas, Asia Pacific, and other regions with the help of dry bulk cargo shipping operations. Other services include LCL line service, personal effect service, fresh material, and special cargo for customer convenience.

18.   Hapag-Lloyd

It is a German international container transportation and shipping company with a head office in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 1970 by a mixture of American lines and North German Lloyd. The total revenue of this company in 2022 is $32.95 billion. Hapag-Lloyd is the largest ocean liner and provides services in five regions and 128 countries of the world. The company has 600 ports on all continents and 14,300 motivated employees.


The company has well-equipped vessels for goods transportation across the ocean such as cargo with specific dimensions and reefer cargo. It provides containers to fit any cargo for shipments worldwide and is listed as the top five companies in the world. It offers environmental and economic sustainability to meet world standards.

19.  Landstar System

The company is associated with third-party logistics and provides transportation services worldwide. Landstar System offers services in many countries such as Canada, Mexico, and other United States countries, with a head office in Jacksonville, Florida. It was founded 54 years ago in 1968. The company had 1,399 employees in 2021 and total revenue of $6.54 billion.


Landstar provides safe and authentic transport services worldwide through a chain of leased-owner operators, independent freight agents, and third-party business providers. The company also provides all shipping solutions to other transport companies and helps them to empower their business. The company supplies a network of trucks to other companies for goods transportation. Landstar has 102,000 truck capacity providers, and several other equipments related to business, and all these are provided to customers for goods transportation according to their needs.

20.  Hub Group

Hub Group provides intermodal transport services in North America. It is a transportation management company with a head office in Oak Brook, United States. Hub Group had established in 1971. The company provides services according to customer demands with 4,000 employees to help customers control costs and supply chains. The total revenue of this company in 2022 of $10.00 billion.


Hub Group offers innovative, flexible, and end-to-end logistics supply chain solutions. Thousands of experts provide intermodal services across North America to meet customers’ needs and provide efficient facilities. The company focused on customer demands and provide better transportation. The Hub Group has more than 20 containers to facilitate the customers.


Transport plays a crucial role in our lives and increases production.  In this article world’s best transport company and their services are described. These companies serve the nations with their excellent services and provide all types of transportation facilities. These companies also support growing businesses to establish their business at the global level. These companies transport logistics materials by air, road, and ocean. These companies help with people, goods, and animals’ mobility. This article helps those participants who are interested in the logistics business to know the advantages of this business.

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