15 Career Advice for Teenagers Looking for First Job

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In this cyber era, many teenagers try to get their first job. It is a challenging task for a teenager to accomplish this target. They need guidance and support to carry out the task. In the above background, a few tips can help the aspirant teenager find the right job.

Teenagers have been encountering various challenges. One of the main problems has been the restrictions associated with the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic. Other challenges can be remote learning and meeting their distinct financial requirements. Many teenagers want to share the financial burdens their parents are currently shouldering. Others want to earn money for their own needs. As a result, the demand and supply of teenagers’ jobs have been significantly boosted.

If you are going to enter your first job as a teenager, the following steps could be beneficial.

1. Set parameters

As a teenager, you must accurately know how much work you can handle. You have to strike a delicate balance between different endeavors. It will be good to learn about the time you have to spend days on the job.

2. Check Your Options

You must check your options for jobs as a teenager. While most job opportunities come from the hospitality industry and retail outlets, your chances are not limited to these alone. There are other sources providing jobs for teenagers who need more experience. It could be jobs in the entertainment or fine arts industry.

3. Transferable skills

You may be worried about your lack of experience. It is okay to panic because the employers offering such jobs are also aware of the fact that you are not experienced. They take into consideration the talent level and potential of the teenager. Their main objective is to check your attitude and ability to adapt to a given situation. Also; after selection, they will give you the facilities for training in the given trade.

4. Be a Good Organizer

One of the most essential qualities that almost every employer will look for is the organizing capacity of the chosen teenager. Employers would also like to know whether you held a leader’s or volunteering position. These qualities can improve your chances of getting a better job as a teenager. Another characteristic of a potential candidate that the employer may want to have is personality and communication skills. All these can help to boost the business. You must choose a position that fits in perfectly with your skill levels.

5. Use a Simple CV

A well-designed CV could boost your chances of landing a most befitting job for teenagers.

  • The format of your CV should be simple and consistent.
  • The most effective CV will be limited to a single page.
  • It will contain your basic personal information and a brief summary of your achievements.
  • Your CV should show a positive approach. It would help if you did not forget to include your work experience.
  • Obtaining expert support will be good if you need to learn how to create a winning resume.
  • Top job portals can help you search for the ideal job for teenagers. They can also create a professionally designed CV at a low cost.

6. Learn how to Face an Interview

Even if you are a teenager without sufficient experience, you will have to face an interview to get selected. Therefore; you must learn how to go for the interview to face it successfully. The following steps will lead you to the right path.

  • Talk about your skills, achievements, and other positive aspects of your personality in the interview.
  • Ensure that whatever you say has relevance to the job you have applied for.
  • Link all these with the benefits that the employer is likely to get by employing you.
  • Make the people taking your interview realize that you have the right attitude toward the job.
  • Dress up in simple and smart clothing while facing the interview.

7. Check whether the job is right for you.

As a teenager, you will like to have a job in which you feel comfortable. Thus, checking whether the job offered creates a feeling of comfort in your mind is necessary. Your job comfort is also linked with what you receive towards the remunerations and allowances in the job. Another important aspect is the legal protections available to you while on the job. Hence, read the terms and conditions in the contract carefully. You can also check the market reputation of the prospective employer on the reviewing sites, trade journals, and feedback from previous employers about it.

8. Build up Your Career in Early Life

Everyone wants to build a rewarding career. There are two ways to approach the task. You can complete all the academic studies and training courses before you start a professional career. The second and the better one is to find and try a job when you are a teenager. Such a move is welcome as it will give you valuable experiences and allow you to face professional career-related challenges quickly based on the knowledge you gathered as a teenage employee. The move also helps to make your financial base stronger unless you have opted for some voluntary job as a teenager.

9. How to Attract Potential Employers

You must attract potential employers to get a job as an inexperienced teenager. Take the following steps to hit the bull’s eye.

  • Prepare and upload on various web portals a well-planned resume.
  • Attach a convincing cover letter so the employer realizes your enthusiasm for performing the job best.
  • Through the summary and in the interview, you should be able to impress the recruiters that you are the best for the job.
  • Put a lot of effort into preparing for the interview.

Following these steps is necessary because it can make your first job as a teenager the gateway to building up a lucrative career.

10. Three Stages for Choosing the Career

You must consider the three stages for choosing a career when you are a teenager. These three stages are reflecting, researching, and planning.

  • Reflecting is the way to understand your career options as a teenager. It also involves comparing various opportunities to find the one that is tailor-made for you.
  • It is time for teenagers studying in the final stages of school education to think about their future careers.
  • Researching refers to doing your homework to find the best career options you have. Many job portals provide the required information. Visiting a few can help you to make an informed decision regarding choosing a starter job that can work as a preparatory platform for your future career.
  • Planning a career is the most critical stage in the process. You should obtain expert advice on the matter. A recent study revealed that around half of teenagers end up with the wrong jobs because they need the right direction for selecting one.

11. The Right Job for You

To reap the advantages of teenage jobs, you must decide on a career that best fits you. Before settling for a job, you must gather as much information about it as possible to assess its suitability. In any case, the job you choose must be a fulfilling one. It will pay well and be conducive to creating a lucrative career. The selected job can become a platform for your future career. Moreover, the job should be one that you will enjoy doing. This will be a great morale booster for you.

12. Different Notions of a Fulfilling Career

Different job seekers will have other notions about fulfilling careers.

  • For some, it is a high-paying salary.
  • Some people prefer the freedom to work with their initiatives.
  • You may be part of a team working to achieve a common goal.
  • Some teenagers prefer to work under the direction of others.
  • You may like to be your boss.

You may have one of the above preferences as a premier condition for career-path selection.

13. Your Interests Matter

More than anything else, your interests matter in selecting a teenage job and future career. Your interests are reflected in how you spend your leisure time and holidays. It will also be reflected in the activities you enjoy the most. Your interests could range from sports and entertainment to serious reading and research. Your selection of the teenage job should match your specific interests. The chances of a bright career for you will be much more when your profession matches your interests.

14. You Need Tips on Career Advice

Many teenagers do not have any idea about how to choose a job and a career. In such a case, a few relevant tips on how to make a choice could be handy. Directions are available on the Internet, but most of them are generic. Practical advice can be helpful for teenagers looking for a job and career.

15. Practical Tips for You

Here are some practical tips on career advice for you.

  1. Shortlist the employers you want to work for.
  2. Get answers to all the questions that you have in your mind.
  3. Do your search for a job skill-based.
  4. Have a personality test on a reputed job portal.
  5. Utilize your summer vacations for jobs instead of merry-making.
  6. Build up your network.
  7. Ask successful people in the same type of work you are searching for how to select the right job.
  8. Do not follow others blindly. Instead; find your niche.

Use Your Network

Building up one’s network has become more accessible, with various social media sites offering opportunities to develop a network for users. An example is LinkedIn, where you can build your network or join an existing one. Another site is Facebook, where you can create a friend circle. Many of these friends can advise you on career building and how to go for a teenager’s job,

Opting for Online Jobs

The tremendous strides made by information technology have opened up new vistas of work for teenagers. You can now find an online job easily. The facility is available irrespective of the geographical locations of the candidates. Many teenagers are working online for employers in distant areas. The employers and employees may never meet physically, but they still need to work together in a virtual environment. The primary advantages of working online are that you will be the master of your time and pace and work from home. It is ideal for teenage students as it will not interrupt their academic study times. It will be a pleasant experience getting your payments into your bank account according to your online contract.

Getting Started with Online Jobs

These days, people in every age group are doing online jobs. Teenagers are no exception to it. The pertinent question is how to get started. The following moves can take you to the target.

  1. Visit reputed job portals that work as the bridge between prospective employers and employees.
  2. Choose jobs that fit in perfectly with your skill levels and interests.
  3. Avoid jobs with low payouts and those requiring physical presence at the workplace.
  4. Also, only employers who have a good market reputation.
  5. Select the portals that offer a free tutorial on finding and choosing the right online job.
  6. Check how much you can earn by working online for a company.


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