Top 25 Expedia Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Are you planning to make a career with a world-famous company in travel Technology?

If so, keep in mind that interview is the most crucial part of the selection process. Prepare beforehand, and open up a world of opportunities for you.

Interviewers assess the sustainability of the candidates for employment and evaluate their personality traits, knowledge, skills, experience and expertise.

Here is the list of the top 25 Expedia interview questions and answers. These questions are compiled to make you answer smartly and demonstrate that you are a good fit for the organization.

1. What Do You Know About Expedia

Expedia is a US-based online travel shopping company for consumer and small business travel. It is a website that is a travel fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine. Rich Barton, the first CEO of Expedia, derived the name of the company from “exploration” and “speed”. The mission and vision of the entity are to bring good to the world and power travel for all. It is powering travel through global platforms. With the core belief that travel is a force for good, Expedia helps people to experience the world in different ways and to build lasting connections. The organization is known for providing industry-leading technology solutions to fuel partner success and offering a memorable experience for travelers.

2. Introduce Yourself And Tell Us Something Apart From The Resume.

I have always been passionate about travelling, which led me to pursue travelling-related passions. For example, in college, I established a company to guide travellers. I have learned how to manage and organize trips. I also took a job at a travelling company as a tour guide and raised my hand to work on providing services and benefits to travellers. From there, I discovered my interest in technology. After pursuing my career in Information Technology and switching jobs, I have realized that I am excited to take on new opportunities. I have learned that I worked best in my previous jobs. I am also excited about working for an organization that offers unique opportunities. So, I jumped at the chance to apply for Expedia, when I saw the open position here.

3. Why Are You Interested In Working At Expedia?

Expedia is one of the fortune 500 companies that are pioneers in online travel services. It is known for offering comprehensive benefits and numerous perks to employees. In 2017, Expedia ranked as one of the best workplaces for women and the 13th best workplace in technology.

Life at Expedia is full of opportunities, meaningful binds, rewarding relationships and new experiences. It is known for ensuring the well-being of employees. I like to contribute to Expedia’s core values of striving for better. I value teamwork, positive approaches and honesty.

4. Do You Value Team Work? Talk About Your Experience Of Managing People On A Large Project

I like and appreciate teamwork. I believe working in a team helps to increase productivity. It also results in innovation and creativity. I have worked as a team player in different countries and found it beneficial for personal and professional growth. Working in a team helps us to collaborate on projects efficiently and effectively because we don’t have to wait for others. I believe having people from different cultures adds value to the work. In my last role as IT manager, I had to manage a large project where we updated the whole computer system of the organization. We hired outside contractors to install the server and update all our software. I ensured that everyone had an idea of what they needed to do, and we completed the project by the deadline.

5. What Is Your Greatest Professional Achievement?

 Completing my bachelor’s degree with a part-time job with a 3.8 CGPA is one of my professional achievements. I had no financial support, but I worked hard and did the job while pursuing my education. I learned how to prioritise, and build great habits.  I learned to stay focused on my goals. I am proud of this accomplishment. My learning throughout this period gave me an advantage in my career development. The success of my last employer is also my achievement. When I joined, the organization had several issues and failed to achieve quarterly goals. I was the IT manager, but I searched for and implemented different software solutions to resolve issues. In 6 months, the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees increased, and we accomplished predetermined goals and objectives.

6. How Is Machine Learning Going To Affect The Travel Industry In The Next 5 Years?

Machine learning is the type of artificial intelligence that enables software applications to predict outcomes accurately without being explicitly programmed. It uses historical data as input to predict new output values. I believe machine learning will significantly influence the travel industry because of personalized travel experiences. For example, if you search for hotels in Miami, Florida, you can get the results according to your preferences. If you like luxury hotels, then you can see them too. Machine learning gave enterprises a view of trends in customer behavior and business operations. It supports the development of new products and services and gains significance as a significant competitive differentiator.

7. What Was Your Responsibility When You Worked As It, Manager?

As IT manager, I was responsible for systems and information. I was responsible for checking the networks and data security regularly. I identify and act on opportunities to improve the systems and software. I developed and implemented the IT policy and best practices to guide the employees. I was also responsible for designing training programs and workshops for the staff. It was my responsibility to audit systems regularly. I had to manage and allocate the budget and determine the time frame for major IT projects. I provided direction to the IT team members and identified opportunities for team training and skills advancement.

8. Which Management Style Is Effective?

I believe the most effective approach to management is the contingency approach and the most effective managers’ user collection of distinct leadership styles, each in the right measure at the right time. It is hard to implement flexibility, but it results in performance improvement. The manager has to switch from one style to another to manage the team effectively. We don’t want a strict boss who doesn’t listen to others. To achieve the perfect balance, the manager needs to understand the work environment and choose the management style appropriate for that situation to accomplish the predetermined goals and objectives in the most effective way possible.

9. Who Is Your Role Model?

 My colleague Jeff is my role model. He inspired me with his strong leadership and communication skills. He taught me how to communicate with the staff and upper management. I also learned about recommending and implementing the changes effectively and efficiently.  I developed the skill of keeping an open communication channel with the team to build trust and respect. Jeff has a strong work ethic and a continuous drive to learn new things. I model his professional development methods. Jeff’s determination to try new things and new ways, whether they are successful or not, inspired me a lot. He learns from his mistakes to make his ideas valuable to the business.

10. If We Select You, How Long Would You Work At Expedia?

I am looking for a long-term career opportunity, and I will stay at Expedia as long as I feel comfortable. Expedia offers endless opportunities for growth and development. The valuable experience, strong bonds, and rewarding relationships have inspired me to apply for this life-changing opportunity. The organization is relentlessly striving for better. I can stay here as long as my values align with company goals, objectives, and values.  

11. State Any Two Of Your Weaknesses And Strengths.

My greatest strength is my detail-oriented personality. I can work well under pressure, and I have never missed deadlines. I am skilled at relating to people and understanding their needs. This strength helped me to understand my clients. By understanding their needs I make them feel valued. My weakness is that I tend to be very critical of myself.  Whenever I complete a project, I feel that I could have done more, even if my work receives positive feedback. Over the past few years, I have tried to look at my achievements objectively. This has improved my work and my confidence.  It has also helped me to appreciate my team and others in my team. In addition to this, I am a goal-oriented person. I work hard to complete a task. When new projects come to me, I work hard. Having multiple projects at a time affects my productivity and prevents me from delivering quality work. I also use project management tools to manage the task and my time. These tools help prioritize multiple projects.

12. Where Do You Vision Yourself In The Next 5 Years?

In the next five years, I envision myself as a more responsible, experienced and knowledgeable person. I will ensure that I explore the skills and will use opportunities so that I can contribute and share my knowledge. I see myself learning and growing in the next 5 years.

13. Why Should We Hire You?

I believe my experience, technical skills and expertise make me suitable for this role at Expedia. I am a hard worker. I like to work in a team, and I am also a good leader. I believe during a conflicting situation, I can think of various solutions related to that situation. I possess several personality traits that make me a good fit for this role. I am a highly positive and organized person. I can mindfully think of several creative and innovative solutions to solve a problem. I am a detail-oriented person. I can also work well in a dynamic, busy and fast-paced environment. I can perform well in a diverse workplace like Expedia.

14. What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce The Travel Companies Like Expedia

Expedia has witnessed the rise of e-commerce. The company has positioned itself as the world’s largest travel service provider because of E-commerce. It shares high-quality content to engage with customers. Expedia is also making a huge investment in customer retention Strategies. It has introduced several incentives and loyalty programs like VIP bonuses for employees. For a strong online presence, Expedia also keeps the brand updated. It takes note of the competitors and new technologies to win the competition.

15. How Technology Is Transforming The Way We Travel?

Technology has evolved everything around us. It has transformed the world. Expedia is an example of how technology has changed the way we travel. With the application of new technologies, Expedia is understanding consumer behavior, optimizing revenue, driving higher occupancy, and facilitating the booking experience.

16. What Do You Know About The Competitive Threat To Expedia?

The competitive threat to Expedia is the entry of local and global players in the market, making it highly competitive. Weak penetration in developing nations is also affecting the growth of the company.

17. Do You Know About The Competitors Of Expedia?

Several brands are competing for the same set of customers. MakeMyTrip,, and the Priceline Group are three competitors of Expedia.

18. Define Areas Of Improvement For Expedia.

Opportunities are the areas of improvement. First of all, Expedia needs to engage in partnerships across the globe. Customers using the traditional methods for booking are also reluctant to use the internet for booking and payments.

19. Define Your Personality In 3 Words.

Confident, energetic, and adventurous

20. When You Are Traveling, How Do You Decide On A Hotel?

As a budget-conscious person, I consider three main factors when deciding on a hotel. My primary concern is cost. My utmost priority after the price is safety. I also inquire about the amenities because comfort and convenience are also important when selecting a lodge. For hotels, I figure out my activities. I search for hotels in the radius of those activities. I prefer Expedia and sort the city’s results. I carefully read the reviews before booking. I believe, Expedia offers the best prices, so it is my one-stop shop.

21. Culture Fit Is Important To Us At Expedia. How Would You Describe Your Personality?

I have reviewed the ten guiding principles on the Expedia website. I think my personality will fit well with the Expedia culture. I can describe myself as a talented, curious, humble and creative person. I am a good team player and always value honesty, transparency and integrity.  I believe in the law of attraction, where positivity attracts positivity.  I approach every problem positively and like to simplify problems to avoid stress. I can work well in a group and alone, and I believe in the strength of diversity. I know one of the company values is to include consciously and drive success for people around the company. I approach my work with this value. I always look for diverse ideas and new initiatives to provide better creative and innovative solutions. For example, during my job in the hotel, I observed that our front desk team needs awareness about the hotel business mix and top accounts. To resolve the issue,  I organized a training program for them to learn about the business mix, different market segments and key accounts. In this way, they understood the big picture and served the guest more effectively.

22. How Do You Evaluate Your Ability To Handle Conflict?

If I evaluate my ability to handle conflict, I think I am good at handling conflicts in the workplace. I can manage stress quickly. I control my emotions and behaviour when conflict occurs. I also pay attention to the feelings and all details to find out the actual issue. I respect differences and avoid the use of disrespectful words. I ask questions to understand the perspective of both parties. This helped me to keep the situation calm and make them feel like they are heard and valued. After listening, I come to an agreement or compromise, which resolves the conflict.

23. What Is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) includes strategies, practices and technologies for customer relationship management. The CRM system helps companies to stay connected with customers, streamline business processes and improve profitability.

24. What Tools Are Used By Expedia For Customer Relationship Management?

Expedia is a full-service travel management company that implemented winter of ’04 for on-demand customer relationship management. The software helps to modify the salesforce. As Expedia has expanded with new field sales forces and account management teams, they need a CRM system that can grow with the company and replace the existing internal solutions.

25. How Did You Hear About This Position?

Expedia is my dream company for work. I was actively seeking a job at Expedia and found it on the careers page of the company website.


In an interview, HR evaluates the candidate on different parameters like personality, clarity of goals, subject knowledge, communication skills, and body language. These interview questions can help you prepare and qualify the interview parameters.

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