What Companies Are In The Consumer Services Field? Top 20 Companies

Companies that provide consumer services have varying products and customer bases. The field is a booming industry that provides consumers with various services. These services may include groceries and meal delivery, domestic cleaning, education and training classes, customer service, health care, and financial support. Suppose you’re seeking a job that allows you to use your talents to enhance customers’ lives. In that case, you may be interested in learning about some prominent organizations hiring in this industry. If you are curious about which companies operate in the consumer services industry, please refer to the following list. This article lists twenty companies in the consumer services industry.

1. Chegg

The Chegg headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California, and the company employs more than one thousand people. Chegg is a platform that gives high school, and college students access to the academic tools they require to excel in their studies. This company offers various services, including the rental of textbooks, support with online homework, assistance with organization and scheduling, and more.

Chegg provides students trying to select the appropriate universities and programs with the opportunity to learn about available scholarships. Professionals are available at various Chegg locations across the United States to assist students. Professionals passionate about helping kids realize their full potential may find work there.

2. Amazon

It has about 1,608,000 employees, and its headquarters are located in Seattle, in the state of Washington. Amazon is a multinational technology business that has broadened its operations into e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and entertainment. There is always a need for customer care representatives at Amazon because the company’s business strategy is geared around satisfying hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.

The consumer services team at Amazon makes a comprehensive selection of helpful online services available to customers. These services are on the Amazon website. For instance, there is a free trial for Prime membership that lasts for 30 days. Members receive free access to the company’s video collection, where they can stream movies and television episodes. In addition, the Amazon consumer services team handles the delivery of fresh groceries to customers’ homes.

3. Pfizer

Pfizer is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company and has approximately 78,500 employees. Its headquarters are in New York City. Pfizer is a research-based biopharmaceutical corporation that leads the industry in innovation. Or, to put it another way, they produce essential medications and vaccines so that everyone can be protected and feel healthy. Pfizer’s overarching goal is to consistently achieve innovations that improve the quality of life for individuals and families worldwide.

Because the organization has a worldwide perspective, they incorporate diverse perspectives into all aspects of its operations. Working at Pfizer means being a part of a company that has significantly impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide.

4.  AT&T

AT&T has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with about 230000 employees. It is a multinational telecommunications corporation that serves as a provider of cellular communications and local exchange. And long-distance services for customers and businesses in the United States of America as well as in other countries. The wireless and wireline markets are the two areas in which the corporation provides its services.

Its wireless division is responsible for providing a variety of phone, data, text, and other wireless services. This division is responsible for the distribution of wireless data cards for personal computers and the sale of various phones and wirelessly-enabled computers. And wirelessly-enabled computers to retail locations that are either owned or operated by a third party.

Additionally, it offers accessories, including carrying cases, hands-free devices, batteries, battery chargers, and additional products, to consumers, agents, and third-party distributors.

5. Airbnb

The headquarters of Airbnb is in San Francisco, California, and the company has around 5,600 employees. Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows users to list, find, and book one-of-a-kind spaces worldwide using their mobile phones or the internet. Airbnb is a platform that brings together tourists looking for genuine experiences with local hosts giving one-of-a-kind and inspirational locations all around the world. Airbnb is a reputable online marketplace that enables individuals worldwide to advertise, discover, and book one-of-a-kind accommodations and experiences.

Unlock local experiences and travel via a local perspective by joining a tour led by a local. Airbnb is the easiest way for people to exhibit unique spaces to an audience of millions of people. It doesn’t matter if the available space is a castle for a night, a sailboat for a week, or an apartment for a month; Airbnb is the platform people use.

6. Apple

Its headquarters is in Cupertino, California, with about 154,000 employees. Apple is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players and also sells various software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications. Apple’s products include the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macintosh, and Apple TV. Apple offers a wide variety of products and services, such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosh computers, Apple TV, an assortment of consumer and professional software programs, the iOS and OS X operating systems, iCloud, as well as accessories, service, and support options.

7. Target

It is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and employs about 409,000 people. Anticipate the Best. At Target, we aim to become the greatest:

  • The best culture and brand
  • The best location for growth
  • The most reputable corporation in the world

We provide an inclusive, collaborative, and energizing workplace that rewards performance. We provide engaging, cutting-edge, and trend-appropriate experiences for our team members and guests. We invest in the futures of our team members by cultivating leaders and giving several opportunities for professional development.

We are devoted to constructing a team that does the right thing for our visitors, stockholders, team members, and communities. The Target Corporation of Minneapolis serves customers in shops and on Target.com. Target is devoted to offering a shopping experience that is both enjoyable and convenient, with access to distinctive, highly differentiated products at reasonable rates. Since 1946, the company has donated 5% of its profits to community grants and initiatives such as Take Charge of Education.

8. Bank Of America

Bank of America is a financial organization that offers a variety of banking, investing, asset management, and other financial. And risk management products and services to individual customers, small- and middle-market enterprises, and major corporations. They service around 51 million consumer and small business relationships through roughly 5,300 retail banking locations, approximately 16,350 automated teller machines, and award-winning online banking with 30 million active users and over 13 million mobile users.

It provides roughly 3 million small company owners with industry-leading support through a portfolio of innovative, user-friendly online products. And services—the organization’s operations serve more than 40 countries. Bank of America is a global leader in corporate and investment banking and trading across various asset classes, providing services to organizations, governments, institutions, and individuals worldwide.

Bank of America Corporation stock (NYSE: BAC) is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company was established in 1998 and had its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

9. Walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail firm that manages various chains of inexpensive department shops and warehouse stores worldwide. It has more than 2300,000 employees and is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam’s Club, Walmart United States, and Walmart International comprise the company’s segments.

The Walmart U.S. business is a mass merchandiser of consumer products that operate under the Walmart or Wal-Mart brands in addition to walmart.com. The Walmart and Wal-Mart names are registered trademarks of Walmart Inc. In addition, it gives customers access to digital services such as Vudu and InstaWatch.

10. Starbucks

The headquarters of Starbucks are located in Seattle, Washington, and the company currently employs more than 349,000 employees. Starbucks is a global chain of coffee shops and restaurants that sells freshly prepared foods and handcrafted beverages like coffee and tea. Starbucks has 23,132 shops spread throughout 65 countries. And territories sell hot and cold beverages, whole-bean coffee, micro ground instant coffee, espresso, caffe latte, full-leaf teas, fresh juices, baked goods, and snacks. In addition, most retail establishments offer food items that have been previously packaged, warm and cold sandwiches, and many other goods, such as mugs and tumblers.

11. Tangerine Bank

When it first opened its doors in 1997, Tangerine Bank was known as ING Direct Canada. In 2012, Scotiabank completed the acquisition of ING Direct Canada, and the company rebranded itself as Tangerine in 2014.

Tangerine’s financial services in Canada include checking accounts, savings accounts, mutual funds, and mortgages. Despite having its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, this bank is solely an online financial institution. As a direct consequence of this, there are no actual branch sites; however, the company does have workers in various industries. It employs employees in various fields, including digital innovation, sales, marketing, customer service, and data analytics.

Some benefits are available to employees: competitive pay and retirement plans, professional development opportunities, health programs that address physical, financial, mental, and social health, extended health care, and more.

12. GS-JJ

Walnut, California, serves as the location of the GS-JJ headquarters. GS-JJ is one of the major producers of promotional gift items in the United States. Its objective is to provide customers with the highest quality products at the most affordable pricing possible while meeting all their delivery deadlines.

They have been involved in the production of items for promotional gifts for more than 20 years now! They engage in direct wholesale commerce with several of the most important distributors, franchise owners and operators, and high-end customers in the United States and worldwide.

The primary items they manufacture are embroidered patches, bespoke pins, and customized lanyards, among other things. Most people who run businesses and plan events will find that these items offer the ideal advertising solution for their needs.

13. AAA

Over 15,000 people are employed by the company, which has its headquarters in Heathrow, Florida. AAA East Central, Inc members, can receive insurance quotations, plan and book trips, and take advantage of financial services. And get information regarding automobile purchases, ownership, and maintenance.

It provides travel planning services such as airline tickets, hotel room reservations, rental car reservations, package vacations, cruises, and travel publications for trips to destinations such as the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean; travel information regarding lodging and dining establishments, travel attractions, and points-of-interest; and discounts and savings on the purchase of glasses, electronics, books, clothing, shoes, gifts, and flowers. Additionally, the organization offers a wide range of automotive services, including support in roadside emergencies.

14. The Babylon Health System

Babylon Health has 51–200 employees in Chelsea, London. Its online app, Babylon Health, founded in 2013, provides accessible and inexpensive health care to anyone worldwide. They want to connect people with medical professionals by allowing them to arrange consultations on their website. Babylon Health also allows consumers to check their symptoms and text professionals with queries. Babylon Health provides flexible employment options with multiple remote employment opportunities in the consumer services sector.

15. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is located in San Francisco, California, and has between 500 and 1,000 employees. Thumbtack assists homeowners with basic repairs and significant renovations by linking them with local, pre-screened construction and maintenance specialists. Thumbtack, founded in 2008, also offers homeowners advice and tools to help them maintain and improve their homes. With various marketing, account management, and engineering positions accessible in Utah and California, Thumbtack is a good resource for professionals interested in home improvement.

16. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is located in San Francisco, California, and employs 1,001 to 5,000 people. Talkdesk is a well-known enterprise cloud contact center that assists organizations in enhancing their client interactions. Talkdesk, founded in 2011, has enabled over 1,800 businesses to increase customer satisfaction ratings and boost productivity by providing superior call quality and app integration options. Talkdesk describes its work atmosphere as dynamic, culture-driven, and progressive. Talkdesk, which has multiple international offices, offers various positions in the information technology business.

17. Mindbody

Mindbody is located in San Luis Obispo, California, with between 1,001 and 5,000 employees. Mindbody, a company founded in 2001 to make health, beauty, and wellness services more accessible, has over 13 sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and Australia. Mindbody has collaborated with over 250,000 companies to develop a user-friendly smartphone app allowing members to schedule appointments and classes online. With fantastic benefits for full-time employees, such as 20 vacation days per year and onsite wellness workshops, professionals interested in working in the health and wellness industry may wish to investigate the open positions at Mindbody.

18. Costco

It is in Issaquah, Washington. Costco is a membership-only warehouse club committed to providing its members with the lowest possible pricing on high-quality brand-name goods. With hundreds of locations worldwide, Costco offers a vast assortment of items, the convenience of specialty departments, and exclusive member services, all of which are designed to make shopping enjoyable.

The company’s initial facility, which debuted in 1976 in San Diego under the name Price Club, was a repurposed aviation hangar on Morena Boulevard. Initially catering primarily to small businesses, the corporation discovered it could also cater to a select audience of non-business members. With this modification, the growth of the warehouse club industry took off.

19. Air Canada

The headquarters of Air Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec, and the company employs more than 10,000 people. In 1937, Trans-Canada Air Lines became the first and only airline in the country to offer cross-country service by air. A bill to rebrand the company as Prime Minister Jean Chretien proposed Air Canada in 1965. At the time, the company was known as Trans-Canada Air Lines.

Air Canada is the most important airline in Canada when considering the size of its fleet and the number of passengers it transports. It has hubs in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, in addition to its headquarters in Montreal.

Air Canada is a large company that employs a large number of people. These employees include pilots, flight attendants, ramp workers, customer experience professionals, aircraft maintenance technicians, and processing specialists.

20.  Fiverr

Fiverr is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and employs approximately 201 people. Fiverr was founded in 2010 as an online marketplace connecting freelancers with clients. People who wish to hire freelancers can post job openings on Fiverr and examine bids to select who to hire. Fiverr has multiple locations across the globe and its marketplace is available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Fiverr is now hiring for customer success manager, marketplace integrity specialist, and account manager positions in the consumer services business.


Discovering which organizations offer consumer services might help you locate a career that meets your interests and requirements. Consumer services, usually referred to as customer services, are services sold by businesses to consumers. Numerous industries provide consumer services, including hospitality, transportation, technology, entertainment, and finance.

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