30 Jobs That Pay Weekly in 2024

Are you looking for employment with weekly or more frequent payments?

When you are working hard, you may desire to be paid sooner rather than later after the month has ended. These businesses all feature positions that pay weekly or more frequently and fall under various categories. Some of them have online and offline alternatives. Even though they might not be recruiting right now, stay monitoring and apply when they do. What are some occupations that pay weekly?

Numerous job categories pay weekly, including transcribing, customer support, chat agent, food delivery, translation, captioning, focus group, mystery shopping, and many more. Some of them only exist online, while others do.

1. Instacart 

A company called Instacart offers full-service and in-store food delivery. While full-service shoppers shop and deliver the goods, in-store shoppers only bag the groceries. A full-service shopper must be at least 18 years old and have a smartphone, a driver’s license with insurance, and a registered vehicle to qualify.

2. Gotranscript

A transcribed and translated business is called GoTranscript. It employs scribes throughout the world. It employs both beginners and experienced transcribers frequently and offers a wide variety of transcription assignments. You get paid $0.60 for every audio or video minute and are paid once per week through PayPal.

3. Rev

The transcribing and captioning business Rev is now hiring all across the world. Strong English language skills, access to a computer, and a reliable internet connection are required for employment with this organization. You can register and take a transcript test to prove your proficiency. You can begin working if granted permission. Transcribing lectures, podcasts, and other audio files into text is part of the job.

4. Bluezebra Appointment Setting

A company called BlueZebra Appointment Setting employs skilled cold-calling salespeople. You must have a dedicated home office with a telephone and high-speed internet to apply for this position. You must also have at least five to seven years of experience in the relevant industry. It exclusively recruits candidates who are US citizens.

The hourly wage is approximately $15, plus incentives and bonuses based on performance. Each week, direct deposit is used to make payments.

5. Verblio

You may apply if you are a US citizen, over 18, and have decent grammar skills.

They have writing assignments ranging from 300 to 3000 words accessible. You receive your pay weekly, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount. 

When you start as a writer, you will be given short-form work. As you gain experience, you will move to lengthier and higher-paying projects.

6. Textbroker

According to your author star rating on Textbroker, you can make money. It can cost between 0.7 and 5 cents per word. You can select from tens of thousands of orders each day at Textbroker. The amount of writing that each of our authors does is entirely up to them. As soon as the client accepts your articles, Textbroker pays you, and the payment is prompt and dependable. Once you’ve made $10 or more, you can ask for a weekly payoff. There are thousands of tasks available at your desired quality level. Through DirectOrder, clients can also send projects directly to your inbox. Based on the details in your unique author profile or prior successful collaborations they present you with offers.

7. Get a Copywriter

One of the best at-home jobs that pay weekly is Get A Copywriter.

For every 1000 words of content you write, edit, proofread, or find keywords for, you can expect to make between $55 and $80. There is always a surplus of labor available, no registration costs are required, and you can choose between part- and full-time employment.

Your application will be assessed within 48 hours after submission, at which point you can begin working.

8. Virtual Receptionist

You may develop a virtual receptionist career at home with Smith.ai and get paid regularly.

Explore working from home as a virtual receptionist if you are proficient in English, have great typing abilities, and feel comfortable using a computer.

The work entails:

  • taking calls and chatting on the internet
  • Receive messages
  • Schedule appointments
  • Obtain payment
  • Switching calls

They charge $15 per hour for agents who are located in the US and $11 for those who are not.

9. User Feel

At User Feel, you are compensated for testing how a website or online store is for users.

Each test pays about $10, and in exchange, you get to evaluate your website-surfing experience and offer insightful comments.

You might be required, for instance, to visit a website and proceed through the online checkout procedure without making the final payment. After that, you will have to describe how the entire process went for you. PayPal completes the test one week after User Feel pays. This might be a simple side gig that pays each week if you keep taking up regular work at User Feel.

10. Survey Junkie

Online surveys with a $50 maximum payout are available through Survey Junkie, as are paid research studies with a $150 maximum payout. You get to respond to inquiries about items and services to aid businesses in reviewing and enhancing their offerings.

It currently has a minimum age limit of 16 years and is only open to residents of the UK, Canada, and Australia. As a result, it offers a wonderful side business for teenagers searching for simple, adaptable jobs that pay daily. If you meet a minimum barrier of $10, you can get payments every day through PayPal.

11. Proofreading

Due to the ongoing increase of online material, demand for freelance proofreaders is consistent. You will check other people’s writing for grammatical and punctuation issues as a proofreader. There is potential for advancement, such as moving up to become an editor of books or blogs (where you’ll have greater control over what is published) from the proofreader. There are lucrative specialties in the industry. Since no experience or qualification is required, getting started is simple. The majority of clients consistently provide content, thus there is potential for consistent income.

12. Tour And Travel Consultant

Depending on your employment, you may be able to work as a travel consultant part- or full-time. This position will be generously compensated weekly by a responsive employer. A tour and travel consultant’s job involves collaborating with customers to get the best travel deals. Additionally, they plan a vacation, reserve hotels, and provide clients with pertinent, well-researched information about the top travel destinations.

13. Postmates

Food and small items are delivered to consumers by Postmates drivers. Alcohol, milk from the grocery store, modest items from the pharmacy, and other items can fall under this category.

You will keep all of the money you earn as a Postmates driver after finishing a delivery. You’ll establish your hours, accomplish tasks using your vehicle, receive weekly payments or fast rewards, work from your mobile device, and set your schedule.

Apply to Postmates Fleet if this sounds interesting and begin selecting online clients to who you can deliver.

14. Data Entry

Amazon Human intelligence tasks (HITs) can be posted on the micro job site MTurk for individuals to do in exchange for payment. Although MTurk offers a variety of jobs, data entry is one of the most common. On Upwork and Fiverr, you may also locate tasks for online research. These jobs typically include locating, gathering, and entering data into a predetermined interface (such as a spreadsheet). For instance, I recently paid someone to research 50+ online survey businesses to determine the number of app reviews, BBB ratings, Trustpilot ratings, etc.

  • The expected hourly income on Mturk and Upwork is $5 or less and $10, respectively.
  • There is no need for an application, interview, or prior experience.
  • The more HITs you finish, the more options become available.
  • The work is very adaptable.

15. Fiverr

With Fiverr, one of the best everyday online jobs is available.

You can create a free account and start marketing your services if you prefer working as a freelancer.

You can offer your expertise or service and get money whether you are good at writing, web design, or social media marketing, to mention a few.

Money will be deposited into your PayPal account after a project is finished.

You can earn more money by accepting more gigs.

Many independent contractors use Fiverr to generate $100 each day in revenue. One of the best freelancing jobs, depending on the amount of work you can do, pays daily or weekly.

16. Field Agent

Field Agent is a different short-task website that pays you money to express your opinions on products, finish surveys, or even work as a mystery shopper.

Taking pictures and responding to inquiries about the products and costs are more ways to earn money.

Although cash outs are handled within 24 hours, it can take an extra 3–5 days for the money to arrive at your bank. This means that with this job, you can strive for weekly payments.

17. Click Worker

You can find a variety of freelance writing assignments on Clickworker, from app testing to proofreading. Once you sign up, you can find plenty of proofreading tasks. Paypal pays you every week.

18. Pointqa

PointQA offers services for managing the performance and quality of contact centers. To identify important procedural and behavioral factors that influence sales, customer retention, and service, they assess and analyze agent-customer encounters. Their group is made up of independent, work-from-home people that collaborate to offer our clients the highest caliber quality assurance service. Telephone call auditing is a part of this employment. You must be able to work 40 hours a week and have at least one year of call center experience or the equivalent.

You can work from home and get paid every week for this employment.

Your calibration score with the QA lead is used to determine how you will be paid. Your hourly base will increase the more points you earn.

19. Store Assistant

A store assistant’s key responsibilities include keeping the store properly stocked, handling sales transactions, and assisting customers. Of course, depending on the type of business, the roles can differ from one employer to the next. You should be skilled in both written and vocal communication and have experience in customer service.

20. Take And Review Phone Calls

Taking incoming calls for customer service and checking customer service calls for quality are work-from-home jobs. One business that is now hiring for call reviewing is Humanatic.

But before you apply, I suggest looking at a website like FlexJobs to see if any comparable remote jobs are working for a company accessible.

It takes little training to get started and has adaptable hours. My investigation revealed that phone jobs typically have poor pay rates. Spend some time looking for a position with a company directly; if you are employed as a W2 employee, you will at least be subject to minimum wage requirements.

21. Testing Time

Give advice, make a difference, and earn money

You need to test a variety of things, including software, websites, hardware, tools, cuisine, and more. Future goods and services will be made available to you first, and you can help shape their creation. In addition, you will be paid fairly for your work and get helpful criticism.

You can earn up to $60 per hour and apps and brand-new websites are typical products.

You get to voice your view or provide feedback in person or over Skype.

Payments are processed 7 to 10 days after the test is finished. They will match your profile with suitable products once you join.

22. Review Websites

With services like UserTesting.com, you can make extra money by giving website feedback. This is going to a website, carrying out a few activities, and making a video or audio clip of your thoughts. For every 20 minutes of uploaded feedback, you get rewarded $10. $15 an hour is the anticipated salary. provides good pay for entry-level labor. All that is needed to get started is a sample test, so you may do so quickly.

23. Transcription 

Transcribing audio and video recordings into text is known as transcription. Even though many websites offer general transcribing work, if you want to earn money quickly, try out TranscribeMe because it enables you to request payment after your work is authorized (which usually takes about three days). Due to the rise of both audio and video material, transcriptionists are in high demand right now. Your schedule is flexible. Starting the work takes little to no experience. The more quickly you transcribe, the more money you can make because most transcription jobs pay on a per-project basis (based on a defined rate per hour of audio).

24. Loan Signing Agent

A loan signing agent is a person who can explain a loan agreement to home purchasers and has a notary public commission (license) from their state.

You won’t have any trouble obtaining a job because every year people are buying and refinancing homes. This little-known online job offers good income ($75 to $200 per consultation).

With this profitable career, you may earn six figures without going to college or getting work experience. You could essentially work every day and get compensated. You can work on the weekends or during the evenings because the work schedule is flexible.

25. Online Tutoring

Numerous websites now let you connect with enthusiastic students from around the world if you’re interested in tutoring pupils from the comfort of your home. Depending on experience and/or educational background, subjects may change. The typical hourly wage is between $15 and $25. It is a highly rewarding method to make money while positively impacting children’s lives.

Even for new hires, compensation is on the higher side.

Since there is a high need for qualified teachers at most sites, the job is relatively steady.

26. Clear Voice

This website serves as a conduit between clients and independent authors.

Depending on how much work you accept, you can choose to be paid weekly or daily and set your rates. PayPal handles the processing of payments to you.

27. Delivery Driver

Loading, moving, and delivering goods to the client within predetermined time frames are the responsibilities of a delivery driver.

A delivery driver’s other responsibilities include checking customer orders, making sure they are packaged safely, verifying that the pricing is accurate, and helping to load and unload the goods at their destination. A delivery driver can produce delivery reports and take payments for products that have been successfully delivered.

28. Costco Wholesale

Consider Costco Wholesale as well as we’re talking about what jobs pay weekly! The multinational retailer provides full-time and part-time work with benefits and excellent pay. New workers begin at $16 per hour, while promotions allow individuals with experience to make up to $24 per hour. In addition, Costco provides paid time off, a 401(k), and health insurance.

Students who want to make some extra money while learning about the industry might consider working at Costco.

29. Olive Garden

Olive Garden pays their employees weekly, in contrast to the majority of fast-food restaurants that do so every two weeks. New employees begin with $11 per hour plus tips, while experienced workers can make up to $13 per hour. Health insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid time off are among the benefits.

The fact that Olive Garden offers transferrable jobs across their 1,700 other Darden restaurants in the US sets them apart from other fast-food chains. Additionally, they offer flexible benefits, and the majority of their managers are internally promoted, so there is also room for professional progression.

30. Dunkin Donuts

Another fast-food restaurant that offers weekly pay is Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s the ideal job to start in the food sector because employees get paid every Thursday. A barista makes, on average, $13.16 per hour. Along with free coffee and food they also receive monthly and yearly bonuses.

Employees can also set their timetable and work part-time in addition to this.


There are plenty of chances available, whether you need quick money or want to start a new profession. Even some jobs offer payment on the same day that you work. You may start right away if you want to start making money right now.

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