40 Jobs That Do Not Require a High School Diploma in 2024

You could work hard and train for a high-paying job even if you didn’t finish high school. Many jobs don’t require a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Most of the time, these jobs look out for experience more than a level of education.

In this post, we’ll talk about jobs that don’t require a high school diploma and some other jobs you might not have thought of.

1. Web Developers

 It is one of the best jobs available to people who do not have a high school diploma. As the name suggests, web developers design websites, build software and apps and work to keep websites running smoothly, among other things. In this career path, your skills and portfolio are weighed against what you’ve learned in school. You can take online classes in coding to learn and improve the skills you need to do well in this field.

2. Photography

You don’t need a degree or a high school diploma to be a photographer, but having one could be helpful. Another job that pays well and does not require a high school diploma is photography. Most photography schools will hire people who dropped out of high school to work as assistants or apprentices. All they have to do is train them. Photographers can quickly improve their skills by taking online classes, attending webinars, or networking events. You can also work from home as a photographer by taking pictures of nature, editing them, and selling them online.

3. Virtual Personal Assistants

Virtual assistants do many of the same things as a secretary or executive assistant, but they work from home and sometimes for more than one client. They often have jobs like setting up appointments, managing emails, entering data, etc. Because virtual assistance is so new, there is no clear way to describe what a VA does. You don’t need a diploma to work as a VA. All you have to do is find a client who needs your skills.

4. Graphics Designer

Graphic designers could make a lot of money if they are skilled and have a good portfolio. Customers who hire you to do graphic design won’t ask you when you graduate high school. Instead, they’ll want to look at your portfolio. No one will look at your education if your resume contains beautiful layouts, pictures, and logos.

5. Housekeeper 

A housekeeper cleans offices, hotels, and hospitals. It is another excellent job that doesn’t require a high school diploma. They have to clean the rooms and bathrooms, change the sheets, vacuum, mop, refill the toiletries, and make the beds, among other things.

6. Uber Driver

If you have a car and a driver’s license, driving for Uber is a flexible job that is easy to get started in. You don’t have to show proof that you graduated from high school. You can work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. To make more money, go to places where people get together or have parties. In these places, there is often a surge.

7. Servers

 Servers take orders, answer questions about the menu, sell food and drinks, take payments, and tell the kitchen staff what to make. In addition, a server helps with customer service and ensures the business runs smoothly. They make an average of $11.30 per hour, which makes it one of the best jobs for people who didn’t finish high school. All you need to get started is training on the job.

8. Florist

You might like being a florist if you know a lot about flowers and plants, like how they grow and how to take care of them. Florists grow, arrange, and sell flowers and arrangements for weddings, funerals, and holidays, among other special events. Florists might work in a flower shop or a grocery store’s floral section.

9. Customer Service

If you’re good at talking to people, a job as a customer service representative might be an excellent fit for you. This job is responsible for helping customers with all parts of their purchases and ensuring they are happy and satisfied. It is done by answering questions, giving information about products and services, taking orders, processing returns, and handling complaints.

10.  Telemarketer

If you are good at organizing and entering data, you might be able to get a great job as a telemarketer without a high school diploma. Telemarketers are in charge of calling people who might be interested in buying something or using a service. They try to get customers to purchase products or services by following sales steps. Different organizations have different educational requirements for this job. Some need a college degree, while others accept relevant work experience instead.

11.  Security Guard

Security guards are found in businesses, banks, shops, schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. A security guard’s regular duties include watching surveillance equipment, checking the premises, dealing with people who aren’t supposed to be there, and letting people in or turning them away. Security guards must have a good eye for details and be in good shape. Training is often given on the job. Security guards are in charge of keeping the places where they work safe and secure. It could mean anything from watching TV screens for suspicious behavior to checking people’s ID cards as they enter the building. In this field, you’ll have to know the law and your employer’s rules and be able to enforce them when needed.

12.  Food Courier

Even if you don’t have a car, you might be able to make money delivering pizzas for Little Caesars. Most food companies will let you deliver on a bike, scooter, motorbike, or foot. It is one of the jobs that let you do many different things. Your main working hours are breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you have the rest of the day to study or work another job. Most jobs as a courier pay by the job, so how much you make per hour depends on how many orders you get and deliver.

13.  Pet Walker

Pet walkers take the pets for walks, feed them, give them water and play with them. This job is also on the list of jobs that don’t require a high school diploma. However, to make up to $800 per month, you’d have to sit for about 40 dogs or cats every month, or one animal every night, without taking any breaks. As a pet walker, you might have several clients at once or work for a company. It helps to have experience with animals.

14.  Nanny

Being a nanny could be excellent if you like being around kids and caring for them. A nanny might live with a family and care for most kids’ needs or be hired to watch the kids while the parents are out. This job needs someone who is organized, creative, and has worked with children before.

15.  Automobile Technician

If you already know about car engines and other parts and have car experience, you might be a good fit to be an automobile mechanic. These experts check cars for emissions, do diagnostic tests, and fix any parts that are broken or worn. They work on the brakes, the engine, the steering, and the electric systems, among other things.

16.  Personal Shopper

Personal shopping is another job that doesn’t require you to finish high school. They are in charge of talking to customers to find out what they want, advising them on what to buy, processing orders, and helping customers with exchanges or returns. This job requires creativity, good customer service, and communication skills.

17.  Construction Workers

Construction workers are responsible for several construction-related tasks, like taking out the trash, building scaffolding, loading and unloading building materials, and using heavy machinery.

For this job, you don’t have to go to school. But, on the other hand, you need training to use big machines.

18.  Delivery Drivers 

Most of the time, a delivery driver’s job is to move goods from one place to another. Two examples are delivering food or bringing things from a store to a client’s house. To get this job, you need to be good at managing your time and driving and have your driving license.

19.  Bartenders

Bartenders work in coffee shops or restaurants. You don’t need experience, but if you buy some equipment or take a free online barista course, you can teach yourself at home. Baristas need to be patient, friendly, and good with people.

20.  Janitors

Janitors clean and care for many different buildings, such as schools, offices, hotels, etc. Mopping, vacuuming floors, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, doing what the chief janitor tells you, and washing windows and mirrors are some of the most critical tasks. Janitors are given training on the job.

21.  A Shop Cashier

Cashiers work in grocery stores and gas stations with cash registers. This entry-level job works well for people looking for part-time or casual work. You’ll get training on the job, so you don’t have to know how to do math or talk to people, but it’s helpful if you do. Cashiers usually make the minimum wage, but as they gain experience, they may be able to move up to better-paying jobs or take on administrative tasks.

22.  Painter

Painters are the people who put paint and other finishes on the inside and outside of a building. Painters work in many different places. For example, some painters focus on painting houses and buildings for people to live in, while others focus on painting commercial or industrial buildings.

23.  Writer

You may be surprised that you don’t need a degree to write, but it’s true. Since you could be a freelance writer, the clients want to see results. Freelance writing is a pretty straightforward business to get into. Although, in the beginning, it will be hard to land your first gig, and it probably won’t pay much. But after a few happy customers, you’ll be able to show that you’re worth more and raise your prices.

24.  Utility Worker

You are responsible for cleaning the tools and equipment used for maintenance projects. You will also move parts, supplies, and tools to and from work sites. Remember that almost every employer will check your background, so don’t lie on your application.

25.  Butchers

This job also does not need a high school diploma. They are responsible for preparing the meat and cutting it up. They also weigh, package, price, and show off the chopped meat. A butcher might work in a grocery store or run a business. Even though you don’t need a degree to do this job, you will need a lot of training to prepare and chop meat safely and cleanly.

26.  Shuttle Drivers

Shuttle drivers take people from hotels to the airport or the other way around. This job requires safe driving, remembering things by heart, being organized, and being on time. In addition, shuttle drivers should be friendly and happy and help customers with their bags. Even though there is a training available, drivers need a CDL permit and, in some cases, a passenger endorsement on their licenses.

27.  Truck Drivers 

You don’t have to finish high school to become a truck driver. Many employers are interested in how long you’ve been driving and if you have a CDL. Even though you could lose your job as a truck driver to automation in the long run, there are great short-term opportunities.

28.  Machine Mining Operators

Mining machine operators are part of a team that works in a mine. Machines dig holes and get rocks, coal, metals, and other materials. They help move and get rid of the stuff that is dug up, and they are also in charge of maintaining and fixing their equipment. You might be able to get a job as an operator of a mining machine if you have a CDL, have taken an OSHA safety course, or have taken a construction or other heavy equipment course.

29.  Taping Drywall

As a drywall taper, your job is to install drywall. After the drywall is up, a compound is put on the seams between the panels to make them look smooth. Then, a special tape is used to hold the joints together. You are in charge of making sure the surface is smooth. Some tapers use hand tools, while others use machines that do the work for them. Most contractors train new employees on the job to learn how to do their daily tasks.

30.  Service Unit Operators

Many people who run the service units in the oil, gas, and mining industries do this job. They eliminate things that get in the way of oil or gas flow in wells. They can also work in commercial fishing.

31.  Tile Finishers

They help the tile setters throughout the day by unloading and moving boxes of tiles, supplies, and tools.

32.  Modeling

Most models don’t need a high school diploma or GED. Instead, agencies look at your body type, height, posture, charisma, etc. And if you’re excellent at it, you can make millions.

33.  Park Attendant

Minor repairs need to be made to park equipment, and dangerous situations in the park must be looked at and reported. The park attendant does these,

34.  Landscaper

A landscaper works in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces to make them look better. A landscaper helps plants grow, cleans outdoor areas, and cuts back overgrown plants. Landscapers could work for a private company, city, state, or both. Landscapers don’t have to have a degree, but they should enjoy working outside.

35.  Packer

 A packer’s job is to check the items needed for an order to be sent out. Then, they find the order and put it in the proper container(s) so that it doesn’t break or get destroyed during shipping. A packer is also in charge of putting the correct incoming address on packages and sorting out goods to be shipped.

36.  Warehouse Worker

 A worker in a warehouse is responsible for many different things. They load and unload goods from trucks, take accurate inventories of warehouse goods, and follow a strict schedule to get goods ready to be sent by a particular day and time.

37.  Forklift Operator

A forklift operator understands how to operate forklifts and other heavy equipment in factories, warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing plants. To do this job well, you need to be able to handle the forklift well. Forklift operators use their equipment knowledge to lift and move large items to cars or other places on a property.

38.  A Welder

A welder works for a construction company and joins metal pieces used to support buildings, bridges, ships, and other kinds of infrastructure. They are also used to fix broken metal parts of the infrastructure.

39.  Music

A Bachelor of Music degree is not required for a musician, but they can get one if they want to. If you are good at a specific instrument, you may be able to find work in more than one place. For example, you could work with theater groups, bands, or orchestras or give private lessons to anyone who wants to learn the instrument.

40.  Gardener

A gardener can work for a city, a government agency, or a private property owner to make sure the outside of a building looks nice. They may also have to water and take care of plants in shopping malls.


If you didn’t finish high school, you know it is impossible to return. But there is still hope for you. As you can see, many of the jobs are after your skills. So, if you need a job, don’t just look for the next job and call it a day. Even if you have to settle for what you can get now, investing in your career may help you get closer to your ideal future. The more skills, training, and experience you have, the more money you can make.

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